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I came upon this post – Scientists Discover Another Reason Not To Eat Meat and Dairy – at a time when I feel I’m going deeper within body-knowledge, which I’m slowly coming to understand cannot be separated from self-knowledge.

I’m in the middle of a 12-week detox program with Mizpah Matus, eating largely raw foods and consuming specific cleansing herbs during the entire process. One of the wonderful advantages of doing a detox with Mizpah is that she is always available through email to answer questions or to just listen.

In thinking about my last few emails to Mizpah, a couple of things surfaced. In the beginning, I mostly discussed how my body was feeling and symptoms I was experiencing, but recently I began noticing a change in my “mental” outlook. I mentioned to Mizpah that I felt differently in some of my interactions with a close family member, a family member whom I’ve struggled with at times. The feelings were subtle but I found myself being more open, lingering in the moment and in kindness instead of anticipating what I wanted to say, becoming more aware of my own role and neither denying nor promoting that role.

So when I read Lujan’s comment that “Kindness and compassion are not obtained through practicing kindness, compassion and understanding,” I was at first taken aback. But when he notes “one cannot change by trying to change…within the same paradigm,” it began to make sense.

How do I connect this to the cleansing program?

The changes taking place with this detox are occurring not on some superficial level but within the various and deep physical systems of my body that naturally work together in an intricate synergistic dance. This physical change, this dance–the body speaking—influences all the “pieces” that make up “me.” This process is then expressed on different levels and finally and simultaneously onto the outer world.

Perhaps, in addition, one needs a sincerity of heart to make this happen. I’m not sure. But for me, the duality of the mind/body has become more and more blurred, and I begin to “see” the oneness, not on an intellectual level but in a place of knowing. My interactions with others begin to arise from a more authentic place, a place I can’t pinpoint, a place that doesn’t exist, and the more I’m aware of this opening, the more I’m aware of its non-existence.

This is a change for me as I’ve never been that self-aware of my body. I’ve always tended to live “in my head.” So this grounding, this growing awareness of the body and how intricately it’s bound within spirit is new for me. It’s very gradual, not so much an “ah-hah” moment as something that has occurred very organically and slowly, the way true knowledge has always unfolded for me.

One other thing I noticed was that in re-reading my own emails to Mizpah, I sometimes had the sense that I was trying to validate my experiences.   There is always the risk that when we share our positive experiences and insights we may come off as sounding self-aggrandizing. Perhaps that’s what I do even here, but as Henk noted in one thread “If we all rationalized the futility of writing there would be no blog.” I can say from my heart that whatever I write here, I do so knowing full well how many doubts and weaknesses I still struggle with.

Phi, Luma, Sugrue, your posts are always a joy to read, and to the many who share on this blog, many thanks for your insights and contributions. And of course, to Lujan and Mizpah, always my deep gratitude.



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  1. Very interesting. I went on a similar juicing cleanse that I have been on for 4 months now. I lost 20 pounds and feel great. My health info from the doctor is like it was 20 years ago (low cholesterol levels, lower resting pulse, less pain, clearer skin). There is definitely something to detoxing the body.

  2. What a beautiful account of the detox process, Elizabeth. I have found that it continues and continues, even into levels I did not know existed. We have been programmed so deeply that simplicity seems to now be the difficult part to accept. I also found that it is a gradual process. Maybe that is part of our programming, too; been waiting for the orchestra in the background to play the aha music.

    Emotions fade away, leaving only feelings. I may be self-validating, too, but I ain’t worried about it anymore: I got a very nice feeling from reading your experience. Thank you.

  3. It is very magical how all the layers of the self begin to dance towards harmony as one gestures, through Lo Ban Pai, through detoxing, through meditation and observation. I always enjoy observing the deeply personal aspects of the experience, and how they are mysteriously interwoven with what another may need to see or feel by communal conductivity as we share them in this very empowered medium. The powerful energetic harmony travels through the timeless energy fibers of the universe.

    Lately, I have begun to see and feel the physical landscape in front of me change. Something will literally ring through my body and all the physicality around me collapses, or time will stand still and I see the fibers ringing behind what my brain normally interprets as visual input. The frequency has increased.

    Padoxically, as Lujan says “one cannot change by trying to change…within the same paradigm,” thus the physical paradigm is adjusted through an energetic physical modality rather than a mindset. Each gesture towards harmony still counts, as much as it always has. This then allows change to be as simple as observing a doing and seeing it for what it is: a resonance of compromise that is no longer valid or needed. Then the real choice opens up: do I continue to compromise myself or do I not?

    Elizabeth, the inward observation is a most beneficial healing. Observing past actions of oneself or another without judgement, finding the wisdom contained within by simply seeing them as an opportunity to gain insight, then letting it all go, is healing.

    Much love, Luma

  4. Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for sharing your detox experience. I am so grateful for the reminder of change. I read from Human Design that food is one of the most powerful forms of conditioning and I realize reading your sharing how I struggle with this and yet still conform, especially in family situations. I feel inspired and more committed to eating in a more pure way, light filled way. I will be more aware about treating food as medicine instead of just filling my belly.
    Love, Georgina

  5. Yes, Luma, “the physical paradigm is constructed through a energetic physical modality rather than a mindset.” Simple and well put. And, Luma, I’m glad you “ain’t worried about it.” Love it! Georgina, I too struggle with the social conditioning of food both on an individual “craving” level and within family situations. I recall a Thanksgiving dinner many years ago when I, a newly and overly proud vegetarian, self-righteously refused to eat most of what was on the table to the consternation of my family and the dismay of my mother who had spent most of the day in the kitchen. Now, I think surely some kind of balance can be met wherein we can act within kindness without compromising ourselves. Those of us on this path all strive for this balance not only with food but with all our actions.
    Love to all!

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