Becoming Aware of the Feelings of Other Beings

shamanic-practices-perceptionLujan, I’d like to tell you about what I have been experiencing with the Eight Gates meditation. Most often, I can’t seem to feel anything beyond the first three gates. Nevertheless, results are still occurring.

I’ve found myself craving food that I don’t eat, like chocolate cake, and buying it anyway. When I brought it home, my boyfriend was shocked, saying he had chocolate in his car and was afraid to bring it in because I would object to it.

Recently, I was gazing at my garden and suddenly felt very ill. As I was wondering what might be wrong, my dog stood up from at my side, walked a distance away, and threw up.

These sensations are occurring more frequently. It can be confusing. I have found that it often leads me to things that must be done, though, and have saved me from situations that would have been worse had I waited to act. I’m having fun with it, too. It’s so very interesting. Thank you for sharing with us what you have learned.



These experiences you are having are a natural consequence of your own personal growth expanding beyond social limitations. Becoming aware of somebody else’s desires in terms of craving chocolate cake is a reflection of their hidden behavior.

Experiencing nausea because your dog wants to vomit is showing you the extent of your growth as a human being. As your energy bubble matures, in terms of its capacity to be aware of its surroundings, so will you too evolve to encompass what will reflect your personal growth as a manifestation of what is a natural occurrence of you becoming aware. This is what you’ve got to look forward too.

These are all good signs. But remember, when you try to be aware of what you have just mentioned, it won’t happen. To be ready without being ready is like waiting without actually waiting. You can’t really know anything unless you drop your need to be aware of it.


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  1. Lujan, I am beginning to better understand your teachings about inter-connectivity between everything, between humans, animals, the universe.

    I awoke a few mornings ago, and when my dog approached me as she does every morning, I felt an almost tangible wave of love for her. It was unusual, and I thought, “I really love this dog.” About an hour later, I felt the same wave of energy caress me, and I glanced across the room to see her sleeping. Again I felt deep love for the animal.

    Later that same day, I went to my assigned job and found myself in a case where a man’s dog had bitten someone and the man was ordered to take his own dog to animal control to be put to death. I almost cried but have to remain stoic in these situations.

    This experience shows me the truth about how we are all connected on this planet and how important it is to not harm ourselves or others.

    I will be careful about not trying to force it to happen. Your other teachings speak to this aspect of our photonic potential. Spirit is so much more beautiful when it can express itself without my interference.

    Thank you, thank you, and much love.

  2. Lujan, Thank you for providing this forum. Since becoming aware of you, reading your books, practicing your exercises, and following this blog, my awareness seems to be blossoming, very organically, just as the world all around me is becoming alive in the bright, warm Spring. Synchronicities happen often. Sometimes what I read about is experienced or ‘seen’ later that day. Sometimes a question arises in my experience and then during reading later it is addressed exactly. Sometimes conversations begin about something I’ve read or thoughts and feelings I’ve had.

    I feel an intimate partnership developing in my little world with the matrix of the bigger world, where everything I think and see and hear are inter-related as if they over-lay each other. I can’t not live out of integrity with my heart, and notice a new effortlessness, and paradoxically, a passion for what I value.

    I have increased awareness of how quality and quantity of food and sleep affect my vibration and others’ around me. I find myself surprised as I speak words that are from my heart and spot on for the circumstance — spoken without predetermined intention.

    I have two questions – not related to feeling others’ feelings. If you could address them here, or via email, thank you.
    Regarding ‘electrical sensitivity’ and tinnitus: I’m exploring it now not as dis-ease to cure or heal, but as vibration with my environment. Will increased ‘alignment’ with my authentic self, with the golden spiral of the universe, lessen/alleviate symptoms?

    Is there a way to ‘cure’ my amnesia, i.e. to embody more fully what is recognized/remembered? I just read: “not forgetting is not the same as remembering”. (I hope I’m quoting it correctly. I don’t have the book with me).

    Love and peace.

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