Dream Experiences, Visions and Tattoos

Dream experience, Visions and TattoosHi Lujan,

I would like to share some recent experiences I have had regarding my daily Dragon’s Tears practice, visions and dream experiences.

During my training with you in the Bahamas we discussed briefly tattoos and how in many traditions they have been used to rid the body and soul of negative energy.

Since my return home I have been having my back tattoo worked on and the artist had incorporated an oriental demon into the piece. I’m very happy with her detail. The following day I was doing my daily Dragon’s Tears practice and afterwards while sitting peacefully still in silence I had an influx of visions.

As I gazed purposefully in front of me at the wall my third eye opened up and I had a sequence of colourful dragons and demonic faces appear in quick succession. I sat cross legged on the edge of my bed, my feet touching the floor and my hands cupped in my lap with my thumbs gently pressing together. I could see in my peripheral vision two glowing blue lights underneath my legs and a display of beautifully dancing grey and white energy in front of me. It was moving around me quite quickly in spiral formations. I also had visions of my back tattoo finished with additional details I had not yet seen or thought of. I felt light as a feather afterwards and experienced much peace and contentment. This carried onto the following day.

A few days before I had a very vivid dream. I was being led back into some old interests of mine and the dream was suggesting to me that I should pick up old past times and life pursuits. When I awoke I could see that this dream was certainly a trap, like most I have.

You have mentioned on many many occasions the dangers of dreaming both in your books and blog posts. These recent experiences have got me thinking about the significance of visions. We have also discussed visions during training. You had mentioned that we should be more concerned with taking note of our visions and than dreams.

Can we be sure our visions during our waking life are free from coercive intrusion?

Where do visions come from and what is their purpose?

Can body art support spiritual development and conscious growth or is this purely a case of the intention of an act creating affect?

Many thanks!
John :-)

John, it is important to be aware of your desires and then equally intend them not to be a burden upon what you wish on your path.

If a vision presents itself to you, you will know via the content of feeling whether it is filled with power or something that could have to do with your social domestication, in terms of wants and needs, hopes and dreams and whatever they are connected to in terms of how you have been manipulated to see the world via your upbringing.

It is always important to do what feels good for you, like getting tattoos. If power comes from that act it will manifest in the way that is appropriate. It is difficult for me to measure what can or cannot happen within your life.

As I have mentioned in Whisperings of the Dragon, only you can measure the silent pathway to your personal power. The contradiction is that this is in more cases than not, retrospective in nature. So one has to wait. And in the waiting there may not be an answer in terms of the first item pursued.

On our life path we get exactly what we get. It is how we perceive our journey that is of crucial importance.

To seek in full humbleness the blind spots and to acknowledge what is really obvious that we need to change so as to progress – this is all I can really say to you. Be patient and know that you are waiting for what can’t be expected. So be alert.

A realization may only be a hair’s breadth away or you may have to wait half a lifetime. This is just our condition. Be gentle and kind as much as possible. This technique also must be applied to yourself as well.

My answer to you may raise more questions for you than giving you substantial answers and this is the way it should be. There is no way to measure the outcome of our actions until we experience them. Then it is vitally important to observe, with as little personal interference as possible.

Just yesterday, I was amongst hundreds of Thai people. Two men approached me within a five minute period. One actually touched me from behind very gently, admiring my tattoos.

Usually they have an effect in terms of repelling negativity, but now in this situation they brought a gentle touch to my arm from behind. You never know the results of your actions or what will manifest from them. From one of these men I felt more purity than I have experienced from any Thai monk that I have met in this country, and from the other such diligent politeness, admiring the artwork on my body.

For me this was very enjoyable because I am very gentle and loving by nature. So my tattoos brought to me the unexpected. But then again I would not expect anybody to treat me any other way because in essence I treasure the calmness and kindness within.

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  1. What a great post. So much to consider.

    My tattoo has brought me intense energy yet now I deal with blockages quite regularly and more intensely. I find I just can’t slip up too much on my diet and I have to apply myself with more care on how I use my energy.

    When I was getting my tattoo it felt like it had always been there and it was coming to the surface to be in this physical place now. It felt so right.

