The Reinterpretation of Shadow Stalking


Good day!

I read your article on the Three Spheres of Stalking and believe that I am a victim of shadow stalking. My life has been severely interrupted and changed in a way that is proving to be very detrimental to me.

It seems that some decisions I thought I had made were not  made by me but by some other influence. I am suffering.

Can you give me more info on this or a direction to pursue?

Any constructive help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks…..Kathy Michel

The only thing I can advise you is to focus on the positive because unfortunately what you have written here can’t be interpreted. You have not given a full context that can establish true communication in terms of your dilemma.

Read Whisperings of the Dragon and apply the techniques within this book. Endeavor not to be drawn into negativity.

It is obvious that you are destined to experience what you are experiencing. But are you meant to be obsessively absorbed by it?

That is the question.

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