With Loving Blessings to Lujan Matus


Dear Lujan,

I have an urge to email you. I was practicing my magical passes and afterwards I implored the nagual lineage of Don Juan calling out to each nagual by name to encipher their nature into mine. I am a warrior of freedom on the front line in the heat of battle with officialdom and I need all the assistance and support I can muster.

Afterwards I was browsing on YouTube looking for inspiration when I came across the Cosmic Giggle. I watched the full film and Lujan I was drawn to your authentic energy which strongly resonated with my heart. Afterwards I followed the link to your Parallel Perception website and feasted upon the material shared.

That night I had a lucid vision of epic proportions which was more profound than anything I had ever encountered before, which included a tarot reading for me with 2 cards shown — 10 red diamonds on one card which a woman turned over. And a huge robust blackbird with 16 wings on the other. After the first card with the diamonds was turned the woman refused to continue, then a man appeared out of nowhere and turned the blackbird card over. He told me that I had the potential to be flying with 16 wings however I had only been flying on one wing for the past year. He intimated that it was a great feat that I have stayed airborne for one year only on one wing.

This is only a part of the dream but I cannot get it all out of my mind and at the least needed to share if nothing else just that portion with a dreamer. I have no real dreaming attention whatsoever so this dream has literally blown me away.

I then ordered your book – The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception – and the day before it came I had another dream that I was lecturing other people on social imprinting. The book arrived the next day and I read it over the weekend, the book was so powerful, it actually changed my perception of myself over that very weekend as if a light had gone on in my head. I have such clarity and I know this might sound crazy but the only explanation I can give is that I am now looking through the eyes of the ultimate observer, as if I just know what to do and when to do it.

My visual acuity is enhanced everything has changed and I just have to bless you Lujan for being the catalyst for bringing forth what I would have considered to be inconceivable. Sorry for the rant but I just had to share for my heart is bursting with joy and appreciation.
Massive Hug for you,

Lujan I reached the point where I felt I had read everything worth reading however since hitting upon your energetics I feel like the proverbial fortune hunter who has finally found his gold. Your first book enhanced me in an exponential fashion and I know there is much more to transpire in the following three installments.

I wrote the following which I wish to share with you —-

Standing firm no compromise,
The hero I now recognize,
A seasoned warrior has emerged,
Through loves fire has been purged,
I’m here to blaze a trail to freedom,
I volunteered for this reason,
Timelines cross and interbreed,
Forgotten memories are retrieved,
The 5D portals drawing near,
My pure intent is crystal clear,
The underworld it now awaits,
My boat ride through familiar gates,
A kiss from Isis smiles of knowing,
Tears of love are freely flowing,
I close my eyes and drift away,
From 3D life it’s time to stray,
Taking treasures for my soul,
Accomplishing my earthly role.

I now fully realize that I have to take my own experience as regards to what is real, even if that experience defies the ground rules of mans expectation.

In conclusion Lujan your book Stalking Parallel Perception has knitted together everything that I had formerly learned that was worthwhile and encapsulated it into an easily digestible downloadable package, for indeed it was downloaded into my human vehicle.

I thought I had come to an end of integrating the limitations of wordage however you have proved me wrong and so eloquently opened up my awareness to so much more. There are no limits and eventually the creation becomes the creator.

Bless you Lujan. Thank you so much for allowing me to share and express my experience with you.
From my Heart to Yours,
Your Brother Leo

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  1. “The creation becomes the creator”

    So uplifting to read this, thank you!!!!

    And much love

  2. Angelika, Leo has given up many different things such as passports, drivers license, everything to be out of society’s expectations. This is what I got from his email; that his truth is more important than being programmed.

    I found his message to me uplifting and it takes a lot of courage for him to do what he is doing.

    • Dear Lujan thanx for the energetic transfer this is for you.
      From my Heart to yours Leo

      I walk as one with Gia
      this Goddess knows me well,
      The creations that adorn her
      enchant me with their spell

      Graceful as a dancing flame,
      a bird of silent wing,
      My inner child awoke
      and my heart began to sing

      My path has been a tough one
      but not as tough as I,
      I took a leap of faith
      and thus learned how to fly

      My life is filled with wonder
      I’m reborn every day,
      Yes living from my heart
      it is the only way.

