Overcoming Self-Doubt and Laziness

self-doubtFor sometime now, I have been unable to reach a resolution between the aspects of my being that seek withdrawal/waiting vs those seeking a fuller engagement with the world. 

I see a potential path of engagement opening before that rings very true that I would like to pursue but also there is some lingering self-doubt that I could do this without compromising myself.  Yet another part sees this last part as total BS and an excuse for the laziness I very much enjoy. 

I realize this stinks of seeking validation but seriously, should I just stop being a baby and go for it, whatever it may be?  Many thank yous.


Do what you need to do and stop indulging. Understand that you should not use your self-doubt as a tool to support your laziness.

Any mistake is fertile ground for experience to flourish. Anything that comes upon you that is positive or negative can be watched carefully to discover who you really are in the midst of your circumstances as they change into what they are meant to be.

This is where true magic resides. As long as you are not using your eyes as a social being you will see it.

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  1. As always Lujan… dead on point. I also wanted to let your followers know that tomorrow I will have my book of interviews with you in 2011 on Amazon for FREE – that will be tomorrow Thursday April 23rd. My book of our interviews seems to be below the horizon for many – yet is a great example of your insights into the anomalous phenomena in our collective skies. Anyway.. here’s the link for THURSDAY –

    Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers

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