Things That Cannot Be Explained, Yet Can Be Experienced


I had an experience yesterday that was knew to me, but related to things you’ve already shared through your books. I’ve had audible experiences a long time ago but never a visual one outside of power plant usage years ago.

I was in my foyer and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone going up the stairs, but only really saw their lower body and feet and a hint of their shoulder as they we’re almost up and the stairway curves. I figured it must have been my partner as we were the only ones home and dismissed it. 10 min later I went in the kitchen and saw her there so asked her if she had just come back from upstairs. She indicated she hadn’t gone up since getting home.

My energy body became active at this point as I realized I had seen something that wasn’t “there”. I decided to walk upstairs and check around in case we had an intruder. As I went up the stairs, energetic sensations became more intense the higher I went, in my heart center, third eye, and crown. They peaked and stayed active while I surveyed the whole floor and then as I went back downstairs the sensations subsided and I talked to my partner about it as she wanted to know who was up there.

I believe this was an encounter with something non-corporeal. My main question is, am I being distracted to focus on this when such things are experienced, or should I have just noted I saw something and not acted to investigate?

The reaction of my chakras felt energizing and positive so it seemed like a good experience to have walked up and looked around, but I knew before going up that there wasn’t an intruder in the house. I didn’t think about it any further that day after sharing with my partner that no one was up there, and just focused on the feelings from it all until mundane things distracted my attention and I lost touch with it. I remembered at lunch today and decided to ask.


There are many things that occur that cannot be explained. For example, two days ago with my students, my body reacted to a shape the size of a jaguar, leaping just across the front of me as I was teaching them Dragon’s Tears. They saw my physical reaction and I asked them, did they just see that? They said no.

I have no answer for my experience, nor for yours. It is just something that happens and sometimes there are no answers.

Just accept and move on. Do not get caught in the conundrum of inquiry. This happened to you when you knew nothing was going to be upstairs but you proceeded to carry on until you realized there was no explanation.

As I’ve said many times over and over again, we are at a very strange crossroads, all of us at this point in history.

Love your wife and honor your circumstances with your integrity. Inwardly and outwardly stand resolute and be silent within yourself.

In time all things will be answered. If not, then there is nothing to do but accept our inevitable course that is our destiny to be witnessed as it unfolds.

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