Personal Responsibility And Service To Others


Dear Lujan,

There is a question bubbling up though I find it really hard to ask it as a question, so I will relate the experiences.

This past week I had to work unbelievably long hours and was tasked to organize a large event out of the blue with pretty much 24 hours notice. I had other commitments so I couldn’t just drop everything. The person responsible had a family emergency and I had to step into a task I had never done before. There was no way out of it but to just do it. I barely slept but managed to pull it off.

The curious realization I had afterwards was that this precise event had snowballed since the beginning of the year, and that I had had experiences that were directly preparing me for it without me realizing this. The person responsible turned up during the event, highly emotional, and I was able to reassure her all was under control. This allowed her to let it go and be with her grief.

I felt a type of blissful joy arrive in my heart that I was able to do that, and even though there were hundreds of people there nobody knew this very powerful moment for me. Inevitability winked at me while murmuring “Now you know who you are for today. Today you are here for her and for all these people.” For a time, it was as if this had all been orchestrated simultaneously outside of time, and therein was my gift.

The exact thing repeated twice over the course of the next day. Words that I spoke and things I did had a resonance to past events, some many years past. Each of the events was linked to being of service to another.

It’s like a time tunnel opens up and all these links to events are revealed then they all dissolve again. I even hear my voice change when this happens, and I feel like I am made of ether ready to vanish at any moment. I am left with the feeling that I don’t know who I am until the moment arrives, and so I have no idea of what is possible. I feel quite buoyed by that.

Lots of love,

I am glad that your journey is coming upon you with so much light.

Lots of love, Lujan.

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  1. What a wonderful tale of power Luma.
    Based on my own experience, I cannot think of a more hectic scenario than event management, and at 24 hrs notice!

    I agree it was indeed a gift and perhaps also an affirmation.

    All the best

  2. Thank you for the loving words and beautiful picture.
    There really is no script, only gestures.


  3. 🐉💓

  4. Dear Luma,

    “I am left with the feeling that I don’t know who I am until the moment arrives”.

    Everything you share – just beautiful!!!

    xxx Mary xxx

  5. So wonderful the ability to take on a task/load that you didn’t know yet you had the capacity to complete but was able to. And in doing this, you created the space for the other person to digest what they needed to. What a wonderful story of strength being there for yourself and for the other person at the same time.

    So great, “Now you know who you are for today…”


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