Making a Spiritual Offering


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Seini Taumoepeau. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

If you would like to offer your support for Seini please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I know that I am late but I have just found this opportunity again. Whilst I may be late for the ‘prize’, in previous years, I have found that the simple act of writing this essay brings a profound reflection and right now, in this moment in time, this is what I would love to do. Make this offering.

I have learnt that there is nothing wrong or misguided about ‘seeing’. I have learnt that this is something that can be harnessed and there is use for this practice. I have learnt that all paths have led here anyway. I have learnt that there is truth and love in what Lujan presents in his works. I have learnt that I keep coming back here for solutions.

There is a ‘space’ that enters my life whenever I am exposed to Lujan’s works. It appears magical to me. There is something in me now that recognises something when I am reading his books, or the PP website. Even if I see an email pop up into my inbox from PP, somehow it vibrates differently to others. The same with the books. The same with the website.

These serve as reminders of something always there, something I either forget or something I perhaps ignore. Right now, again, I find myself being called. A kind of seeking, without seeking. Like little signs everywhere reminding me to remember something.

Today, all the invisibles that sit behind my noisy thoughts are begging for focus and attention again and so I find myself here again on the PP website.

Daily practice is something I am hungry for again. Beneficial daily practice. It is as simple as that. I have been very busy with the external world. The words have been clear to me, an Internal Strengthening Practice. A physical pathway. A true martial art form for a Warrior Healer.

Something that is different for me is that the plant world is being remembered again. My food and nutrition is changing and something is shifting. Also, heartbreak is intense and also short-lived. In any case, I was speaking with my new Acupuncturist 2 days ago and I felt, bam, time to reconnect and find a way.

Lujan’s works and his community of students, enlivens the fabric of what I perceive and I am yet to learn the way of Spiral Energetics. I feel more ready than ever before.

Seini Taumoepeau

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  1. I like your readiness…It is a very good feeling.

    Good luck

  2. !

  3. There is a lovely meditative quality to your writing. It is like a long mantra, clear and simple. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Happy to see you, Seini.

  5. Dear Seini,
    I got the feeling as if I was in a spiral while I read your post. About how you go out from yourself, but you always get drawn back in when you are ready to move inward more deeply. Thank you for sharing!
    Love, Georgina

  6. Hi Seini,

    That spiral Georgina mentions is as aspect of this path. No doubt. Sounds like a good time to focus hard on the call of those invisibles you’ve cited. Like you say, ‘find a way.’ Recognizing ‘signs.’ I like that plant focus as well. Good moves all round! Keep it up.


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