    • My tattoos have brought me strength and assertiveness and in many circumstances I have felt their energy very deeply. The process of being tattooed is bringing up aspects of my personality that I need to be aware of too. I feel like I am the tattoo in your description Luma, I have always been here but I’m only now coming to the surface in this physical place.

  2. I’m following my heart into each day, doing what needs to be done and resolving my dilemmas. There is a feeling that has arisen within me from reading your reply. I am shifting somewhere.
    Thank you

  3. “For me this was very enjoyable because I am very gentle and loving by nature. So my tattoos brought to me the unexpected. But then again I would not expect anybody to treat me any other way because in essence I treasure the calmness and kindness within.” ❤

    I do feel more and more that the real essence of me, my ❤ is unveiling itself with more fluidity.

    I looooove this post. ❤

  4. John, it’s funny you say that. My tattoo is helping me to shift too, as it has brought to the surface things I was reluctant to look at. I can’t pretend or avoid anything, alas, I have a new found energy for it. There seems to be more of everything bubbling up. It is as an awakening from some other place to ‘here.’

    Changing my diet has made a big impact too. Avoiding any mammal products (Neu5Gc) has been extremely beneficial energy wise too. I had a small slice of cheesecake and I was so ill for two days. I just can’t do it again. I was just crazy awful. Vegan cheesecake only from now on!

    Being present within silence is the real being ‘here.’ It is home.

    Love, Luma

    • I’m put into situations where I can’t actually ignore those aspects that are coming up, it’s too obvious in many situations. Since learning Dragons Tears my awareness has become heightened. I’m quite often reminded visually when I need to focus on myself or how I’m interacting. In reflection, I can’t slide away from what needs to be done. It’s a knowing of what I’m not.

      I’ve come to points of sustained and organic change quite naturally, from increased awareness and understanding of what is right for me. For many years I was wanting to change aspects of my life, health wise, and certain habits I just couldn’t drop. I’ve learned that when i take my attention off the problem and align with whats right for me the attachments fall away with ease. Things get forgotten that don’t need remembering. I guess what I’m saying is it hurts too much if I don’t do what I know I need to do.

      Seeing the word vegan has reminded me of something. Someone said to me the other day “are you one of those vegans then?” I replied “no I’m not a vegan. I do only eat lots of plants and fruit though”. Everyone wants to put me in box and stick a label on it. “go on run along then, we know who you are now and that makes us feel more comfortable with you”. It’s a funny world we live in.

      • One of those people… The pressure that the socialized self seeks to exert on others is quite oppressive at times. On saying that, I kinda like rattling the social cage at times, when appropriate.

        There is a boundary where I can say vegan and what others feel or think is of no consequence because their intrusion has no effect upon my feelings. I never understood inaccessibility until that moment, for when we recognize and act from a place of integrity the labels of other simply become a reflection of their own predicament. This is where the integrity of our actions becomes the game changer and nothing of importance at the same time.

        The labels of others only affect us if we are allow the socialized mind, the shadow mind, to permeate our actions.

  5. Beautiful. Beautiful.

    All you guys are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  7. I’m laughing, I like that!

  8. I really loved reading this post! I don’t have any tattoos and lately I have been considering get two. They images I want on my body represent for me a state, a certain frequency that I aspire to. But… how would this work “to rid the body and soul of negative energy”? What just came to me, is that anything not in that same frequency would be purged. What are your thoughts on this?
    Love, Georgina

  9. Georgina, I felt and saw my tattoo for many years before I found the person to bring it into being. This in itself was another ‘waiting and not waiting.’

    It is like finding Lujan and Parallel Perception. I waited for so, so long yet I did not know who or what I was waiting for until I found him. Then it all happened as it needed to.

    The thing is, the wisdom and learning comes after the event. It’s like listening to a soft song from far far away that one recognizes here and there but the connection is not immediately apparent. Then one day, the realization arrives and the song is clear and strong. The knowing arrives and it is unmistakable.

    “Only you can measure the silent pathway to your personal power. The contradiction is that this is in more cases than not, retrospective in nature. So one has to wait. And in the waiting there may not be an answer in terms of the first item pursued.”

