The Books of Lujan Matus


How should one proceed with the books of Lujan Matus?

Should we first master Whisperings of the Dragon book’s techniques and then the Awakening The Third Eye book?

Can we simultaneously practice the techniques in both of these books?


The way that you can proceed is to read every book in sequence repetitively until you begin to understand the inter-connectivity of all of them together. When you begin to see that you realize one thing in one book and remember it from another, even though it is described differently and is related to another subject entirely, that’s when your consciousness is beginning to lateralize.

You can practice all the techniques in every book simultaneously. There is no restriction on how to proceed.

By the end of next week the new Art of Stalking Parallel Perception should be available in eBook. This book has been revised to such a degree that it completely fulfills its original purpose now that we have had time to edit it more extensively. There are more chapters to give credence to the art of Lo Ban Pai as the purest form of shamanism that is available.

Whisperings of the Dragon is now the companion book of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception via the editing process integrating them as one unit of information.

I know that you are incapable of buying my books in India so when the new eBook of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception comes out write me an email and I will send it to you.

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  1. Hello all, just wondering if the updated version of “Stalking The Art Of Parallel Perception” will be re-released in paperback down the line? There’s nothing like a lovely, old- school book!
    Thanks so much,

  2. Dang it… this is exciting!!!

  3. really excited to read the revised TAOSPP. lots of love.

  4. Wow, Im so excited too! I can hardly wait.

    “””Revised 10th Anniversary Edition Coming in Early September in eBook and in paperback in October 2016.”””

    Just to clarify, the paperback version is coming out in October next year? Or is it actually 2015?

  5. :)

  6. “When you begin to see that you realize one thing in one book and remember it from another, even though it is described differently and is related to another subject entirely, that’s when your consciousness is beginning to lateralize.” -Lujan Matus

    Thank you, Lujan, for explaining how the books begin to expand one’s awareness. This has been occurring for me. It’s almost as if I am becoming the observer of my own awareness. I can see aspects of the teachings in almost every interaction I have and/or hear others recounting their own experiences. I seem to be getting further and further ahead of it, too. Situations have certain feelings, and my body either relaxes or tenses in preparation.

    Just recently, I had a client with whom I was spending a bit extra time, maybe stepping outside the professional relationship for a few moments. He began to talk for a little too long. I heard a strange mumbling sound coming from my left side. I couldn’t discern what was being said, but it sounded like someone thinking.

    Then I heard your advice to be of service except for that which compromises you. I quickly interrupted and excused myself to leave. The very second I got to my car, I saved myself from getting a parking ticket! The enforcement officer’s finger was in midair, about to enter my car’s license number into his machine.

    It is from hearing your voice, hearing your words from your books, putting into practice all that you teach that is making this swift change in my awareness and perception. I can’t thank you enough. Much love.

  7. Much love.2 u 2

  8. Thank you

  9. The book links are very potent, just allowing them to surface after noticing is really rekindling a fire. The relationship between parental roles and validation when observed is very altering and seeing myself in others when witnessing this is very powerful. What I feel becomes spoken and shared and it is very jolting to me and beautiful despite the discomfort resulting from the pressure which eases if I remember to just relax and breath. My eyes feel softer and the eyes of others are very soothing now. When I began recapping suddenly my breath felt like an unseen sustaining force carrying my awareness and then I felt like my experiences were sustaining what is beyond and within breathing thru life.

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