  3. Stunning poem! Awesome Read, full of truth and honesty. Thank-you, leo!

    • Dear Tyson
      This is the truth of my current reality,

      Urban Aboriginal
      I’m an urban aboriginal
      my home’s an empty shell,
      All the trappings of this world
      I banished them to hell

      No TV, fridge or cooker,
      no bed or telephone,
      It’s floorboards and bare walls
      that now comprise my home

      All I have’s a hammock
      and a handful of clothes,
      I’ve nothing to defend
      no need to bar my doors,

      I have this urge for freedom
      that many do not share,
      An urban aboriginal
      who lives without a care.


      Being devoid of all external controls is the hallmark of a true sovereign being. Indeed we must stand firm as a sovereign in order to house a meeting of our multidimensional selves.
      Big Hug

      • That reminds me of a monk who was in meditation and a thief came in demanding the monk give him money, the monk told him that this was a sacred place and to be quiet. the thief then again demanded the money, the monk told him its in the drawer. the thief was gonna take it all and the monk said dont take it all i need some to pay this months rent. the thief left him some money and left.

        or at least thats the lines that story goes, in fact i think i heard that from something lujan post once upon a time. (I welcome anyone to find it and post it -it was a fantastic story)

        leo i will truly take that into my heart! Big HUGS 2u2!

  4. What an amazing dream involving the cards, The blackbird of the sixteen wings image is powerful. What I know about cards is that diamonds can be a symbol for the things of this plane, tangible reality, which could mean body, health, money, work, your home and family, and the number ten can represent the end of a cycle. So perhaps a new cycle is beginning for you both on this tangible plane and other dimensions as well.

    The message I receive from this post is that you are a brave yet gentle soul. Many blessings upon your path, Leo. Stay safe.

  5. Nice post Leo, thanks for sharing.
    The day I discovered Lujan’s videos and website I also was very happy. I went through the site reading the main sections, enjoying the fact that I have found a teaching consistent with what I had learned in the metaphysical texts I had read so far, and with the advantage – from my point of view- of being somewhat more tangible.
    When I went to bed that night something strange happened to me. I felt like my perception was a bit altered, and when I switched the light off I saw next to the end of my bed a figure approximately 1.30 meters tall. I didn’t see it clearly, it was more like a greenish shadow, like the greenish circle you see after gazing at the sun for few seconds. I was quite frightened by that strange vision, so I immediately switched the light on and stood still looking towards the end of my bed until I was sure that I was not able to see the figure anymore. I still do not know if it was a benevolent being, a maleficient one, or just a product of my imagination. Lujan, could you please provide any hint in this regard?
    Best wishes to all

    • This is a very complex question in terms of your experience.

      When anybody reads my material it is information that is the truth of delivering a reality that I became aware of at the point of its arrival. With my experiences, I made very deep inquiries and as the initiate I made inquiries many years ago in terms of my perception becoming aware of the immediate surroundings.

      I needed to know because something wasn’t right. It was just a matter of fathoming coherently what I was receiving through that perceptual inquiry in terms of the imbalance of our dilemma as human beings.

      Then I must here flip the coin. Once you become aware of something you draw it to you. So it is always best to be as positive as possible, yet not be blinded by the ignorance of not wanting to know what is really there.

      Knowing is a very important factor. Perception unfortunately is elusive when you are trying to find something instead of allowing it to find you within its subtle variables. This is unfortunately a big problem in terms of being socially impaired via that perception itself.

      This is in no way diminishing what you have seen in terms of your own capacity to take your own seeing as a true knowing. Trusting yourself and your journey and withdrawing yourself from what you expect to discover in comparison to what you will realize that may have nothing to do with what you saw and everything to do with the elusive growth of each individual’s separate destinies that will inevitably be determined via the collective paradigm that is constantly mirroring itself incessantly.

