Cathartic Cleansing Through Spiritual Awareness


After my conversations with Lujan on Skype I began to notice knots in my back and neck, the kind you get from being overly stressed, moving upward each day from the back to the top of the neck. After 2 or 3 days I awoke with a banging headache that lasted almost 2 days and forced me to be still, in thought and motion.

I then spiked a high fever for about 24 hours. I felt like my head was on fire. Almost all of the heat was concentrated in my neck and head. I broke the fever and felt like I’ve just been through a major cleanse.

Is it typical for people to have some sort of energetic and physical cleanse after talking with Lujan?

Other than the headaches I never felt ill throughout the 4 or 5 days this went on. Just very still for 2 days and very hot.

I feel really ‎great now. I have no idea what that was. I haven’t run a fever in a decade or so. Intuitively I feel like approaching his energy had a cleansing effect.

Thank you. My love to you all.


It is more often than not typical for students to have a reaction. In all cases it always ends up good. These catharsis’s are the reason why I am never active socially.

In actuality the inter-dimensionality of our consciousness becomes aligned when truth is revealed, emanating from another person’s body. This causes sometimes heavy catharsis to be experienced. But nevertheless I am very supportive when this occurs. It is very difficult to look down the lens towards one’s personal destiny if this lens is tainted.

The omnipresence within each individual demands, upon its own progression, access to this part of themselves when they realize it is active within a person that they meet, even if they can’t see it. This is why when I am teaching I focus on habitual imprinting, so as to clear up the dilemma that comes about, in terms of disjointed dysfunctional feelings arising.

In your case it happened as a physical response, or a healing crisis that you dealt with appropriately.

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  1. I understand. Thank you Lujan for the gift of your presence.

  2. When I found Lujan’s books, I started getting(and sometimes still have them) symptoms like diarrhea and migraines whenever I would indulge in things like smoking and alcohol consumption. It’s as if my body knows and rejects whatever does it no good. Over the months, I found myself less and less complaining about insomnia and fatigue.

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