Spiritual Awakening Through Reading Lujan Matus’ Books



Dear Lujan,

I have now finished reading all four of your books. I finished reading Shadows in the Twilight yesterday and afterwards I felt rocked to the core. I spiraled into apathy. I just wanted to return home, I realized that I never wanted to come here in the first place. Prior to this I thought I had cleared all my lower emotional debris away, however this emotional purge was so deep.

I cried tears of joy and relief this morning as I felt invigorated like never before. Something within me has awoken that has been dormant for a very long time.

In conclusion I would have to say that connecting to your energy has been like a roller-coaster ride and the bottom line is this — I got what I needed and Lujan I am so humbled and blessed by the experience.

And now my friend the void and emptiness of home beckons like a lovers kiss, and who am I to argue?

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  1. I’m glad the books have helped you to such a degree.

  2. Poetic. Excellent.

  3. Yes, after a very rough year, its time to jump in again a little more.
    “Whisperings of the Dragon” is definetely on my wishlist….and Shadows in the Twillight is a true “Magical Matus”….;)

    This message is hung on my kitchen wall, as a reminder. I used to do lots of deep breathing but after reading Whisperings of the Dragon I realized the importance of being constantly in the silent breath. Indeed silence is our natural state.

  5. Having been engaged in a task I set myself of translating Lujan’s last two books over the last two years, it afforded me a whole new perspective. The multiple layers of communication, the subtle points highlighted by the sometimes dense sentences, visual metaphors and often odd approach to sentence structure; all conspire to communicate at a level that can be hell to the ‘left-brain’, but music to another part of me that already knows. This journey also taught me a lot about the traps of semantics and the mind- especially the illusion that mind can control and comprehend things that are meant to be experienced and therefor known in stead. Importantly, Lujan’s books highlight how transformative words can be when spoken from a clear heart. Anyone up for the not-doing of reading… These books are perfect.

  6. Would that include my interviews with Lujan?

    – One very heavy book.

    • Hi Rick.
      While it addresses mostly your line of questioning, yes. I would though expect those interviews to mean more to readers who have also read Lujan’s books, since his replies reference the context he described in his works.

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