Following In The Footsteps of a Master Shaman



“Lo Ban Pai was last taught in the time of the Yellow Emperor.”

-Lujan Matus

I have just finished the five day program learning Golden Lotus with the Nagual Lujan Matus. In merely five days my body is completely different on so many levels and dimensions. It is hard to bring into mental context the multi-faceted changes to ‘being’ that this week has brought me.

I first heard of Lujan and his work a few years ago from a close friend who had been studying with him. She described the energy field around our body and how the ‘coiling’ movements of this training move in golden ratio spirals and interact with our own energy field. “Its probably what we should be doing.” She said. I was completely taken by this simple concept. Moving in spirals… Everything else does. Why shouldn’t we join the party?

In the weeks that approached my training with Lujan, my personal life turned into a cascade of drama in my personal relationships, home life, work life, financial outlook, personal study and even my general ability to focus was being shaken. I knew that this was no coincidence. I was acutely aware of the fact that going to Siem Reap to train with Lujan was exactly what I needed most in this time of my life, though I couldn’t really place understanding on the reason why. I just felt I was traveling to be with a teacher who could help me ‘see’ myself.

I arrived in Siem Reap three days before training began and got used to the town and checked out the temples. During this time, I was in touch with a few close friends who I was having some pretty distressful breakdowns with. These breakdowns were very very alarming for me. The night before training I felt like I had totally lost the four people closest to me in life. I felt like no one liked me. I felt as if the only solution in life was to just be alone in order not to risk making people upset with me anymore. I truly had a ‘dark night of the soul’, the night before meeting Lujan. I felt like there was a void inside me, that needed to be filled by the love an acceptance of a beloved. I felt cast out, unloved, and entirely alone. I was totally out of balance.

The next morning I came into some important realizations explaining how I set up all of the dramas in my current life situation. As I walked to meet Lujan and another student I experienced a cascade of insight that allowed me to take ownership for all the pain I was currently going through in life. A huge weight lifted from my shoulders as I no longer blamed the people I loved for the pain I was in.

Lujan looked entirely unlike what I expected as he greeted us and promptly invited us to follow him to his nearby residence. As I walked behind him, my body went into fight or flight mode. I didn’t really know what to ‘think’ but my body certainly was in a panic! A walked behind Lujan and as I looked at his back I felt my body lag behind him in some kind of almost magnetic resistance. Just before reaching Lujan’s residence, he turned to me and said something along the lines of, “You’re not going to be a problem are you?”

I’d just met the guy. How the hell do you answer a question like that? I think I managed to stutter out, “I hope not.” As we entered the elevator and the doors shut, my body entered into a primal state of fight or flight that was very intense to say the least. I felt completely spotted and cornered. I realized I was in the presence of someone who could ‘see’ me entirely because his body simply read my energy field as if it were a giant bill board.

As soon as we got into Lujan’s training space he launched into a complete breakdown of all my deeply hidden negative emotions and control dramas. I was completely dumb founded. He hardly asked me any questions. It appeared he knew more about me than me. He knew the nasty root emotions behind my actions. He was making it painfully obvious why I had set up issues for myself my entire life. He showed me how I block myself with my own sense of identity, smartness and self importance. I was in shock. My face started to ache in a way I was not accustomed to. Over the next 20 minutes, astonished, I realized my jaw was re-aligning. I knew I was in the right place. I knew this painful, embarrassing exposure to myself was exactly what I needed. I was in the presence of a real teacher. Lujan’s steady and serious gaze showed me that I had never crossed paths with anyone remotely like him. Yet the entire scene had an uncanny sense of familiarity to it.

As the days passed we learnt the spiraling form of Golden Lotus. As I watched Lujan perform the series I was overcome by a some transformative feelings; My consciousness dropped out of my head and down into my body to a stillness, an emptiness. I knew I was in exactly the right place. I knew these movements were what I needed in my life. I had a familiar sense of ‘home’ pervading my body. I was so astonished. I asked Lujan “How do you get time to do anything else?” And I totally meant it. When you experience these forms, you simply don’t feel you need to do anything else. This training is what I have needed to open myself to myself and the new life ahead of me.

In between physical training we relaxed and chatted about all kinds of interesting mostly health related topics. I was growing more aware that Lujan’s contribution to the conversation was coming from his extremely aware body consciousness as opposed to the ‘mind’. I became vastly more comfortable as I realized that when Lujan was intense with me, he was entirely reflecting my own intensity back to me. It wasn’t him. He was showing me myself and that was uncomfortable but so sorely needed! He told me that my issues were really simple and that I didn’t need to analyze anything, but just to let it all go. I did. I let a lot of things go and training in the Golden Lotus form transported me further into a place of peaceful emptiness.

In between training with Lujan, my mind’s eye was saturated with feelings and visions of him doing the forms. The spiraling flows and four dimensional weaving tapestries were being trained into my body consciousness every moment of this week and this is not going to stop. Around the third day of training I realized Lujan was the most impressive athlete I had ever witnessed. And he is not what our mainstream society would call a ‘young man.’

“You’re going to stop aging.” He said.

I know he is right.

I have been searching for this my whole life. I am certain that I will continue to train, practice and work with Lujan as often as I can. Lujan’s teachings have made many things I once believed in, peacefully obsolete.

Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you are aware of the teachings of the Nagual Lujan Matus. Consider yourself exponentially more fortunate if you are one of his students.

Tristan Bray
New Zealand





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  1. Ahhh, Golden Lotus. So, so beautiful.

