The Mysteries of a Seer’s Path


Dear Lujan,

I’m not entirely sure why I am writing this message to you, other than I feel drawn, and you have been on my mind a lot the last few days. The question that now comes from my heart to yours is this – who are we when we know, and who are we when we do not know?

If I am on the cusp of creating/allowing/receiving the next step or manifestation or direction to go, can it be more fun and rewarding inwardly and outwardly to walk the middle road of unknown/let go mixed with intention and preference?

I wish to feel the royal road within myself and my self compassion and worth and purpose in what I love – more so.

Thank you for your time and energy and for The Cosmic Giggle. It has been with me muchly the last few days and I am grateful. Peace.

Natalie from the UK

The only way you can know who you are when you truly are there is to be on the precipice of the unknown. So this answers both of your questions at once.

To be too sure of who you are can diminish the possibilities of your seer fully manifesting because of the social need to want to be something that cannot be acquired through the mere act of trying to make it manifest.

The trouble with shamanism is that the most perplexing thing about this path is that one can believe they are somewhere when they are nowhere – and one can be nowhere and fully delivered.

You see there are social contradictions in your second question. These you have to come to terms with. There is no fun to be had, yet joy can be realized.

There can be no words to deliver consciousness to its pinnacle of arrival. Only actions can provide a source of attainment, which can never be expected, for if they are, they disappear within a social eddy of where one thinks they should be, instead of being squarely where they are.

In conclusion, your queries seem joyful but have obvious underpinnings of social expectations on a path where nothing of the sort can be defined by this cognitive overview. In other words, there is no way to micromanage your way through unknown territory.

A seer’s path is filled with mystery. One will discover their destiny by yielding to all that arises socially and shamanically.

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  1. It’s a journey without distance, and we are only along for the ride, no expectations, no fear, no doubts, no nothing. Indeed just allow the universe to vailidate us and all will naturally unfold like a package of mystery. We all get what we need at the time it arrives.

  2. Thank you, Natalie, for the question and Lujan the answer, both have been for me too!

    With much appreciation

  3. I have Heard some words from the blog that speak to my heart.
    “There is nothing to do but much to realize.”

    Thanks for the answers lujan, leo. And the questions, Natalie.
    With Much Apreciation!

  4. I think about your very question a lot, Natalie. I’ve been down this Shaman path for a while, so I appreciate and relate to both Lujan and Leo’s responses. Plus, the more I practice the Gates of Dreaming, the more I flat out experience the perspective of engaging the moment for what it is and reveling in the discoveries to be found there. Still, Natalie, to rephrase your question a bit, I wonder in the face of yielding to what arises, what becomes of the difference between a philosopher, a carpenter, a mother, a teacher or a soldier? To borrow your words, such roles are defined in part by intentions and preferences, and particular brands of fun as well as joy. Are Shaman’s all to become the same person? The same job in a complex world with complex cries for help? Maybe so. I’m in a state of wonderment on this.

  5. This forum certainly keeps a tight focus on its discussions. Which you’d expect from a discipline whose core is inner silence. Let me break that a touch: Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.

    • Don’t focus on yearly events. This will make you older.

      There are so many expectations that covet all annual occurrences. To care is not to isolate a day to truly be devoted to somebody. It must be without expectation and this always revolves around not expecting anything in return, which will allow you to love unbiasedly and be loved fully because of not wanting anything through the mere act of continual devotion.

      • This is exactly what i saw when I was going to my grand parents house for thanksgiving, a few years back.
        I Saw that to obsess over calendar dates is what makes one age. The mind that says “another year gone by” thats what makes you older.

        • If you let your physicality go – this also ages one.

  6. Measuring time is a social construct, a trap to ensnare the unwary into a false sense of growth and communal conductivity.

    Trees don’t need a calendar to tell them to bear fruits. Birds don’t need a date to celebrate spring. Seeds don’t need a use by date to sprout. They act because they know what to do and when to do it, intensely bound to the universal eddies of energy we call life.

    Everyday is a Path with Heart day. Everyday is a warrior’s day to be awake and to be of service. Care and celebrate those we love everyday, because we can.

    • Today is a Path with Heart Day. thank you Luma!

  7. Critical responses. Thank you.

    • It is more a reminder to myself, really, and a product of an observation. It is a deep and cold winter here, and I always admire how unencumbered nature is by human associations of time, whereas we appear to be mind slaves to it. I was observing myself thinking “if only I had more time to do this and that.”

      Then, as I was watching the birds foraging I was simply awakened to the fact that it’s not about time, but about energy. The birds had found the precise moment the insects would be on this plant and came to eat. It’s not time I need more of, for my body was asking for a focus of energy to do what needs to be done, even if that means waiting. And like a tree, I need to be where I am with complete dedication instead of getting caught up in self-validation.

      The social construct plays with our desire to make meaning and find joy by focusing our energy on yearly celebrations. A wedding anniversary versus the daily commitment to another through our heart, words and actions. This is a waylaying tactic, for then our energy is diverted from observing the moment as it arrives to focusing on a day that has, in reality, little relevance to our everyday actions.

      Every single action is a gesture of energy, every single moment.

      • this rings like a bell in my ears, Luma. You are so bright.
        I also notice that these dates that make one day supposibly more special then this one long day that i live, is that when certain expectations arent met to meet the social “this is how it should be” mind set one feels entitled and thus uses they’re energy in feeling offended that things did not go the way it is socially outlined. And consequentially drama erupts… away from the heart and its silence they go.

        I say to these people everyday is father days, mothers day thankgiving, ect. everday is a gift, everyday is where my gifts are given. I dont need a certain day to give you a gift from my heart, like these words given to you now.
        infact i find it a bit insulting to give something to someone just because its lets say a birthday. If you truly wanted to give Someone a gift then give one to them when there are no social outlines to be had. Know that your love and support is the greatest gift and that to focus on materials that arent essential is just taking up space to fed my ego which i have let go of.

        No birthdays, no new years, no nothing ; just this moment that is continually escaping us all, The moment being arived upon now as it is with no intervention from this “given to us Mind set” that says things have to be a certain way instead of letting things be what they are.

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