Interdimensional Aspects of a Seer’s Eyes


Hello Lujan,

I’ve been listening to your books via Audible. I’m trying to not dream. However, today I recalled that I did have a dream…and it was about my eyes.

I was looking at my own eyes, the pupils were dilating, and my eyes looked lighter than they normally are. I remember thinking that I might not be able to see well. I also felt like I was under water.

I hope this doesn’t mean I’m doing something wrong. I’ve been very interested in the life after life subject, as well as astro projection and our “guides”.  I’m wondering what you think.


The intention behind not to dream is a gesture to liberate us all from the all-encompassing energy that is, and has been, saturating human awareness for millennia.

An enormous amount of our energy has been subdued within our living reality – our waking world. If enough human beings can stand resolute to obtain one reality as the source of consciousness, then a fractalized immersion will occur and a multidimensional labyrinth will become available to the mind’s eye of those who are conscious of this.

When that happens it will be a natural cascade that will show many different aspects of our entrapment in terms of our alignment at this moment in time in history.

Subtle frequencies and sound waves that are audible an inaudible will be revealed and we all will be able to see them and be able to ride upon the reality of how this affects our omnipresence in terms of it being captured within a bubble of perception that is like sitting in a room of mirrors, only seeing oneself and only hearing that echo that repeats over and over again the illusions we are caught in as a collective because of this.

We all must subdue the need to be dependent upon guides. We are more powerful than what we expect. Asking for guidance is the same as being controlled by governments that are bound to the secretiveness of the effects of corporations on us as a collective. We must begin to see the illusions that bind us to a reality that is detrimental to the vessel that carries us upon our footsteps to the end of our journey.

Intend to open your eyes while you are dreaming so you can see the world around you while you are sleeping. This will reveal what I am saying.

There are many cocoons of encasement that appear as a holographic unit of information that closes like a flower around the burgeoning awareness of a seer. These holograms come in many different shapes and forms in every different country; not too dissimilar to a Venus fly trap but much more visually complex than you could ever imagine until you see it.

I know this sounds frightening but you must open your eyes and command the illusion of the frequencies that are binding us into a visual matrix that is not real. Even though our living construct – the world we live in – seems linear and solid, it is not.

If enough human beings can awaken, then the vortexes, which are interdimensional portals, can and will be adjusted in alignment with the light frequencies that we are passing through at this present time in our history as luminous beings.

This is why Lo Ban Pai is so important in its application. It employs the fractal anomaly of the phi ratio. Everything will appear not to change until the golden ratio shifts in accordance to the ebbs and flows of the random number that appears as a destabilizing factor to the reality that has become standardized. Upon this factor, the cone-like vortexes shift and change, as they should, as an enormous matrix that then will accommodate our traversing upon this collective ship that we are traveling in; our combined destinies.

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  1. What a great summary of everything we have the opportunity to do-not-do as a species. ❤️

    We are our guides, our ancestors and our gods. Timeless yet only in the present. Collapsing moments, paradoxical infinities, upon a natural state of levity. I feel thats why we laugh in the moments we see and be it, the primary state of such joy and humour arises, under all the layers is the giggling lightning.

  2. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Lujan and all

      I have resonance with the material you have shared. After reading Whisperings of the Dragon, I experienced a profound and terrifying journey. Taking time for self care, i refrained from practicing the teachings within. Now, here I am after 6 months, reading this article and I’m still as intrigued as ever, just not very practiced in this way. I’m also curious, because I have had similar dreams to the ones which have been stated. I was in a place undercover, in room filled with dangerous men. They thought I was a part of their gang and so paid very little attention to me. This man, whom I sensed was their leader, came down in a wheelchair. We looked at each other in the eyes and we knew who each other were. The closest I can get is that it was a felt sense we saw each other simultaneously for who we are. His eyes became vortexes. I knew in that moment, he was playing a role.. that he was not actually like these other men, he was pretending so that they wouldn’t do too much damage to themselves and others. His eyes were so strange, they began to encompass his whole face. At that moment, we both sensed an imposter. A chase ensued. The dream ended with a man saying to me “you have no idea who you are, do you?”. I said no and he pointed to this room that had a light blue dragon lit up above the door. I walked through and all kinds of things I recognized as my own were in there. Then I awoke. My intention for sharing this dream is to set a stage for sharing my curiosity. Anything phi ratio sparks my curiosity. Combined with martial arts and shamanic wisdom, I can’t think of any one thing I’m more interested in. This is a new idea to me around dreams though, and I’m not sure I understand it. I would like to. I understand that my sharing is vague and I’m not really sure what I want to say other than it’s nice to read and relate to others experiences. Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful response.

  4. Within dreams there are layers of segregated reality constructs that are being controlled. As it is so with the waking world.

    In relation to what Lujan has just elucidated about obtaining a single pointed reality that reveals a multidimensional labyrinth, a dreaming encounter I recently experienced revealed exactly that.

    I was speaking with a spectacled, balding, middle-aged individual who looked like a computer programmer. That wasn’t a typecast, I am just offering a visual canvas. I didn’t find this individual particularly enticing and so rather then pay attention to him, or approach the encounter with an agenda, I just watched him intently. After about 10 seconds my field of vision began to fragment and spark. Then a portal opened above this mans head which revealed that behind this man was another entity which stood approximately 8 feet tall, who had been staring directly into my eyes with a smirk the whole time. The man I was originally speaking to dissolved completely and I realized it was a hologram being projected by this extremely robust fully scaled reptilian man now revealed before me. Not only was the initial man an illusory projection, but the whole construct was artificial.

    It was my own detachment that revealed the synthetic overlay that was nothing more then a means to entrap attention by catering to my own points of accessibility.

  5. I am struggling myself with this command of not dreaming. Though is not easy I have noticed an increase of awareness in the dreams, like I had this morning when I have noticed that I was dreaming. I was getting back from my last master/teacher where I have been to say good bye to him. As I jumped into my car and departed, which was really the same car I drive, I have noticed that the driving wheel is missing a part of it, making the driving part a little difficult. I did not understood why is that because everything was so real. A voice told me: “You are dreaming!” and then I said to myself…yes right, I am dreaming. I parked the car and jumped out of the dream into my body. Really, I did not felt the need of pursuing the dream knowing the energetic implications of dreaming being constructed upon my energy.

  6. The distorted canvas upon which human attention travels, even in dreams, is simply so because of our need to validate it. Dreams then are the internal dialogue giving itself a movie theater to play in while we sleep. Dreaming has become so loaded with expectations for most people it is now a construct: the second attention. It’s like people swapped one construct for another. This weaves within it our ideas about ourselves which have been constructed since our childhood (this is detailed in Whisperings of the Dragon) as a form of social entrapment, and so distorts our true potential. For a construct cannot fathom the intangible within its limited parameters even though it is always there.

    Once our true potential for awareness awakens within this waking world through the growth of silence and realignment of our photonic potential towards our evolutionary journey, then our dreams become simply another awareness. No interpretation is required. One can ‘feel’ the meaning and ‘the seeing’ within the dream, if it is pertinent at all.

    I used to do a lot ‘seeing’24/7 but after learning Lo Ban Pai, I now get what the seeing what trying to tell me on whole other level. It has real personal meaning that is heart felt.

  7. I understand. Thank you so much.

  8. Yeah, thanks, Luma. As always your clarity is most helpful.

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