Shamanic Movement: The Power of Dragon’s Tears


For the past few weeks I’d been worrying about the future, what I’m going to do etc. and finally noticed I’ve been in my head a lot and in a loop.

Anyhow, the other morning I did my practice. I lapsed in and out of visions while practicing. As always, Lujan, you were by my side helping me to remember the gestures correctly. By the time I got to Dragon’s Tears another kind of vision started. We were standing at the precipice of two different worlds / layers / paradigms. Each gesture gained meaning as we kept entering with the tips of our fingers and palms into this other layer, teasing and weaving energy onto our physical body.

We were literally weaving light wings and binding it onto our body, packing the light from there onto our dantien, and the terms “Galactic Butterfly” and “light-worker” gained a new meaning. We were mixing and crossing our energy with that place’s and bringing small pieces of it over here. The more we packed, the more we were becoming attuned to the other side. It became clear to me why we should practice every day, then rest on Sundays, which was for the binding to take hold.

As we were finishing with Dragon’s Tears and making my final gesture  and the energy filled in my hands… then squeezing, the energy in my hands had become whole galaxies and the squeeze pushed them into becoming a blacker and denser universe… then we were in space -the energy in my hands burst into supernova- and we became the universe.

The release was so perfect that I could hear a little pop going down to the pores on my back, even which became released. As empty of myself, as we were all the universe… It was a little gift for me to take back as a reference point for that feeling of complete letting go.

It was like there is nothing to do, but be. Perfect stillness, but not empty. Ripe with everything, yet nothing that ought to be done, and hence nothing left undone or incomplete.


That’s a great experience. What I would like you to notice when you are doing the Dragon’s Tears is that when you place your hands in the golden turtle lock at the back, are your bones jumping? This is one of the first stages of one of the effects of Dragon’s Tears.

Next you should notice that your shins begin to rotate, as if spiraling. This is the beginning phase of levitation.

Never resist the rocking back and forward. It is part of the process.

Lots of love, Lujan.

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  1. Thank you both for this posting
    It has made me even more excited about learning it this summer!

    Much love

  2. ♥⚡️♥

  3. “””What I would like you to notice when you are doing the Dragon’s Tears is that when you place your hands in the golden turtle lock at the back, are your bones jumping? This is one of the first stages of one of the effects of Dragon’s Tears.
    Next you should notice that your shins begin to rotate, as if spiraling. This is the beginning phase of levitation.”””

    Hi Lujan, this is very interesting information. I have been experiencing what you describe above quite regularly.This happens during Dragons Tears or sometimes immediately after the set, or during my workout before I do the tears. Sometimes the feelings last all day after training.

    Is there anything more you can say about the significance of the “jumping” bones sensation? To me it feels as if my bones are almost dancing, as if being pushed and pulled erratically by an unseen magnetic force. It was really surprising when I first “tuned in” and noticed what my bones were doing.

    The “spiraling” shins feels to me like my shin bones are spinning and dissolving into light. Its as if the crystalline matrix of bone is awakening and absorbing light, yet emitting light. Sometimes the sense of dissolving into crystalline light moves through my whole body.

    Even if the sensations are minimal during practice, there is a beautiful clear light feeling that travels through my body for hours after the session. It makes it easy to be disciplined about my training because it makes my body so blissfully happy. Ever since I started doing a full body work out each morning before the Tears, these kinds of sensations have become exponentially more powerful.

    I dont want to bring this stuff into the realm of doing by thinking or talking about it too much. But Im really curious because I had no idea that these sensations were specific to the Dragons Tears or significant in any way beyond simply feeling fantastic :-)

    I have really enjoyed watching this little community develop over the past few months. Lots of love to all.

    • Hey Ben,

      These spiraling sensations – or better yet whirlwind rotations within the body – are a natural energetic consequence of doing all the forms of Lo Ban Pai.

      Dragon’s Tears specifically gives a sensation of weightlessness. This is created via the magnetic poles being activated. One of the side effects of doing Dragon’s Tears is also flying in dreaming.

      Keep practicing and I hope to see you soon in the future.

  4. Love to you too, Ben!

  5. Hi guys, thanks so much for the feedback Lujan, it helps to clarify the mysterious journey.

    It is so strange to me how the practice of the Tears has changed so profoundly over the last few years. When I learned it in Bali I was totally consumed by the most deep and dark peace and warmth. My whole body felt magnetic and heavy in a super comfortable and deeply sedative way. I seemed to melt into a deep puddle of dense liquid.

    This is how the practice began, yet nowadays the exact same form delivers the opposite results. Instead of deep and heavy absorption, it has evolved into a very light, crisp and refreshing feeling which is invigorating and subtle.

    I had expected the practice to build up slowly in a linear fashion to a point where I would eventually be consumed by that heavy magnetism like I was in Bali, yet something else has been happening instead.

    There was one moment while learning in Bali when I was mysteriously split between being there learning the form and being simultaneously in a beautiful power spot I know, which was thousands of miles away from Bali.The feelings of subtle clarity and levity which I received through that momentary vision have gradually become manifest as the essence of my current practice.

    Such a mysterious journey. It helps me to realise that the Dragons Tears form is an agent of the spirit and not a tangible or quantifiable entity at all.

    I Have been deeply longing to come and learn some more for a couple of years now… I have finally finished full time study so can now start earning some money for that.

    Over the past couple of years I have been having difficulty with communicating in this medium as I have somehow become hyper sensitive to it.
    When I express my truth in writing, I express it to the moment that my body is experiencing. After that moment is gone, the communication seems to “hang in the air” instead of dissipating because I know it has become available beyond the moment it was pertaining to in my body.

    For some reason this has been a very painful experience for some sensitive part of my heart. It feels so comfortable to speak my truth face to face where what is communicated in that moment remains in that moment and dissolves as my body moves on. Deep down I still really want to be in the ancient ways, talking to loved ones around a camp fire.

    Becoming clear on this is helping me to move beyond this difficulty and embrace the expansive opportunities of these times. I hope Im not talking too much now :-) Lots of love.

  6. Nice to hear from you, Ben. I thought of you a few weeks ago and wondered how your studies were coming. Congratulations!

    I know what you’re referring to about written words, but I like reading yours.

  7. hey ben congratulations on finishing the course! Really happy, these amazing tools will support you as much as you support others by sharing it :) good to hear your voice.

  8. Hey Ben, great to hear from you. :)

    Sorry, I hadn’t noticed the replies guys and now don’t really have anything to say. Lots of love to everyone <3

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