    There is no way to know (a doing) what exactly will happen when one does anything before doing it. Extrapolating ideas and reasoning, even from the experiences of others, will bring the unwholesome intervention of the internal dialogue.

    Instead, one can take the awareness of something, that soft far away song, into the the silence of the heart center – a not doing- and then observe it gently and lovingly as it plays out as it needs to. However long it takes.

    For me, the true value of my tattoo is so deeply personal I can’t fully put it into words for it does not belong in the realm of words. It is a gift from life and experience, and so therein lies its true power.

    Love , Luma

    • You write beautifully Luma, very uplifting and gentle. It’s always a joy to read your posts here.

    • Lovely Luma. Waiting…thank you for using your words in such a beautiful way. I have wasted a lot of my personal power because I felt pressure to act, out of my conditioning “to do”. I am so glad I’m on this blog, to be with people who practice waiting and being in the heart and not the head. Thank you again, Luma.
      Love, Georgina

  10. “The thing is, the wisdom and learning comes after the event. It’s like listening to a soft song from far far away that one recognizes here and there but the connection is not immediately apparent. Then one day, the realization arrives and the song is clear and strong. The knowing arrives and it is unmistakable.”–Luma

    Well said.

  11. on the topic of tattoos for protection and ridding the body and soul of negativity.. tattoos have been used for thousands of years (maybe more) for medicinal and magical purposes. tattoos combined with acupuncture points have been found from around 3000yrs ago. people have been tattooed with a medicinal magical symbols at the sites of key acupoints that are relevant to a person’s constitutional health. the tattoo symbol is the act of treating that point /element in a lifelong way. as an acupuncturist, i have been asked to advise some people with their tattoo plans in such a way. for me, my tattoos were revealed to me on my body in visions, intially as a surprise to me that i even had tattoos, and years later before i started to have them done. so my mind was not involved with choosing their location, however the location and design is always one with the action and meaning of each tattoo. there is such an ancient legacy of the magical and medicinal application of tattoo, that i feel their more decorative and artistic use developed later. Because of this ancient collective consciousness on the magic of tattoo, it carries a deep power through long lineages that we all tap into when we apply this magic now. you can see when a tattoo is literally alive, that it has action, and can become part of a person’s frequency, or shapeshifting. love love love.

    • Fascinating stuff Phi, I’ll research more into that history. I’d be interested to find out what acupuncture points certain parts of my tattoos are on. I have an own on the top of my back and shoulders. The day I had that part done I felt great electricity and calmness in my body when the eyes of the owl were being treated with oil by the artist. I have two warriors that were unknowingly positioned to be guarding my kidneys, and I have in the last few months had lotus flowers, almost identical to that that have been used in the photo for this blog post, over my kidneys. I laughed when I initially saw the image for this blog post. Nothing surprises me anymore, it’s more of a tickle affect.
      Thank you for sharing that.

  12. beautiful. the creative has such a ticklish sense of humour :)

    • Tickle is a great word, it’s very powerful. It can transform someone very quickly. The same as the act of tickling someone. It works wonders for me.

      • like ‘im going to have to tickle you if you keep being so self important.’ :)

        • Yes you are right. I needed to hear that.

  13. Thank You Phi, I did not know about the medicinal purpose of tattoos. I am fascinated! I will wait for them to appear where they would like to be on my body.
    Love, Georgina

  14. A couple of years ago I started riding a motorcycle. Shortly thereafter I started to think about a graphic to put on the back of my vest. I thought about the Anarchy symbol but ultimately it seemed too rational and affiliated. So I waited and watched. In time I came to the Parallel Perception site and saw the Hunab Ku. The moment I recognized it I thought it looked perfect. At first I thought it was some mystical decorative clip art. But in the context of the whole site that quicklly seemed unlikely. So I asked Lujan about the symbol. His answer literally changed the direction of my life. The meaning he shared was beyond my imagination.

    When I get a tattoo I look forward to another magic adventure. Just reading all of your posts, I would never have suspected so much significance waiting here.

    Thank you all.

    By the way, speaking of the posted artwork, I love the 3D version of the Hunab Ku that appeared with the post announcing the winner of the contest. That image lives with me now.

