Winner of the Scholarship & Whispering Palms Energy Vortexes


Thank you to everybody who participated in the scholarship program. I have really enjoyed all of your posts and your communications on the Parallel Perception blog.

I would wish that everyone will continue asking questions and being involved on the website so the feeling of connectivity is strengthened amongst the group that has developed.

The winner of the 2015 scholarship is Blair Hebert. Blair can you please contact us via email to make the arrangements for undertaking your tuition – whether it be online or the workshop.


I hope to see those of you who can make it to the Dragon’s Tears workshop in the Canary Islands.

As the workshops get larger in the future I will start to choose more than one participant for the scholarship each year. I would hope that everybody resubmits again next year.  Don’t be discouraged if you weren’t selected. Our journey has already begun with each other and our connection can be kept fresh here on the blog.

With my warmest and deepest regards and respect.

Beneath is the first question that has been asked. It is such a beautiful experience. Any questions and responses that you have you can either ask directly on the blog or send an email to me.


Hi Lujan,

I realized something today about energy vortexes while practicing Whispering Palms. Over the duration of time since I learned the set, I have developed the sensation of a stretchy energy band of connectedness between my palms.

I first learned to detect this during the Tree move when watching the photonic threads elongate as I move my fingertips apart to hold the energy ball in each palm. The feeling is a similar sensation of threads connecting my palms, except it is constant throughout practice and often during my day if I bring my awareness to it. It is like a stretchy weightless photonic fabric is constantly connecting each of my palms.

This feeling is heightened in certain moves, especially during Parting the Waters in front of my dantien. At the end of that move, when the hands have coiled into sensing an energy ball in front of my dantien, my hands pull apart a bit, as if to sense the perimeters of the energy ball and doing so enlarges the energy and I feel it connect to my womb.

There is a sensation that occurs in that moment which I have not focused on until today as it communicated to me. Inside the ball it became like an extension of my womb and the cosmic womb and as I enlarged the ball a portal appeared at the center of it. This happens each time I do the move. It felt as though it was the pure pre-creative energy, yet to be created, the nameless formlessness, and I have a sense that it may be dark matter. My question is also hard to form, yet it is: how about that?

Can you tell me about this and the developments that may form from practicing Whispering Palms?

I love doing it so much. Thanks for the prompt to get me doing it daily again. It is definitely cultivating a different energy than doing it every 2nd day.

I saw something two days ago which is like an additional component to my question about dark matter and energy portals. I saw this in a lucid dream.

I was shown my blood and that each red blood cell had an atmosphere around it of dark matter. I saw that we create dark matter inside our bodies and it arises around our red blood cells. I saw that we don’t do this automatically but if we are using our energy in a particular way it will arise inside our bodies.

The dark matter made the edges of my red blood cells hard to see, which is mysterious when you consider how strange it is to not be able to see the edge of a cell because it isn’t there, due to the edge being invisible, yet there was space in between each cell to differentiate them from each other. It looked like micro-lensing in astrophysics, where an object around a black hole can appear multiple times from one perspective, and how we learn to see multi-dimensionally.

It made me realize it as a connection forming in my awareness to learning inaccessibility, dark matter, folding time-space to non-local experiences, and cultivating emptiness. I feel that all this is coming through practicing Whispering Palms and it is creating the dark matter around my red blood cells that I have been shown.

I find I can’t say anymore about it at this stage because I don’t want to insert anything into what I saw and what I know, but Iwould love to hear you response to this topic.

Lots of love and thank you for whispering palms. I feel so grateful to have this practice in my life.

Love Phi

What can I say? What beautiful experiences. Here you are at the threshold of your own omnipresence. The journey truly begins within the unfoldment of these experiences.

I look forward to hearing more in the future. Absolutely beautiful.

To answer your question about the connection to the pre-creative energy: If your dantien is bursting forth like this, put your inner eye toward it and allow it to burst into thousands of stars within a radiant darkness, as if you were looking into the night sky.

This is the first step towards the clear light. I have also experienced this very strongly myself and understand something very deep and profound that cannot be spoken, only experienced. Once you come to terms with this unfoldment, your dantien will become immense and its density will affect your surroundings via the mutual enhancement that is your intent with your immediate environment.

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  1. Happy, happy for you, Blair. Bon voyage!

