Listening To What Cannot Be Heard


My son who is 21 became an avid meditator after a near fatal drug overdose about 4 years ago. We soon discovered that not only did he radically substitute his habit of getting high with meditation but he became extremely proficient at going within and would fall into meditative silence for hours. Soon he began having satori experiences and his friends noticing the change, began meditating with him as did we his family.

At the young age of 18 he became a bramhacharya of a Himalayan master of ancient lineage who trained him in the techniques of Kriya yoga. Ben soon became proficient in several of the advanced techniques and was initiated as a teacher of Kriya. This is where my story begins and my personal experience and understanding of listening to what cannot be heard.

Within the breathing techniques of Kriya, one is instructed to listen in silent breathing for the sound of high frequency tones which are received within from somewhere else. It can sound like whistling, ringing or humming, in the Himalayas they know it as Omkar. After being initiated into the practice of Kriya, I realized that I already knew of it, as it accompanied my high fevers as a child and with practice could easily be tuned into if I so desired.

I began hearing these frequencies at different times of day or night without prompting; they would show up when meditating, laying down to sleep or even driving in the car. I hear it right now as I write this. (I just finished watching the Cosmic Giggle and heard it whenever Lujan spoke.)

The Omkar as it is called is the closest I have come to what some call the music of the spheres or the singing of the planets. Some believe it perhaps is the Schumann resonance. To me it doesn’t matter what it is, it matters only how it makes me feel. When I sit in silence to the sound of the Omkar, simply breathing, I feel love, celebration, joy, connectedness, creativity and best of all it stops the inner voice commentary and maneuvering of mind.

When in the Omkar I am so grateful for this little piece of heaven that I know everything will be all right and the universe is as it should be. I have a feeling this may be what Lujan means by listening to what cannot be heard. Or perhaps it is on the path toward listening to what cannot be heard.

I have no need for validation on this one but would be curious if it rings true with Lujan’s teaching. I look forward to any comments and reply.


Listening to what cannot be heard is waiting for the arrival of one’s heart to speak. Upon this path the eyes inwardly focus without being forced and the ears naturally traverse the world at large one hundred percent.

Within this technique, looking at the world is done as only a cursory glance – or two percent of one’s attention – for everything is so strongly inwardly bound that emptiness is obtained.

Through this void there is space to receive the calling of the universe as an omnipresent observation that gestures towards it capacity within a familiar destination via the fact that what is being witnessed is only so gently moved that the weight of a feather is of no consequence. Here the unknown travels upon the mysteries of the gateless gates.

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  1. Thank you Blair for this story and thank you Lujan for answering it. I do experience these frequency songs also and can make them fade in and fade out, depending on my state of silence, i guess. I have wondered about these sounds also and thought about asking Lujan about it. I am glad you did ask!

    “Through this void there is space to receive the calling of the universe as an omnipresent observation that gestures towards it capacity within a familiar destination via the fact that what is being witnessed is only so gently moved that the weight of a feather is of no consequence.”

    I can’t grasp this with my mind really, but it feels – sounds – wonderful.

    • Hi Arne. Yes I am also grateful for the answer as my third awareness was able to see what Lujan was speaking about in his reply. Cheers.

  2. wonderful to read. every new moment we have the capacity to be and hear a new sound. you are a new sound.

    • Yes. Today I will walk as a new sound. Thank you Phi.

  3. Thank you Lujan.
    I will practice this inner seeing and hearing.
    I look forward to our meetings on skype in Sept.

  4. First off this is an inspiring story – Thank-You, Blair and Lujan.

    second i have a question i need to quell that has been burning in me;(hopefully its appropriate for lujans blogs- as im seeing much of what i say is not. My apologizes.)
    – “Can one stay in denial they’re whole life and never see themselves in transparency?
    or is eternity’s grasp too strong to not in one point or another view the behavior that one is acting out which may be detrimental to ones and others growth sooner or later… before physical death?”
    i ask not out of personal agenda but out of concern for weather my path will ease up one day. When the eyes and ears of the one being spoken to are shut how can the words spoken from the heart reach the lost and strangled heart..?
    in the silence i know the answer,… but my not-doing tells me to wait and listen for an answer. without expecting one.

    • It is a decision. To stand up and live a live of integrity, or to remain in denial. There is no perhaps, or maybe, everything is cristal clear, the heart knows, always. So the path is just what it is. It is us who decide to ease and take responsibility – or not.
      Ah thank you, I needed this question! I have asked myself similar ones often enough. Healing is taking place in a “we”.

  5. I have a white tiger that i have to endure – For the time being.
    until an ear opens to allow the words of love to flow in ill just have to endure.
    I have Realized my path and its obstacles.
    A space ship flew passed my window a couple of nights ago and it stirred all kinds of feelings.
    I heard myself saying “I love them so much!!” I saw an image of the face and eyes of the creature which relayed all the love Purity, understanding, kindness,and compassion these creatures were. They were my family of another kind. I was crying so hard and then laughed the hardest.
    It was a joyful moment.
    Thats when i saw my brother and his abusive behavior and my jaw dropped in the knowing of the difficulty of my path with heart.

    Arne The question you needed the response i needed.

  6. Hi, Tyson, I’ve never read a single thing you’ve written on this blog that I didn’t find appropriate and edifying for discussion.

    As far as reaching the strangled heart, as a guitarist I’ve had an endless stream of challenges where progress is so difficult that I find myself just imagining having mastered what I’ve been working on, just sometime in the future. Can’t think of a single challenge (other than my current one) that hasn’t come to pass without me really even thinking about it. Work seems to matter. Hang in there.


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