    • Dear Jerry Lee,
      What was Lujan’s answer? And, if you feel like sharing, how did it change the direction of you life?
      Love, Georgina

      • Hi, Georgina.

        I’m just now getting to your question. I still read the blog but have drawn back from making posts and am thereby a bit less regular. I’m trying to focus more on listening as opposed to talking. There’s a lot of wisdom expressed in this forum, and I don’t want to inadvertently interrupt it. Since you asked me a direct question, I want to respond. You should find Lujan’s response to my question to him on the meaning of the Galactic Butterfly logo for this website. It’s probably 4 or 5 pages back on the blog. I don’t think I would do justice in trying to paraphrase it. As to why his response is so significant to me, it’s because the adventure he presents with his words confirms in my heart that there’s a presence in the infinite distance before us that is available to provide a profound perspective to our awareness. All of us have different jobs. I believe in the fundamentalist position of getting training and keeping a primary focus on the discipline of practice. At the same time I want to share what I discover in my practice. Lujan’s words revealed to me what I would call an ultimate editor. It’s a voice that changes virtually everything I’m working on, from day to day personal and business encounters, to writing a novel and working as a practicing musician. Your reaction to his words will no doubt be different than mine. We’re all in different places. It all adds up. It really is an adventure. Thanks so much for your question. Jerry

        • Thank you for answering Jerry! I loved the part about the “ultimate editor” and how that affects your life. I have been spending more time by myself in my garden to be in the frequency of nature. Planting seeds, tending and nurturing in the waiting seem to be the current metaphor for where I am at. Thanks again for sharing.
          Love, Georgina

  15. Thanks for the question John, and thanks for the answer Lujan. It answers many other questions that were not even asked.

  16. Tattoo colored pigments can be pretty toxic.

  17. I think it is all pretty toxic but I didn’t realize until years after getting my tattoos.

  18. Yes, I’ve read that there are studies of high concentrations of nano particles that can migrate to organs and affect the brain. That u.v.a. can be more readily absorbed and all can be carcinogens. The inks are pretty unregulated and I’ve had skin reactions to colors mostly which I read can have industrial grade dyes and heavy metals.

  19. I’ve also come across accounts of adverse reactions from improper removal.

  20. my tattooist in mexico explained to me that she only uses a particular brand of carbon black ink because she has researched pigments and discovered this is the only one that is non-toxic. It is pure carbon from what i understand. So she doesn’t use any colours at all. I hope many tattooists are getting together on this topic and looking at ways to create non-toxic pigments.

    • Like what they Maoris and tribal cultures use Phi?

  21. HI georgina, I’m not sure how the maoris traditionally made their range of inks. As far as i know they made several types of ink and the one used on the face was different to the ones used on the body. The face ink was derived from carbon from burned wood. For some reason they used a different ink on the body. Until imported inks and needles came along in the 19thC, and they also used indian ink for a while which is toxic, …and now… who knows who is buying it from the internet ;-)

  22. What a great post and great comments. This is so timely for me, to read this. I have been marked in my visions and dreams many times, sometimes even now my skin or body still ring of these markings, but I am unmarked. Reading this, I feel drawn to it because at the time of this post, I had decided to ‘finally’ get my skin marked. I call it marking these days, because the word tattoo is a version of words from languages and traditions I know of and also traditions that pervade my lineages that we know of.. so, I use an alternate word to describe my own intention of marking my skin, so as not to associate it with the marking traditions of many of my colleagues, family and friends, but also to create the distance between what I wish and of for myself and what has been done by those within my genetic lines.. can get complicated.

    Reading this has helped me see why, despite planning to be marked and spending 3 days around 2 traditional markers/tattooists, that I somehow avoided going through with the markings I envisaged. There is much power in the practices that these artists have, but alas, again, it was not for my skin at that time.

    These posts have given me some good feedback about the practices and the markings and the intentions.

    Its also great to reflect on the images/tattoos that seem to call someone to touch gently and those that don’t. I’ve had a few of these types of experiences these past few weeks. Watching closely the process of how people become marked, the processes of artwork arriving to be placed on the skin and then the transference of that vision into a permanent marking on a living being. I love to reflect on this and witness the transformations.

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