The Modern Mind Versus the Awakened Self



The predator within me
now this I had to purge,
He’s infiltrated deeply
he’ll shape-shift and he’ll merge

Indeed he is so cunning
he’ll whisper in our ear,
Morphing in our dreams
fueling us with fear

Looping our life dramas
so we’ll never look,
Surrounded by a library
but fixated on one book

The predators a virus
clouding up our mind,
Creating a reality
deficient by design

The cards are on the table now
and they’re all faced up,
Its time to purge the predator
and drink from Lujan’s cup.


This is a very complex subject Leo. We must all take responsibility for what we do and who we are and assign full responsibility to our own actions. That encompasses our own personal realities.

By design we have forgotten ourselves. By our will power alone we can reemerge to discover that the programming that is infiltrating every corner of our reality can be shifted by simple truths that are immersed in kindness.

Focus on your devotion to the moment. Here you will discover the illusions and lies that will slowly, very gently, move you toward the truth.

And here you will not be subject to paranoia. you will be confronted with what you need to do. This may be as simple as not being seen in the moment that reveals everything to you.

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  1. Once again Leo you’ve got a way with poems…. How you do it is a mystery to me. For everything rhymes and fits delicately in place speaking of truth and realizations.
    Your poems Grace my screen, eyes and soul. Im Grateful.

  2. Thank you leo for the poem. And to everyone for the recent posts.
    Loved the “smart schnitzel” and the bastard scale! Wonderful!
    I am reading and rereading. It’s my daily medicine.
    And very much looking forward to meeting some of you in August.

    With much appreciation

  3. Thanx Lujan,
    For the timely reminders – Devotion to the moment – Taking full responsibility – Not being seen in the moment that reveals everything to us. So exquisitely conveyed. Lujan you are the fruit of the flower, Big Hug :0)

  4. “By design we have forgotten ourselves. By our will power alone we can reemerge to discover that the programming that is infiltrating every corner of our reality can be shifted by simple truths that are immersed in kindness.”

    This spoke to me, as if I’d asked you something and this was your response :)

    Going through major changes within the last year and a half, I’m expanding into areas that were previously outside of my “comfort zone” (aka. mental-prison). It turns out sometimes these new areas are drenched in unwholesome social programs and it takes a few days for me to wash off its effects. Then instead of getting upset with myself for having stepped into that place, I remind myself that this is how we learn, and to just keep noticing what my gut feeling had already been telling me. The whole process seems like recreating my boundaries, noticing them and hopefully becoming healthier one step at a time.

    You say “by design we have forgotten ourselves”. Sometimes I stop to wonder what the jewel-within across dimensions is so that I may chip away at everything else in this one in order to collapse the dimensions. I have a hunch that that is what the singularity is like.


  5. While the inner chatter still remains unchecked, it runs amongst others, the program of compulsive association. Focusing on the problem or the negative, even with good intentions, swamps the inner landscape with just that.

    After years of spotting the shadow in everything, it sucked me deeper in the most subtle and intricate ways while I was busy congratulating myself for being so perceptive. Eventually I put Lujan’s constant advice into practice and focussed on the solution, or the positive. That is how I discovered from personal experience the difference it makes. We cannot outplay the program with the program. But we can outkind or outserve or out not-do it when we do what needs to be done. Looking forward to poems on your not-doings!

  6. I feel we are all closer than we know.
    I am very grateful and in tune with what I read here.

    All the best to everyone

    Love from Mary xxx

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