Observing One’s Omnipresence and Being of Service


Dear Lujan,

A question continues arising in my experiences: how to be of service and doing what needs to be done vs. doing what I want. I feel confused by old programmed codependency, which automatically begins to engage in helping others, and my desire to be authentic and provide true service. 

Sometimes I  get stuck in my mind and don’t do anything.  Then the old codependent guilt shows up. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

I feel the root of my ‘seeking, is liberation from this major dilemma that’s been present most of my life.  How to discern others true needs and my true needs.

Thank you.

To be of service never means to fold to a circumstance that diminishes your personal power. If your personal power can be spoken, being of service is to speak the truth of what arises within you as you see it.

Also being of service and being within your power is to observe that which you engage within, separating yourself from the social dogma so as to gently watch what cannot be spoken to.

All is an expression of one’s authentic self. You must let the omnipresence within dictate your actions as you witness yourself becoming engaged with that which you are only attached to via your eyes gently observing what is present within the circumstance that makes itself available to you via the fact that you have enough empty space within to accommodate it. This requires you to be empty of your own social dogma; your own internal dialogue and your need to validate your personal history.

Read Whisperings of the Dragon and look more deeply within from the knowledge obtained from this book.

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  1. Ellie, I’ve found that it is in the dismantling of the social self that ways to be of true service have presented for me.

    It has happened naturally, and at times, quite powerfully for- everyone else is completely unaware of what is awakened through the seeing within my heart. Being of service fills me with joy; a joy that’s completely internal and personal and energy comes from a completely different place. At those times, I feel that there is so much less of me that I could just turn into mist and disappear. I don’t matter at all, and it is only the gesture of service in that moment that is of any relevance. It has been so interesting to observe this, for it was not just me that created the moment, but a convergence of events. The feeling of deep connection to the fabric of time and of people yet complete observational detachment was a most freeing moment.

    There is a very magical cascade that appears as each of us begins to dismantle our social self: the construct itself begins to dissipate or lose cohesion. I have actually experienced this quite clearly.

    One could say that the greatest service we can give to one another and this world is to let go of our social self and return to our true luminosity.

  2. Dear Lujan – I am blessed to be aware of you, to be able to express a question and receive your personal message and ageless wisdom. Thank you for taking time and providing me much peace. The dismantling, the shedding of centuries of imprinting is taking place! I am currently reading Whisperings of the Dragon, again, and with each review, it seems the windows of my seeing are washed again, cleaner-clearer, than before; the lens of my heart opened to a fuller aperture, and I see, I get the message in my experience that very day! I love the synchronicities of learning with you. It truly is stepping into a timeless, boundary-less matrix.

    Luma, Thank YOU for describing your letting go of the social self. Luminosity can’t help but illumine! Your shraring lightens my way.

    My tea bag message today: Live light, travel light, spread light, be the light!

  3. “I don’t matter at all, and it is only the gesture of service in the moment that is of any relevance.”
    “One could say that the greatest service we can give to one another and this world is to let go of our social self and return to our true luminosity.”

    Luma these are gems. May i ask for your approval to write these on paper and put it on my wall in the house? AS this resonates very clearly with my expirences as well. Its so very beautiful and liberating from the self the freedom and joy that enters my body from these observations when realized.

    :) <3 Luma

    • To be an unscripted gem is to allow the essence of your heart to speak the truths that are relevant to the moment that is continually escaping you.

      This is truly the essence of not doing your doings.

  4. Tyson, though I may be able to convey the essence of my experience it will not be captured in it’s entirety for it continues to unfold even as I share them here.

    Experiences are like flowers: we can analyse them and so ‘pick them’ apart and carry them home, yet the essence and true purpose is then changed to suit our social self. Sometimes we do need to surround ourselves with beauty, I know, for this world appears harsh and predatory at times.

    The potential of any experience is in the feeling that arrives within the heart as seeing. So Tyson, what I gift to you when I share the recent bloom of my experience is more than mere words. You can take the words, the essence or flower into your heart as you already have, that feeling or awareness that words evoked for you, and allow it to bloom for you without limiting its potential for you.

    Better than a cut flower is a seed. Happy gardening, dear brother. : )

    “In the Garden of my Heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.”

    Love, Luma

    • yes of course. This is my way of showing my gratitude. Nothing more, nothing less. But i do understand that its the feelings that are realized, that hold the cards. – so to speak, since there are no cards to be held.

      I’ll let all that unfolds sit in the vastness of the space inside me, where it disappears like a shooting star… only to reemerge again like the sun does after an evening rain storm…. That waters me garden. :)

      Yes, thank-you Lujan. And thanks for the clarification luma – 1 Love (or 1 consciousness)
      ps. i like my flowers growing not cut ;P “Dont pick them apart and take them home.. leave them alone and let them grow… Go with the flow and let em glow. To make this there home and rightfully so.”

      I just got your meaning more clearly “better than a cut flower is a seed.” – i agree..
      A flower that is cut lasts as long as it can before one throws it out. A seed on the other hand is a gift of infinite joy as one cant predict what that seed will bring. will it sprout? if it does what may come from it? its an experience that yields to learning, experiencing and feeling with what arrives from that exchange.
      Beautiful analogy Luma.
      or better yet beautiful heart wisdom luma. :)
      “its the journey along the way that matters most not being at the final destination.”

  5. Dear Lujan – I am blessed to be aware of you, to be able to express a question and receive your personal message and ageless wisdom. Thank you for taking time and providing me much peace.

    Ellie – you are so very welcome and I appreciate your loving gesture.

  6. Dear Lujan,

    Sometimes I feel that the graceful movements of Lo Ban Pai echo in other moments of loving beauty such as in this exchange. I shan’t try to explain it. Makes my hands tingle and my heart sing!

    Love, Luma.

  7. A Lo Ban Pai echo of loving gratitude

  8. Thank you guys so much for this thread. It really delivered some magical moments to me. Being of service is such an awesome mystery… and yet it’s the simplest and most natural thing in the world.

    Lots of love.

  9. Thank you Lujan Matus and all others for your gratitude that reflects in words of nothing else than love and wisdom, that enlightens us and make us find peace on our journeys, where the places we visit together and remember, connect us.

    As in heart, so on earth…

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