Finding One’s Truth Within The Heart


Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center

Dear Nagual,

I have heard of a Nagual Lujan and his words from a dear friend Janina. Months later some of my friends were talking only about you, your books, your blog… I decided to come to Dragon’s Tears for two reasons, one was meeting you and second was a need to deepen my practice with the subtle body.

Words are too simple to accurately describe what I have received during this workshop with you. There is nothing in me left untouched by the time spent under your presence. The moment you enter that room time and space had a different texture. Those hours were lived and tasted second upon second.

Although my body wasn’t the first that changed I am going to start with it. During the learning process of the movements and my practice I’ve since noticed that my body got leaner and stronger, internal organs (first were digestive and endocrine system) had optimized, are more efficient.

My subtle body, the level of energy is now through the roof. I feel recharged and replenished. I can feel the flow of energy in my being thicker and more fluid than before.

My mind was blown away in the first 5 minutes. I didn’t read the books before the workshop as I wanted to feel you with my heart and then meet your words, so my mind was not ready for you, was not ready to hear out loud the words that cross my mind since forever.

I need to thank you for no longer thinking I am this weird person that needs to tell the truth. My mind is now at peace with who I am and what I choose to say to people, as now I know I’ve accepted the power that lies in heart, as it is my heart that was revealed to me again during this week.

My heart was broken so many times in my life in interactions with people that, at one point, some years ago, I decided to become social and somewhat superfluous. It didn’t work so I spent the last year mainly with myself.

During the Dragon’s Tears workshop all layers of pain and sorrow that were in my heart went out and I found myself naked in front of what I have been doing to myself. I had almost given up on people, on loving them with all my heart.

Thank you, Lujan for allowing me not to be able to hide from my heart anymore. For understanding that there is still hope, that although so much was lost, not all was lost.

I would like to thank the group. Meeting you all was a lesson and a confirmation that people still try and work to better themselves. All subjects brought up touched me and released a layer of my life that was blocked …as bottom line we are one.
Thank you from my heart for all that you gave us.

Sara D

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1 Comment
  1. Hello Sarah
    Thank you for your beautiful and touching words.
    I feel very connected to you and I can see the lightness and love that surrounds your being.
    I wish you and all the people you meet a lot of joy together on this beautiful planet we’re choosen to live on.
    I enjoyed to meet you very nuch.
    With gratitude

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