How To Cleanse and Purify Your Living Space

cleanse-purify-livingHi Lujan

I have noticed over the last few weeks that I have become less comfortable spending time in my home. I had been reserving Sundays for my ‘day home alone’ but I have now begun to feel I need to get out, and when I do I almost immediately feel more relaxed. It seems to have aligned with me having to deal with an extremely challenging person in the work place.

I’ve only had contact with this person since the start of this year and there seems to be an energy building between us. I’ve been forced to face many dark aspects of my personality as a result. I appreciate this is a true gift as without these encounters I would still be hiding from some shadow aspects of myself.

I feel that the energy of these encounters is somehow residing in my home.

Is there anything I can do to clear and purify my living space? In the past I have burnt Sage or Palo Santo.

Thank you for your ongoing guidance. It is greatly appreciated.


John, the first thing that you should do is go through all your cupboards and throw out everything you don’t use anymore. Make sure that your house is tidy at all times with only the furniture you need to use; no clutter.

Don’t use chemical products for cleaning – substitute with vinegar and Castile soap – so your environment is not negatively influenced by chemicals. You can use Castile soap to wash your hair and body, clean your teeth, doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

Any negative feelings that you have, you must clear this out of your internal space. No thoughts of retribution. No thoughts of self-criticism.

If possible plant copious amounts of greenery outside your house so it can be nurtured via the shade that plants provide. If you can’t put plants outside the house then bring them inside. Spider plants are particularly good for providing oxygen – especially in your bedroom.


Do your Dragon’s Tears inside your home so you can clear your space through the practice itself. Burn three sticks of nag champa incense in the morning and three more before you do your practice.

Play the music from my playlist in the background. This will clear the space as well.

If you still feel restless go for a brisk walk in the evening before your Dragon’s Tears.

If you have any more questions please post them here.

Photo credit: Joshua Earle

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  1. Give away time! There is nothing more exciting than giving stuff away that is unused for it to live again somewhere else. I am positive ‘things’ have a life journey of their own, coming to me for a time until it’s time to go. Haven’t done it for a while, so thanks for the reminder.

    Lujan wrote in another post about observing desires and not letting them become a burden on our path. Even though one wants to be of service this can become a desire, a doing, in the hope of attaining the next step in a never ending energetic pursuit. One’s steps become heavy then. This was strong reminder for me to observe desires carefully and keep that light and joy in what I do.


  2. luma great insight!

    once when i was trying to make my own shampoo i looked for castile soap, and it had Potassium Hydroxide in it.

    isnt that harmful to us?

    I make my own counter cleaner from

    juice of 1 lemon
    tea tree oil
    neem oil
    and water
    (pinch of salt helps)

    it not only smells good but cleans very well too.

    ps. is that picture showing a spider plant?

  3. on a side note:
    when i needed to clean my home of negative energies i asked a good friend what would work, he suggested to burn ceremonial white sage-to purify. And syrain rue seeds- to raise the spiritual vibrations.
    burning syrain rue helps word off negative energies/entities.
    At weddings they would burn it to protect the bride and groom.
    Its considered a teacher plant.

  4. Thank you John for bringing this up! I also use food grade hydrogen peroxide-it has to be diluted if you get 30% and be careful as you can burn your skin.
    Lujan’s advice about getting rid of clutter, and especially toxic things is very timely for me as I was in the garden shed and I noticed there was bug killer chemicals out there from the previous owner. What was interesting, is that these things pull at my energy, causing me distraction. Even though, I am not consciously thinking about them.
    Do you have any advice Lujan, about how to deal with other people’s clutter? My husband gets upset with me when I tidy up his stuff. He doesn’t seem bothered by clutter the way I am.
    Love, Georgina

  5. I love the picture. It reminds me of how I feel when I am flying and the plane has got above the clouds.
    And this conversation is giving energy to my intention to do a spring clean and clear out.
    Thank you!

  6. John, I know this feeling of wanting to be out of my place, often when I have been very busy and not at home much. I have found that just the act of cleaning changes the energy in my flat. I feel that when I physically interact with everything in my space my energy fills it and I feel at home again. It’s like saying hi to everything. Preferably to really nice music and I sing while doing too :-)

  7. Once again thank you for the guidance Lujan. I’ll be putting much of that you have mentioned into practice over the coming weekend. I’ve been cleansing myself of possessions for the last few years and it’s been a gradual process, another push would be of great benefit. So many strange niggles, attachments and memories have come up in the process. I really like the idea of owning very little, it seems very liberating to visualise.

    The picture for this blog post is fantastic. A view I could admire forever!

  8. Clutter and disorganization numb the creative spirit too. By simplifying and streamlining facets of my own little world it’s as if permission is granted to engage elsewhere… where my heart and hands would rather be focused… making art man!!!!

  9. A couple of years ago I become super-sensitive to chemicals and electromagnetic and radio frequency fields. As a result, I’ve become quite a ‘minimalist’ as far as my diet, and environments tolerable to me. In practicing seeing without looking, I feel I ‘hold back’ from fear of developing hyperacusis again, where the volume of everything is extremely loud. I had this condition for about 2 weeks, when fortunately, an herbologist friend recommended a liver cleanse and immune support supplements and liquid chlorophyll. I still have tinnitus 24/7, can’t be around petrochemicals, synthetic cleaning products or personal hygiene products, and limit my exposure to EMFs and EMRs.

    Lujan, I recently listened to an interview by a holistic doctor (in Cypress) describing how every part of us energetically rotates to the left or to the right, and affects our health accordingly. Can you tell me more about this?

    • There are dozens of rotations that occur within the human physiology, right down to the toroidal field of the cell and beyond inwardly. But the major rotations that affect health of the physiology is the clockwise and anti-clockwise function of the lower dantien.

      I’ve now incorporated this knowledge into Awakening the Energy Body. It is hard for me to speak about this subject because it is basically physical application that helps the practitioner realize the latent powers that are dormant within the energy bubble of one’s personal biosphere.

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