Becoming Energetically Aware and Remaining in Silence

energetically-aware-silenceDear Lujan,

I hope these words find you well. I would like to inquire of a phenomenon which has to do with energetic sensitivity to the world at large and the capacity to remain in silence.

Although I find myself growing stronger in being unperturbed by arising of internal or externally projected patterns. Still at times I find myself being saturated by their content. Such projections feel physically painful and in certain moments appear to eclipse my ability to remain in silence.

Is one ever completely resilient, or in a state of silent witnessing even when angry, confused or spiteful projections arrive externally?



If you are in the rainforest and the leopard was going to pounce on you, you wouldn’t complain about being aware of it so you can get out of its way.

Becoming empty means there is more internal space available for the practitioner to become cognizant. As the omnipresent factor increases within, one’s quantum field acknowledges everything it becomes aware of by virtue of the fact that it is one of the unavoidable elements of the world at large.

Be at peace and confident knowing that you know what is there and know that your self-importance will decrease as your primal ability expands.

As you grow you will become more capable of seeing and knowing without being saturated by it because the inner space becomes so large that it is difficult for a drop of water to influence the ocean.

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  1. *Ching-ga-ling-ding* Music to my ears!

  2. yes thankyou.. wonderful.. for the body, i feel that seeing is being, so the sensations do pass through the body or it expresses the pain or tears also. It’s a beautiful practice: to every day be learning more about the fine balance of emptiness and feeling filled with everything. form is emptiness / emptiness is form and so it keeps moving though us.. lots of love ∞

  3. Following on about “as your primal ability expands” what I have been painfully aware of is that as “I expand from within” people are starting to avoid eye contact with me, they will avert their eyes or downcast their gaze, obviously not everyone but a very noticeable amount. Shop assistants at the checkout are a prime example. I just wondered if anybody else can relate to this?

    • Down cast eyes are internal bound.
      your presence may open they’re energy feild to the oncoming energetic configuration you possess. Thus making them slightly aware of the feelings contained within.

  4. “Becoming empty means there is more internal space available for the practitioner to become cognizant.”
    What a beautiful way to describe inner-silence and why it is so important in a very practical way.

  5. Yes Leo, this happens with me quite often and I feel there is a lot behind eye contact. Some people linger and draw, most avoid like people dealing with the public as they may retain or process hundreds or a thousand energies a day my friend who ran a shop once explained. It used to deeply bother me to make eye contact observing what you mention because in reaching out by making contact I felt disturbed by the disturbance. There is also the issue of dominance which comes into play as many people are triggered into aggression when contact is made or held. The entry can be alarming which stir imbalances I feel. Sometimes I encounter an echo effect and its like eyes gently push back and it feels nice, the lady at the herbal shop yesterday did this and I felt comfortable discarding usual social formalities and she seemed to as well.

  6. Expanding emptiness allows for the hearts of others to arrive upon our own emptiness, so that their actions are communicated directly to our hearts in a non-judgemental form. More relevant to how others react to us, is how we act -or react- to others and what life brings towards us.

    Sometimes eyes downcast can say “see me outside of judgement despite all that I’ve done.” Sometimes eyes directly towards say “see me as I am and don’t judge me.” Their hearts speak no matter where their eyes are facing. Can we hear them? Only within our silence.

    It is our eyes inwardly bound that can understand what it is we are shown and what relevance- if any- we need to act upon as others touch our toroidal field.

    Most hearts cry unseen, too afraid to look up for we have built a predatory construct to entrap one another with judgement.

    When I step outside of that I see that most people just need a loving gaze from this world. And that can mean a soft gaze that while loving it is also honest and direct. And sometimes one just has to be silent and do nothing but just be.

    Eyes inwardly bound. Seeing within the heart to feel what the omnipresent factor is saying as we hear the heart of another arrive within our heart.

  7. Eyes can see what cannot be seen.

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