  2. Congratulations Blair! I really enjoyed reading your application because you don’t mask yourself and your sincere selection of Lujan as a teacher is very clear. That is also apparent in your smiley fun big kid photo. Enjoy the journey :)

    Thankyou Lujan for your response, I will continue to practice with this advice you wrote:
    “If your dantien is bursting forth like this, put your inner eye toward it and allow it to burst into thousands of stars within a radiant darkness, as if you were looking into the night sky.”

    starbursting supernovas… that i can do! lots of love to everyone. this application process was pretty amazing to witness as it created a new wave of communal conductivity, and now even more of you/us know that you /we aren’t isolated in our cosmic blossom hearts. love love love

    • I just had an experience with this supernova that I wrote down as a letter to Lujan so as not to forget. I am going to reread it and will eventually send it to Lujan now seeing that it’s been mentioned here. :)

  3. Congrats Blair! Happy learning!

  4. Congratulations Blair and all the best for you!

  5. Congrats Blair! I thought I had read all the submissions but finally just read yours… What an amazing, wonderful life path you have had; and it just got better. I wish you the very best. <3

  6. Blair… you lucky dog you! Congratulations!!

  7. Dearest Blair,
    Congratulations! I am excited to hear of your upcoming adventure with Lujan.
    Lots of love,

  8. Congratulations and wow.

  9. Dear Blair

    I am really happy and Look forward to meeting you in Person in August!

  10. Excellent choice. A beautiful gift for a beautiful man.

  11. Jerry lee said it! :) congrates!

  12. Deeply, deeply happy for you, Blair!

    For all those who seek to continue learning with Lujan, go for it however you can. Every step counts.

    I have been very touched by the sincerity of everyone who has posted in a very empowering way, for each of you has sought to speak from your heart as uncomfortable as that feels sometimes. This in turn spurs me to continue working on my journey so that my heart sings to you in return.

    Thank you.

    With love,


  13. Yeah. Congratulations Blair. Looking forward to meet you in Tenerife.
    And greetings to everyone, it’s a pleasure to share this journey with all of you.

  14. Congratulations Blair,

    I feel that we all have grown in reading each other’s applications. There were wonderful and it is clear that the good work that is going on here resonates strongly with all of us.

    Peru looks to be the next major stop for me in my personal healing–into the rainforest. I will be alone mostly, but I will have all of you with me in spirit.

    Thank you everyone, and of course Lujan.

    Steve Pattersson

  15. Wishing you a safe journey into the rainforest! ;)

  16. Congrutalations Blair and good luck!

  17. Congratulations blair and great journey!

    thank you all for the amazing sharing.

  18. You are quite an incredible character Blair and I can tell that there is so much you can offer this world and so much many have also learnt from you. I have read your account several times and enjoy your positive energy.

    Congratulations on winning the scholarship. Learning Dragons Tears with Lujan and introducing the practice into your daily life will be very rewarding.

  19. Thank you all for your kind comments and warm welcoming to your community. I am stunned. I have never had anything like this happen before and so I did not have any expectations about winning the coveted scholarship. I am used to having a distant relationship with masters like Lujan and am honestly shocked and thrilled to begin this in depth journey. I really love this man, his teachings have reached far deeper than any before. Like an arrow to my heart. My greatest fear is that my personal power will fail me when we meet and I will stand before him wobbling. I have not followed the warriors path for decades and frankly have become an indulgent middle aged fool but my heart has learned the path of love through the heart ache of failure and the blessings of a loving wife and children. All that I am and have is yours to feast on all my beloveds who follow this path. May my journey with Lujan fortify you all in the knowing he made a compassionate choice to assist a wounded and weary one time warrior resurect himself to serve one and all.
    Blessings and thank you once again for your support. Ho.

  20. Oh Blair… tears are a flowin! The warmesst hug and congrats!!

  21. From one indulgent fool to another, the only failure we need to worry about is failing to have the courage to fail when we try.

    When opportunities like meeting Lujan come along, the social self experiences its eminent discovery, panics and backpedals as best it can. It’s a sly little sucker. Thus wobbling is a very good sign! Everyone who has met Lujan’s integrity and no BS nature will have their own experience of said wobbles.

    Beyond that, is our heart of hearts, singing longingly for a voice and a true connection to the infinite without the stranglehold of the social self. And so a gesture of opportunity comes along. Humbling. So glad for you Blair!

    Wishing you fruitful wobbles.

    Love, Luma

  22. dear friends
    I have decided that this is not the year for me to travel to see Lujan in the Canary Islands. Summer is a busy time of year for me and so I will plan my time ahead to attend a training event one day in the future. That being said, I am super excited and looking forward to begining my online training. I will begin contributing to the blog community when the words come to me.
    Blessings and Insight.

    • Blair, I look forward to meeting you online in September. You overwhelmed me with your passion and feelings of devotion. I am so glad that it was such a surprise for you to win the scholarship.

      But because you can’t make it to the Canary Islands it means we will have a chance to get to know each other one-on-one via Skype, because in reality I can’t really give as much individual attention at a course.

      For those of you who are coming to Dragon’s Tears or in the future who want to learn it, I am now divulging more esoteric secrets about its effect so you know what you can expect from this magical form.

      Lots of love

      • Lujan, will you do this on this blog? Or should we ask you questions about it?

        I am also,looking forward to learning more about the 8 gates with you soon!

        Happy travels!

        Much love

      • Thank you Lujan.

  23. Blair,
    The Online Guidance is a great way to get to know Lujan in a really personal way. I took it and was so glad I did. You will be too.

    Happy journeys.

    • thanks Liz. Looking forward to it.

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