Sexual Techniques for Transformation


Lujan is very kind, there are not so many teachers like him at present. I have a question for you. Please Lujan answer my question.

In almost every spiritual cultivation system, conserving your sexual energy, your jing, is of utmost importance. But marriage and sex is part of our culture, specially in India here

So how can a man conserve his jing, and still have active sex life ?

It is said in Buddhism and Taoism that if you ejaculate, you loose all the progress you have made. Jing must be conserved, so it can convert into chi and then shen. Even in India here saints stay celibate, it must be true otherwise why every tradition will come to the same conclusion

It is said that if you ejaculate, you loose your jing, you should ejaculate as less as possible

But how can we have sex without ejaculating ?

People like Mantak Chia and others have disclosed ancient Taoist methods like locking method, million dollar point method, squeezing method etc. But these practices have harmed many people, many people have suffered injuries from these practices, they have damaged themselves.

Why ?

Please Lujan can you teach me, how to have sex without ejaculating ?

How to conserve my jing while still actively having sex ?

How to attain the Buddhahood even if you are having sex all the time ???

I know you will give me quite information in reply but I want a technique. Pleaes teach me the technique for this. I am quite sure that you have something for this.

Please I want the technique.

If real techniques won’t be disclosed than people will keep damaging themselves following the wrong way. If you don’t teach me any other way than I will also have to at least try Mantak Chia method, because there is no other source of information. And if we cultivate, and just because of ejaculation, we lose the progress.

Don’t u think it’s unfair ???

These techniques should be taught so that people can maintain the progress while still enjoying the sex. That’s why I am asking you because I have trust in you, I thought before going for any other techniques, I will ask Lujan and use his techniques.

I will probably never meet you in real life. You are in another country and I do not have the resources to come to meet you and learn from you. So this is the only way, I can ask you.

I would be grateful to you if you teach me the technique.

If it’s some secret technique then I promise I won’t tell anyone.


I only teach techniques for sexual cultivation for men and women when my students reach advanced stages of Lo Ban Pai and so far I have only taught two couples. I transmitted to them the Ling Kong Jing version of Dragon’s Tears, which opens and awakens the primal essence.

Yes I will acknowledge that sexual techniques can be very dangerous if you don’t have the correct energy cultivation practice. Lo Ban Pai has very strong forms to open up the eight primordial channels. The techniques for this in Lo Ban Pai especially give men and women enormous amounts of energy and power. There are many benefits to this practice, which I will not discuss unless someone is being directly taught.

The only thing I can do to help you is advise you that you must love and respect all beings. Because there is no possibility that you can come and see me it is best that you obtain kidney and jing herbs to strengthen your primal power. This will help you keep your essence stable.

It is not possible to teach this via email privately or even on this blog and I only teach it when I have personally known the student for many years.

I have only just started to teach jing-compacting techniques that awaken the primordial essence. These are only known to Lo Ban Pai and these are called coiling and popping techniques that awaken the Ling Kong Jing vortexes. Next week I will be in the process of teaching the first person Binding Roots and as this occurs I will open up to everybody about maneuvering the lower dantien to awaken.

The practice of Lo Ban Pai is not about sex at all. Even when one practices these techniques there is absolutely no sexual focus. They are just exercises that strengthen the root chakra, which affects every single meridian in the body, especially the eight I previously mentioned. The byproduct of this is and will be more passion and enthusiasm for life and your partner.

Be humble and kind and don’t focus so much on sex. Focus on being of service and in gratitude for the fact that you have enough energy to ask the questions that you have already mentioned. Appreciate that you are healthy and strong and because of this give love to life in every which way possible.

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  1. I have been taught to press my 2 fingers which are next to my thumb onto the perineum just before I orgasm, this works fine for me, it causes an internal orgasm, I get sperm leakage afterwards but the energy explosion is internal which feels awesome. I have used this technique for a number of years now and feel rejuvenated by the process. However Lujan is the human master and His words indeed carry weight and truth.
    Blessings my Brother

    • Of course you will get sperm leakage with this technique externally, but the primary leakage flows directly into your bladder. This technique doesn’t work.

      One must have so much power in the perineum that they can orgasm without it being released from the epididymis and seminal vesicles. It is more complex than this in terms of understanding one’s physiology in connection to the transportation of chi to this area.