      So that is why it is so important to use the techniques from Whisperings of the Dragon. And remember to know that whatever you see sees you as soon as you come upon it.

      This is the only advice I can give you. Be aware that your internal equanimity is an unbiased witness that must not be interfered with, yet experienced fully.

      • Thank you so much for the assistance Lujan, I have found your answer clarifying and sincere

  6. Thanks Leo and thanks Lujan for the reminder that our expectations are usually part of our programming.

  7. Hello beloved family of mine,
    I don’t have much time as I’m on the library computers, I just wish to say thank you for all your lovely comments. In a very real sense I had to lose everything to gain everything, I have no regrets, I have been blessed beyond measure. I will express and share more later, time has beaten me. I also have a poem about my journey to share with you all.
    From my heart to yours
    Leo x

  8. I wish to share my poem with my fellow warriors on the path.
    It expresses the essence and truth of my journey, and perhaps will add a little more texture to the blog. After being led by the hand of the spirit to the energy of Lujan and reading his book the art of stalking parrallel perception. I had a download explosion that brought everything together with so much clarity, my knowingness expanded at an exponential rate and I am still coming to terms with what has transpired. Still drinking in the elixir of transformation and change.
    One thing I know for sure is that all answers will be revealed from within, my mind will fall by the wayside it is not needed in the process. Indeed “GO WITHIN OR YOU WILL GO WITHOUT” and remember this — less of what you see is real, more of what you feel is.
    I am so blessed to have found a worthwhile platform to share my expressions.
    Hugs and blessings to you all
    Your Bro Leo x

    My Treasure
    I finally found my treasure
    I truly had to dig,
    For in the most suprising place
    securely it was hid,
    For I was searching outside
    but much to my suprise,
    I always had it with me
    for I carried it inside,
    My heart it is the portal
    that opened to my soul,
    and to get it to emerge
    now this became my goal,
    My soul was very shy
    for my ego always reigned,
    So to get to see its face
    I really had to change,
    I oraganized my life
    so I could be alone,
    No TV or a radio,
    nor a telephone,
    For spending time in solitude
    it was the only way,
    For only in the silence
    does the soul return to play,
    Slowly from the shadows
    my soul it did emerge,
    I felt within my body
    such a power surge,
    An ancient song remembered
    by my soul I have been kissed,
    We’re so entwined together now
    that neither do exist,
    My life’s no longer ruled
    by the shiny claims of men,
    for now I’ve found my treasure
    I can’t to fooled again.

    It is only in the infinite silence of the feeling body that we can know the answer, and once we have it there is no question.

    From my Heart to Yours
    Leo x

  9. <3 leo <3

    i love your poems so much! would you mind if i used them for my computer screen saver?

    Yours truly Tyson.

    • No worries my fellow warrior, I am honoured that you deem them worthy to grace your screen.I am just about to post another one on the blog so stay tuned.
      Big Hug for you
      Your Bro Leo

  10. After spending several years in isolation and return back from the gates of oblivion I wish to share the following —-


    I forgot
    I forgot that I’m a wise old soul
    existing before time,
    I forgot about my brilliance
    like a star that would not shine

    I forgot that I’m a part of you
    and you’re a part of me,
    I forgot I’m an expression
    of the great infinity

    I forgot to stop and go within
    and listen to my soul,
    I forgot that we’re just actors
    and our lives are just a role

    I forgot that I’m pure essence
    I was trapped within my mind,
    I forgot I have a wondrous gift
    to share with all mankind

    I forgot that I’m a part of SOURCE
    and thought I was so small,
    I forgot my true identity
    yes I forgot it all.

    Leo x


    In concluding I wish to share this — “POWER AND PERMISSION ARE RETAINED OR GIVEN AWAY BY CHOICE” — When I fully grasped the ramifications of this truth, I took the proverbial leap of faith and resolved in my heart to take my power back and forge myself into an empowered sovereign being, for I could no longer stomach being a cog in a machine that has to fight within the mechanism for its survival.
    And this I can assure you — After taking that leap of faith, you will either land upon solid ground, or you will learn how to fly.
    From my Heart to Yours,

  11. A cog in the machine, a bird with wings, a song. A shapeshifter.

    At times, while I am in the machine, I feel like I am only here as a reflection: here, but not here at all. I do, I feel, I observe, I learn; yet it all fades as quickly as it appears.

