Consciousness and Modern Shamanism: Interview With Lujan Matus

In this interview Lujan Matus talks about our multi-dimensional nature and how it links to our humanity as a whole. He gives answers to questions that have never really been asked before.

Topics explored include:
    • Dreaming as a way of alternatively bringing this consciousness into our waking world as a true reality of heart-connectivity; first individually and then collectively.
    • Compassion and how to apply this very delicate factor as a most profound communion given to our circumstances as gestures.
    • How to achieve internal quietude admidst the chaos we are confronted with as a world community.
    • Communication with all beings on this planet and beyond and how to receive the messages given from nature through our heart resonance as one’s true voice.

Visual of the video begins at 13 seconds and the audio commences at 1 minute, 19 seconds.

10th Anniversary of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception available now in eBook.

Be aware that when the arrow leaves the bow it’s already struck your own heart before it brings the deer down.

Lujan Matus

I would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. I would love to hear your feedback.

  2. Thank you Lujan and Bridgette for sharing your time and hearts. I really enjoyed listening, feeling and journeying to this interview. In the 2 hrs of listening I amazingly only got interrupted once which was by my 4 yr old daughter walking in listening to Lujan’s voice she turned to me and said ‘Mummy, this is very important’ :) and to me this came in the most perfect of timing.
    Thanks so much for sharing from the depths of your hearts and re awakening the magic within.
    Lujan, thank you for your deep devotion in doing your work to keep the remembering alive and sharing the magic with us. I have such a deep love and respect for you. When I first heard your voice in this interview I had tears of happiness. The sound and frequency of your voice spoke straight to my heart, like it always has. Feeling a deep resonance with you and feeling your vibration. Feels so good to see you :)
    Bridgette your a great interviewer. Love your work and your sharing.
    Sending lots of love xx Nat

  3. The delighted at listening to Bridgette’s initial veneration for you made me smile. I agree with her thoroughly in the acknowledgement that you are a living avatar.

    Thank you so much for taking the time with this nagual. It will be a treasure to return to continually, to ground out and stabilize under the aegis of your sonic melody.

    Lujan’s voice has an ability to attenuate very subtle belief fragments. I intended to elucidate a specific example but I forgot the content as I sat down. Needless to say it is always a pleasure to see these constructs that maintain our illusion portfolio disappear.

    Thank you Bridgette for your beautiful and engaging spirit.

    Just perfect you guys.

  4. Beyond beautiful, thank you both so much.

    I was instantly transported into a magical state of silent heart centeredness. Since my time in Bali with Lujan about five years ago, this center has gradually been becoming the foundation of my life. This was a powerful clarification that set me squarely centered on track.

  5. hi Lujan and Bridgette, thankyou for sharing this delightful conversation. It’s so good to hear your voice again Lujan, and that laugh. Your voice opens and my body giggles and my heart feels empowered. You’ve discussed so many topics with powerful words of clarity and sincerity that i am so happy to know many people will hear this interview. As i observed feeling stronger and softer as the interview went along, i observed time space also become more fluidly connective and witnessed the same occur for you Bridgette, as the interview unfurled our unfurling. I realised that i’m experiencing everyone’s unfurling while they listen in their own time space and what a lovely meeting point you have arranged for us. How beautiful you are when you came into yourself more comfortably with the patience of a true listener and the clarity of a lightning speed recognition. All of we. I look forward to the times when we are all participating in speaking the direct truth and being heard directly in the heart. aaah.
    lots of love and gratitude for the reminders, connection and giggles, it’s very supportive to the heart,

    love Phi

  6. Beautiful Love

    “… be aware that when the arrow leaves the bow it’s already struck your own heart before it brings the deer down”. Communion with consciousness

  7. ha, i was about to quote that here too & as i was writing it on a piece of paper & stuck it up on my wall it appeared already. i love that about connectivity, you never know who is doing the doing, but you meet there, in the impersonal flow.

  8. This conversation made my day. My heart blasted open and I just know your words and your way to be true inside me Lujan. Your sweetness and caring for the heart is so strong and beautiful.
    Thank you for being invited to participate in this Magic raum. I felt the both of you very strongly.
    Thanks again for reminding me to be ahead of “time” with tyrants and give them what they need.
    I will now listen more closely to the plants in my garden. Such Beauty in this Life.
    I bow

  9. It was really great! I enjoyed the warm conversations you two had.
    I noticed as the conversations rode on how Bridgette relaxed and talked with more abandon and child-like joy in her voice.
    The conversation about how one should enter another’s heart space with respect and if that respect isn’t met, discord will most likely follow, reminded me of ip man 2 with the western boxer. And Ip mans ending speech, on respecting each other and that ones integrity is not worth more than another.
    The topic of aggression was helpful too. Stay 1 step ahead of them.-
    I had this particular insight before but I suppose I took the aggressors input to personally, And never listened to my hearts self-less solution.
    The way you conducted yourself with patience,love,joy and understanding were all in your voice, it was calming yet energizing at the same time and made my heart beat more noticeably(like when you kiss a girl for the first time ;) The beats seem to ring in your ears!). “Your voice and words Ring the gong of eternal meditation.”
    I am grateful and would love to see you do more interviews!
    With love and light. Thank-you, 2u both! <3

  10. Bridgette, you are so, so beautiful! Your loving and genuine heart shines through and I am so touched by it. Sunshine of the Heart. Thank you.

    Lujan, it is so magical to see the possibility that our hearts can be free, and can speak with genuine care and love for each other, become reality here and now. Thank you, for each day you make that a living truth and this inspires me to remove the layers and live in that truth as well.