      I don’t understand why it is such a problem for men to have sex without ejaculating. Even without my knowledge I have met some men that practice this. It just takes self-control and practice being passionate instead of lustfully focusing on the end result of your own desires.

      As I said in the post above, if one can’t achieve this then take jing and kidney-strengthening herbs to fortify this area so that ejaculation is kept to a minimum. In the near future we will formulate a list of herbs that will help with this.

      Just remember you can make love to your partner and withhold your semen and when it becomes unbearable let it go outside of your partners body. If this was practiced there would be no need for the contraceptive pill and the significant health dangers this causes for women.

    • so is that technique working for you ????

      i have read about many people who got injured using the pc muscles and this technique

      what are your experiences

      what other techniques do you use ?

  2. @Lujan

    but that two finger technique and using pc mucles is taught in ancient taoist texts

    do you think such techniques are safe

    i have read many techniques where you use the lower lock, mula bandha to stop semen and ascend it towards the head through spine, using breath and intention,what do you think about this upward draw technique ??

    what do you think why people got injured using these techniques

    did the taoist get it wrong or these techniques are not taught correctly ???

    its very strange but according to taoist texts, taoist did use these techniques successfully than why people are getting injured in modern world

    my be these techniques are not taught correctly

    • The drawing up technique you mentioned doesn’t work for the average person because they are imbalanced. This manifests through the reflexology aspect of the perineal in combination with the anal floor, which directs the energy to the internal organs incorrectly. It is meant to go straight up the central channel or flow into the microcosmic orbit.

      A socialized person cannot handle these techniques because the internal lines are bent via their distorted focus.

      The two above practices are only preliminary; not anywhere near the indoor practice and are only given to placate those who wish to master their ability to have sex without climax, which in essence isn’t really the actual goal of this practice.

      There is one crucial point that is missing from every philosophy that teaches this. Once again I cannot mention this, nor would I teach it to the uninitiated. It is a very dangerous technique and the channels must be opened through the forms in Lo Ban Pai so no internal injury occurs in terms of energy flowing in a way that is contraindicated for power and strength, and this may take years to manifest.

      One may think they are doing the right thing and years later the vital channels are burned irreversibly and may take years of acupuncture to retrieve the central essence back to balance.

      The taoists haven’t got it wrong they just didn’t teach everything. This is quite indicative of the Asian culture: Not to give their secrets to the undeserving. This is not cultural prejudice. It happens within their own circles as well.

      So in essence when you look at it from this perspective, it is inappropriate to give partial information because the rest is withheld. And I know this to be a fact because I have all the information that pertains to this subject.

      Those masters who do have this information at their disposal display very obvious by-products. This is only known to the small circle of individuals that are aware of the manifestations of these powers, evident within their capabilities.

  3. I agree 100%. Pressing the ‘Million Dollar Point’ simply dumps your ejaculate into the bladder. You can collect your first urine after ejaculation and this becomes very evident.

    Unfortunately my physical system has been depleted to the point where sex without ejaculation wouldnt be very easily achieved. And i believe it is so with others who are suffering from premature ejaculation. Jing depletion.

  4. I’ve decided to teach this primordial chi gong – which enhances sexual potency – to all my students now as a separate program. It can be undertaken, once the student has attended for at least two introductory programs. This will become standard now in Lo Ban Pai.

  5. I am curious about the book on the hui yin you announced, also.
    Do you still have plans publishing it.

    • This is an indoor practice that won’t be made available to the general public. It will only be taught to the students that practice Lo Ban Pai. It is extremely complex subject that will be adapted to each individual or couples.

  6. Lujan taught me the primordial practice for men last week. I will do a testimonial after I’m back home near month end and can type on a normal keyboard. So far, in combination with the Ling Kong Jing ‘deepenings’ or ‘adjustments’ to Awakening the Energy Body series I can attest to some palpable energetic changes accompanying these Jing and dantien cultivation practices.

    • As you will see from Henk’s soon to come testimonial of his experience it is impossible to teach this practice unless you learn the Ling Kong Jing aspect of Lo Ban Pai. It is too dangerous otherwise. We spent almost a whole week teaching and discussing the implications of the techniques, and then there are numerous practices beyond that.

      Primordial Shen Gong

  7. “In the near future we will formulate a list of herbs that will help with this.”

    Is this list now available?

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