Dzogchen Buddhism center Tenerife, Canary Islands, Dragon’s Tears Workshop


This is the first testimonial I have received for the Tenerife workshop. I taught the Ling Kong Jing version of Dragon’s Tears in the Canary Islands in a Dzogchen Buddhism center.

The group was absolutely beautiful. The waves of realization were profound.


I sit here looking for a suitable expletive that will do justice to convey just how inspiring this encounter was. I will give it a try, and see if the words can translate.

“Holy Sandalwood Batman…did you see that…”? …

“Yes i did, Robin, it came from a heart able to shine its truth. Perhaps, after all, there is hope that I will be able to take off my confounded mask!

I must locate this Lujan, and seek those Dragon`s tears of which you speak. He is faster than a speeding bullet, empty like the void, at one with all sacred, clear as a mountain spring, kind like the kiss of a summer breeze and perceptive as the all seeing eye”.


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  1. Holy Superheroes, Will! You’ve nailed it! : )

  2. Will.May the empty force be with you. Wish I could have been there. Love to do the LKJ version of the tears. Is this the first time you have taught this Lujan? What version did we learn in Istanbul?

  3. Will.May the empty force be with you. Wish I could have been there. Love to do the LKJ version of the tears. Is this the first time you have taught this Lujan? What version did we learn in Istanbul?

    The beginners complex level in Istanbul. And then there is intermediate complex Ling Kong Jing I taught in the Dzogchen Buddhism center..

    And then advanced shen gong coiling not yet taught.

    This is the second time I have taught the Ling Kong Jing version.

    When my students come back and learn a program I usually update the formulas if they are capable of absorbing both series’ simultaneously. It is a matter of the student being able to transform their inner alchemy to the empty force phenomena of receiving a shen gong that then spreads toward the primordial central meridian that surrounds the kidneys as a belt.

    In this course I pushed everybody to their limits so they could obtain this information. It was very intense.

    As a group it is easier for them to handle my magnetism. For the first four days I was sharing my empty force and everyone was blown away with the amount of magnetism and the wave function of the empty force presenting itself to their body. But after that everybody was capable of producing their own magnetism. At this point I found myself independent and we all flowed within a sea of omnipresence. This is very important. In other systems it takes 20 years to get to this point but in Lo Ban Pai it takes four days. In other words everyone established wave function as a gesture.

    As I moved my hands and presented the teachings in terms of opening and unplugging stagnant chi, which is blocked memories from the primordial belt, this group could feel my hands moving within them as I spoke to them simultaneously gesturing while I was speaking.

    When you came and saw me there wasn’t enough empty space for you to receive the rest of this information. You had enough to cope with in terms of the empty force contained in the Golden Lotus. The form you learned has elements of Ling Kong Jing or void power within it – and in some cases this form is stronger than Dragon’s Tears.

    As I say to many of my students, Lo Ban Pai is fractal and the power obtained from each individual via these forms equals their capacity.

    • That really explains a lot. Thanks.
      The Golden Lotus form has deepened my Dragon’s Tears practice. I can feel the difference…..a change in my capacity. The Golden Lotus practice now feels very natural….like this is something I’ve always done. Yet I only learnt it weeks ago. A natural path.
      It is the way home for us seekers. Much gratitude xxxx.

    • It was an intrnse workshop from many points of view.

      I felt Lujan’s strong magnetism and of the group and it was strange to do the movements in his presence without efort.

      All was fluid and without his magnetism it took me many days to do the movements in a fluid form.

      Though, the sensatios are not the same. In time..who knows.

  4. Thanks for that clear and succinct testimonial. Words are not the best way to communicate those kind of experiences.

  5. I’ve added a few things to the above post. Was traveling and in the middle of cities. It is more comprehensive now.

  6. I found that the magnitism and energy shared in a opportunity like that, has created a continual flow of energy that has been very prevalent in my days since i’ve learned Dragon’s tears. The movement are more amusing and enjoyable every time we do it. Something very special and a wonderful gift on Lujan’s part i would say. Thank you for showing us the magnitude of it all and sharing your energy and helping us find the strength within ourselves. I have realized i am stronger than i thought, not only emotionally, but also physically. I am so happy to be able to communicate with people that have an insight to our true potential!

  7. It’s been one week since the course ended and Lujan your voice is still with me when I practice. Despite the fact that my movements are far from being perfect I reckon that there must be loads of latent chi there as electricity sparks inside-out every time I flow with the Dragon. I’m looking forward every day to my “personal affair” with the Dragon Tears and I’m patiently waiting to see where is this going to take me.
    Thank you Lujan for all the sharing, I never met somebody like you – so unashamedly loving and caring while wonderfully powerful.

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