Impressions of Architectural Orbs and The Parables of the Dog and the Deer



“Architectural Orbs” in The 10th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception brings me closer to understanding the completion hieroglyph, although any moment of concrete comprehension is continually just escaping me.

The story of the flown sparrow is worth a thousand metaphysical words. Just what I absorb consciously from two readings is profound, and it is a unique real-life example.

The parables are as impactful as you portend. They have wrought changes, yes, but I can’t tell you what. After reading, I experienced a multi-minute gap in thinking (not the first your work has catalyzed.)

The gift your benefactors cultivated in you to embed, via words, time-release packets of wisdom awes. And how the heck can a being’s integrity be of such magnitude that trust is a foregone conclusion and my heart is eagerly bared?


For those of you who have read the new version I would love to hear what you feel; the impressions that these two chapters leave upon your inner silence.

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1 Comment
  1. It is so rewarding to observe how the transmission through words unfolds, Lujan.

    The orbs have made me so aware of how my projections in daily life affect others, how careful and gentle I need to travel upon this world and how essential it is to stay within one’s silence.

    The parables of the dog and the deer have offered me observational perspectives to situations where I can observe myself being the deer, the hunter, the dog, the brujo, and even the impartial observer. It has opened me to fully understand that the position I choose in relation to the moment as it arrives dictates the narrative of my life.

    The clarity that this has offered is an orb in itself that I can use to travel on.

    So grateful. Thank you.


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