The Butterfly Calligraphy of Dragon’s Tears


Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center

Meeting Lujan was like encountering an old friend. Immediate empathy and love.
Memories, joy and a flood of feelings. Packets of information. Taking a while to settle, decode and integrate.

The Dragon’s Tears experience is/was an inconceivable flow of gestures, elegant multidimensional designs of potentiality, awakened timeless memories, mud turtle, black dragon ascending, golden turtle, butterfly calligraphy, parting waters and reflective mirrors. Sustained by the silent thunder of a beating heart in unison with magnetic integrity.

Nothing like direct experience! In and out of existence….

No words can express the gratitude I feel to have met Lujan and Mizpah. Your kindness, directness, vulnerability and strength have taught me so much about human potential and how we can truly be in our hearts and express our truth.

There is so much more to say and nothing to be spoken. Deeper realizations have been Lujan’s gift and me everyone present at the workshop. Those realizations remain a Mystery to this perceiver.

I would like to thank everyone who felt the calling to come to Tenerife. That this specific configurations of people came together to learn the Dragon’s Tears. Thank you for your love, your trust and commitment.

You dance in my heart!

Jana Loughran

Tenerife, Canary Islands

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  1. Thank you Jana for helping to organize this course. Really appreciate your love and attention.

  2. Jana, thank you for your kind and loving words. The sensations during and since the course are not relly fitting in spoken language and yet I feel somehow I know what you mean.
    I`m also flooded with many different sensations, realisations, and different way being in the body. At times there`s the sensation of the world moving through me rather than me moving through the world. I`m watching patiently – in a way more detached and at the same time more present. Fewer answers and more curiosity, coming closer to the original way of being each day.
    I`m full of gratitude, love and relief of having met you dear old relations. The growing field of our unified hearts gives me tremendous hope and joy. Looking forward to meeting again to continue the journey.
    Thank you Jana for dancing this dream awake in Teneriffe!

  3. Hello Jana
    I just want to thank you sooooooo much for your welcoming in Teneriffe and making all the expieriences for everyboda possible. It was really a gift to meet you there. I feel very connected to this place (Teneriffe)that is so different to my homelandscape, another part of the world is a home for me now.
    I definitely feel the calling to come to Teneriffe again(or still?), to meet you at probably another workshop with Lujan again. You did a great job my dear ;).
    Your whole being touched me, and still does, deep in my heart.
    With blooming love from

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