    You both embody who we are: truthful, gentle, strong, loving, sovereign and full of potential. My heart bursts open with tears of joy. Thank you both for embodying our truth and so reminding us who we are.

    Oh, the orbs of love are raining down on this world right now : )). Magic!

    With so much love and gratitude,


  11. I loved it Lujan. Your laughter is infectious as always. The truths spoken resonate deeply. Something is obviously more important here; caring, compassion, silence, and the heart of the matter-the health of this amazing blue planet. I am focused on these things as well and hearing your voice brings them onto a higher frequency of joy, the joy of personal responsibility and the possibility of collective heart coherence. With no reward to focus on other than the joy of doing the work, I am moved to keep moving on and keep doing what needs to be done with a gentle touch and a kind heart. I thank you and Bridgette for this offering.

    Much love,

  12. HI, Lujan.

    Every time I come here I gain a bit more alignment with my own heart and the world. Today was special. Outright jewels included the notion that you can be writer who doesn’t read. I got that instantly yet had never imagined the weight of such a notion. Or that separation from a benefactor is an inevitable point of growth. I miss you already, before you’re even gone; but not in a crippling way. Then there’s Nature watching like Mercy listens. And laughter expressing the comical depth of profundity and the dance to grasp its secrets. I do read, and I’ve read about your humor. Now I get it.

    Bridgette, your humble and winsome persistence is a gift to all of us. Well done.

    Thank you both. Jerry

  13. Wow, that was so inspiring and uplifting. I felt the opening and melting away like when I have spoken to you in person, yet it ignited even more purpose in being so impersonally personal. I feel a calm joy, appreciation and responsibility and I realize how strengthening the years of training have been just to really maintain and release and follow my heart truth. The arrow really delivered powerfully like kissing a girl for the first time and feeling feelings miles away, spot on psychedelic communication ;) thank you guys, it was so beautifullovelygorgeous

  14. The picture ive been using here has an arrow empty firing both directions simultaneously I got tattooed on wrist, how synchronous, amazing :)

  15. I had one of the best laughs of my life. You know why!

  16. Dear Bridgette & Lujan, Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the center of my heart/soul, and every heart this interview will touch. I was gradually, one step at a time, one word at a time, taken back to the Dragons Tears workshop in Tenerife, where I was blessed to receive the gift of Lujan’s wisdom and joy and love face-to-face, heart-to-heart. I first heard the truth Lujan shares, in The Cosmic Giggle video, and the truth within me immediately recognized it. I felt like a hungry child whose appetite had been wetted with drops of sweet nourishment.

    WoW! Now, much of the world (via the world wide web/matrix), who is starving for true sustenance, has the opportunity to be fed, and touched and opened to the truth of who they are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  17. Thank you

  18. Dear Lujan,
    Really wonderful interview. I have just started to see Phi who has recently moved to practice in Melbourne. Lucky me. Right in the middle of the listening to your interview I got a mail message…..guess who from… yep the beautiful Phi….talking about healing. Next thing, in the interview, you started talking about the cut finger and the bad vibes with the doctor! Wow …talk about the universe sending messages when you need it. As you know I am still a trifle slow here so the spirit is still kind enough to send me stuff up front and ring a bell as well to let me know. Ha!
    Your message is so moving because it directly empowers individuals…..and the key point is the only thing that really matters is that communion… it’s truth on the individual and collective level.
    All love to you and Mizpah,

  19. Hello Lujan. Thank you to both you and Bridgette for sharing publicly your very generous and open exchange. It was a pleasure to watch your conversation and interaction unfold. It actually took me over a week to get through the watching of the video: I watched the intro last week, then was able to watch the first 20 minutes of the interview from my phone, however it would cut out every couple of minutes right as you finished speaking – the buffering of the video on my phone was pausing for enhanced effect. Eventually it was all too much for my phone to handle and it refused to play the video anymore. It was a nice emphasis of the synchronicity and importance of me listening and paying proper attention.

    Your laugh reminds me of a friend of mine, who laughs in a similar way. As I write this, I am smiling. I found it a real joy to listen to. Listening to the interview today I was initially drawn to the clarity of your voice. I have not met you in person, and so it was nice to “meet” your voice :) Reflecting on it, I could feel the truth and acceptance resonating from your voice, and during the 2 hours of listening I had some powerful shifts happen for me. I have been trying to find a way through two problems in particular in which I now have clarity around how I need to proceed. I received a few inspirations which seem less significant but will actually be really healing and important for me. I am about to move house – from an apartment in the sky to a house on the ground – and your brief comment about living in connection with the earth is very relevant to me. My plans for my vegetable patch and herb garden were also inspired and reinforced by listening. And your discussion on communion with plants as medicine was a nice link with my own experience and understanding of this idea.

    Many thanks for sharing this.

  20. You’re welcome.

  21. Dear Lujan, it was pleasure to hear your voice and words again, and meet you again so gentle and supportive and reflecting back to us who we truly are. I found myself in all the topics you have mentioned, to realize this again helps me be more stubborn in my practice. Thank you and Bridgette for this interview.

  22. From the moment Lujan begins to speak, I feel like Bridget—knocked into a dream, one I’ve dreamt before, and I will always be returning to. There is much transmitted from the resonance and timber of his voice. The words are important, yes, but the voice reminds you that there is much which can’t be spoken. It’s just as Lujan reminds us: Listen to that which you can’t hear; look at what can’t be seen; touch that which cannot be felt. Lujan’s voice speaks of emptiness, the emptiness of dreams, the emptiness of self, the emptiness of this life that is precious beyond belief. As usual, the Nagual points the way.

  23. That part where you talk about communication reminds me of the story of the Towel of Babel, when we had a common language. Who knows, maybe it was a “heart” language.

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