    Then, when I am at the edge of eternity, I am completely at home. I used to wonder why I was ‘here,’ in the machine. Now I just let it answer itself each day. No more seeking. I am where I need to be and then I am not.

    Leo, reading your words makes me smile each time. : ))

    • Thanx Luma for your comments,
      Yes the illusion is just a montage of images a virtual reality, a hologram of deception. Should I put my sword away and stop fighting officialdom?
      Because I have no fear, I thought through the medium of peaceful rebellion, I could help to be scornfully different and help bring this disfunctional system crashing down. I embraced my Pleiadian title of “RENEGADE SYSTEM BUSTER” a member of renegade special forces who have come as ground crew members to bust this system out. but now I am hearing “SEEK LOVE EVERYWHERE AND BEAM IT BACK TO SOURCE, NO OTHER DEADLINES NOW APPLY”
      However I am also noticing that my reality is starting to show cracks as if 2 worlds are overlaid over one another and I’m jumping between the two and if I get caught in the betwix or between strange things happen to me. Sorry Luma this is turning into a rant. What I will do is book another hour with the library as my time is going and I will send you one of my poems.
      I just sent this to Lujan

      I walk as one with Gia
      this Goddess knows me well,
      The creations that adorn her
      enchant me with their spell

      Graceful as a dancing flame,
      a bird of silent wing,
      My inner child awoke
      and my heart began to sing

      My path has been a tough one
      but not as tough as I,
      I took a leap of faith
      and thus learned how to fly

      My life is filled with wonder
      I’m reborn every day,
      Yes living from my heart
      it is the only way.

      Big Hug for you
      I love your energy it feels familiar,
      Big Hug Leo

    • Hi Luma you may like this Poem of mine,
      Big Hug Leo

      The Shaman
      In a cave there dwells a man,
      Who heals the soul like no one can,
      His method works and many find,
      New strength of soul and peace of mind,
      And when the day is spent and done,
      When bodies soak the dying sun,
      He ponders how it all began,
      This gentle unassuming man,
      He has no life apart from this,
      He feels great joy but tastes no kiss,
      No sons to dance around his feet,
      No tender maid his flesh to meet,
      But just to heal within his cave,
      In fair exchange for alms they gave,
      While lying in his cave one night,
      His eyes beheld an awesome sight,
      To fix his gaze upon the fire,
      Of ancient master to inquire,
      Yes he remembers lessions taught,
      The dancing faces in the smoke,
      And now he knows with joy divine,
      That he is of a different kind,
      A race of beings upon the earth,
      A wondrous tribe of noble birth,
      Who live their lives devoid of care,
      Their healing gifts they gladly share,
      People wander hear and there,
      Feeling lost in great despair,
      And he himself does reach inside,
      Removes their splinters, calms their tide,
      He takes away their pains of life,
      And cuts their bonds of guilt and strife,
      Then walks away from those he helps,
      Without a thought about himself,
      Thus the shamans selfless call,
      Living life behind a wall,
      No excuse for who he is,
      We can’t deny the help he gives,
      So we must simply be content,
      To just accept this noble gent,
      And understand that in this world,
      Amongst the stones there lies a pearl,
      So lets keep our judgement on the shelf,
      And embrace the healing of ourself.
      Leo x

      • Wow, leo you really have a nack for poems! i have tryed once before to write some poems but they are nothing like these.
        You’ve got a real gift my friend!

        • Dear Tyson,
          Thanx for your comments and for inspiring me.
          Big Hug for you

  12. The truth behind the words here has delivered inspiration to me. I feel like I’ve been stood at the cliff edge of my life for a while and I’ve now found the courage to look down.

    Sincere gratitude to you all.

  13. I’m happy for you Leo and inspired as well.

  14. Very grand indeed! Energy emerges……..


  15. Thank you Leo !!

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