Energetic Spirals From The Movements of Lo Ban Pai


Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center

Dear Lujan,

To be able to send you feedback, I had to take a step back, to rediscover myself, or better said, to have a closer look at myself.

After the training, I felt a column of energy growing inside of me and turning into a lotus flower that smiles spreading love and feeling with love. The light column is formed by two braided spiral veins, surrounded by softly colored rays of light, just like a rainbow. There are also four light balls around me -which are shining and spinning.

This new inner structure received enables me to feel relaxed, to have a clear mind, to be loving and empathetic.

I have been and probably still am restless, an action oriented person: I am a MD, I do surgeries, I literally cut and pull out…

I still do it but seconded now by an inner music that brings me energy and love. This is a fantastically beautiful state that I would love to be able to keep it as much as possible.

With love,


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1 Comment
  1. Fantastic! Glad you are progressing well.

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