    Tristan, your sentence “Lujan’s teachings have made many things I once believed in, peacefully obsolete,” is so spot on. Unnecessary things become peacefully obsolete, while what is true essence begins to bloom.

    Heart, open.

    Love, Luma

  2. The recent testimonials have been so beautiful. What a blessing to be able to see ourselves on a deeper, truer level as you experienced with Lujan. It brings a catharsis and is enlightening in many ways. I’m laughing in levity with you. What a joy to get to the heart of the matter and move beyond the confines of our self-imposed limitations. Best wishes to you and all.

  3. I’m happy for you man :)

  4. Beautiful testimonial Tristan.

    Now I am interested, what did you expect me to look like?

    How are you doing with everything? Is your magnetism still strong? Remember to locate all your movements upon the rotation of your dantien.

  5. ∞ :) ∞

  6. Thankyou everyone and thank you Lujan.
    Training is going well. Lots of magnetism all over the place!

    What I expected you to look like: Imagine watching the cosmic giggle from most people’s perspective; your voice and silhouette only… Some aspect of my consciousness filled in the gaps and gave me a mental picture of you, but it turned out to be totally incorrect. I still have a very clear clear image of the other face I imagined… Its interesting….

    Thanks again for last week and all the interesting little extra bits of ‘life’ info.

    Lots of love

  7. Thank you Tristan for sharing your heart-opening, soul-integrating experience with Lujan. I am very curious and a bit anxious to meet Lujan in a few weeks in Tenerife. His “x-ray vision” is something I feel some trepidation about, but more, I feel gratitude to have the blessed opportunity to be in the presence of such a clear reflection, and uninhibited heart.

    Thank you for including your photo. It tells a 1000 words!

    Light and love.

  8. “Moving in spirals… Everything else does. Why shouldn’t we join the party?”

    I had to smile reading this. Great testimonial, thank you!

  9. Arne,
    Isn’t this just perhaps one of the most exciting revelations stumble across?

    Its really quite a wonder-filled realization – the golden spirals. Everything is moving this way from the Macro cosmic Galaxies to the micro cosmic electrons and even smaller…. They can even track the spiraling path of an electron through a hydrogen neon bubble chamber.

    See here:

    Perhaps you are aware of the magician physicist Nassim Haramein and his Resonance Project? He shows a graph of the size of all known objects from the largest celestial bodies right down to the ‘Planck’s Distance’ – This is the smallest measurement of length with any meaning. And guess what is in the middle of the graph? You are.

    See here:

    So as Lujan teaches. We are the last piece of the puzzle that should be moving in golden spirals like everything else.

    And correct me if I’m wrong please Lujan, but the coherence/love/alignment of moving in spirals with everything else creates an energetic ‘push/jump’ that allows us to be truly traverse the space between

    space/time(3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time)


    time/space (3 dimensions of time and 1 dimension of space)

    And this traversing is the cause of the flux vortex anomalies that are felt when witnessing/performing Lo Ban Pai. And this traversing is also the power of the true Nagual. Is this correct Lujan?

    There are wonderful accounts of Tibetan Monk’s running at very high speeds while barely touching the ground… This is because most of their mass is in the alternate reality of time/space. They are running through time….
    Its all quite a noodle baker. Hahaha. The physics of Tibetan Shamanism.

    Love Spirals Yo.

    • Yes you are correct the spiraling motions create vortexes which are cone-shaped and within that anomaly, all time-space continuums alternate in comparison to the reception of all arrivals at their origin.

      It is not us the ‘me’ that is truly centralized. That me will disappear within a void-like dark matter.

      The truest issue that every human being faces at this moment in time is the subjugation of their personal truth that incrementally divides and creates the illusion of reasonableness, through the current applications of personal subversiveness that has been trained within the behavioral patterns of the world community at large.

      This is a big subject. One increment by billions of singularities create a false vortex – an eddy filled with illusions instead of an emptiness that reemerges, that even surprises itself upon its own arrival.

      • Wow this truly is a big subject. “One increment by billions of singularities create a false vortex – an eddy filled with illusions instead of an emptiness that reemerges, that even surprises itself upon its own arrival.”
        I have expirenced this in social interaction – the false vortexes.
        I needed energy to comprehend what you just said. My self containment yeilded that energy but i needed all my attention in “one direction centered-ness” to comprehend it. And i know this will spiral threw time to meet me at every corner to reamerge to enlighten me to something new that requires my attention.
        Thanks for sharing! Truth!

  10. Hmmm. I can’t say I fully comprehend what Lujan and Tyson are talking about,I’m still at the very beginning of my journey in these realms :-) However, this talk abouit spirals and vortexes made me curious, because on the night after my first online session with Lujan whilst trying to fall asleep I became aware of a kind of spiralling vortex above my heart chakra, I saw and sensed it at the same time and sort of wondered what this might mean, I’d never experienced anything like this before, and now I wonder about it again, has anyone else experienced this or know what it might “mean”? Just curious…

    • I have no clue – But a guess would be Lujans voice resonated from his heart and this impacted your body thus awakening you to become aware of your heart chakra.
      Allow your internal realizations to bloom in the peace of silent observation. – Wait without waiting.
      Warm Regards.

  11. thank you, Tyson, for your thoughts on this – which did indeed trigger some realizations – reminding me to remember, as Luma so beautifully put it in a recent post, something I had learnt decades ago and almost forgotten…

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