Anti-gravity and Conscious Awareness


I’ve seen in my lifetime very few people who resonate with everything I have ever hoped for as a human being. Freedoms of expression that go beyond the imprisonment that we call our third dimension. And I don’t mean this in a negative way.

We are enslaved to ideas instead of following our multidimensional nature, which intuitively yields how and where we are meant to be at every single moment that is escaping us.

I have been writing about this subject and have produced four books that echo what these wonderful people are communicating. I have experienced myself five hundred years in the future coming back to influence the matrices that are held in stasis. I have intimated very clearly that four previous lifetimes of my past, in terms of the multifaceted effect, gave me the ability to be here, conscious of what needed to be done. And I say somehow in terms of me living absolutely from an intuitive perspective that guides me to this very point to see those people that are fighting the same battle that I am but just in a different way that aligns with the sameness of what purpose provides.

As far as our multidimensional capacities are concerned we are not linearly affixed; we are multi-dimensionally dispersed as fragments of many timelines that eventually come upon a convergence, which is the now that is obviously so fluid that it is escaping us simultaneously via the fact that we are here to experience our lives, yet influenced by multiple timelines and unfortunately our eyes are not open to this inclusive factor yet.

To reiterate, mind covets and controls its creations, where intuition discovers the best way to proceed via the natural frequencies that concur with that journey through that convergence. If we are convinced that we cannot be free and totally self-empowered then we are definitely collared to that chain and that post that only allows us to spin in an endless circle of repetition that looks reasonable because we have been trained to think it is okay within the parameters of that program. There is our trap.

The only viable way to release ourselves from this is to be subject to technologies that open our horizons towards the unthinkable. Thus stepping into the unknowable factor that is a consequence of us following our intuitive self; our higher beingness.

That is why I am teaching Lo Ban Pai, so as a collective we can change the accumulative effect into positive resonance, through accessing frequencies and through this impact call forth those vibrations so as to bring about enlightened states of consciousness. This is just merely recognizing who we are and not being convinced at any stage in our evolution that we are something other than that.

By watching this video you will realize both of these conditions are happening simultaneously and here you have only one option left; true choice.

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  1. Thanks for this clip!
    So much to learn from it. What jumped out right in the beginning:

    “You operate the craft like it is a friend. That’s the only way it would work”.

    This indicates a level of ‘respect’ not part of our limited linear mind-space. Not respect just for a ‘ship’, but ourselves!

  2. I’m more than a bit torn in writing this because as you know Lujan I do think YOUR conscious awareness is special. But the video you link to – has many many many many valid (IMO) comments, in the comment section, about why one should consider the words of THESE two folks to be little more than – charlatans. Fake shaman if you will.

    The `alternative left’ (such as what these two folks represent) has glooped onto much that has some value – and then take it to fantasy. Like what they’d do with your material if they wanted to. They are not your ally (IMO). They (these two) were a part of the `2012′ crowd that was embarrassed and eventually stopped (note their posts stop in 2013) shortly after when their miracle didn’t happen….. yes the powers that be want to control ENERGY… I get that and so does everyone else without invoking their mysticism. (And don’t get me started on the UFO stuff.)

    These folks were a cottage industry in and with the `2012 ascension crowd’ of believers – they are not credible in any manner. IMO. Do you have some reason to believe them?

    As you know via our exchanges via e-mail… the power of your words seems evident to me – to the point of causing local `weirdness’ after uploading `our interview book’ about Orbs and UFOs …. regardless IMHO if Don Juan was a real person in the flesh or only a construct of Carlos Castaneda’s structural analysis of reality…. as I wrote in the Amazon introduction to `our interview book’

    “Indeed, after the passing of Don Juan from the books – the mantle of Guru fell upon Carlos Castaneda – who promptly created an on-going legacy of mysteriousness. Seemingly following closely some of his own advice – I mean – Don Juan’s advice, – such as erasing personal history and leaving a small footprint. Indeed, after Castaneda’s death and the end of his books, fans desperately wanted to have more of that unique knowledge seemingly contained within those books.

    Perhaps wanting the knowledge so much so as to trigger connections to Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, that to most of the population would certainly appear to be `near ridiculous’. One man wrote a book claiming to have BEEN Carlos Castaneda (getting his thoughts in his mind and writing them down into book form) – and, another man, well, a Shaman by the current name of Lujan Matus – who has written several books based on the knowledge he personally receives from Don Juan within his own dreams.

    What’s most surprising is that in the case of Lujan Matus – he is seemingly writing with clarity about non-ordinary realities in only the manner that Don Juan seemed to previously describe them. Specifically, with his focus on building a parallel perception from gathering power via certain methods of behavior in the body, the mind and the spirit.
    Does the knowledge of Don Juan exist in a reality state in which he can still actively dispense his forms of thought? Could such a `state’ exist, – a `state’ of space with knowledge, that has been attributed to this `character called Don Juan’, – that it indeed is actually `active’? Is it really impossible? Might it depend on the character of who is seeking such information? Someone such as a Shaman perhaps?”

    Finally as I think you are aware – my tendency is to think that Phenomenology and `thought works’ such as Edmund Husserl’s – are the key to figuring out the reality structure that your consciousness Lujan so easy explores. To me… the area of space, the area of reality, that you explore and describe with great detail is called the `able to not be’ — an area of specialized consensus – with the Shaman consensus a valid part of that area/existence… IMO.

    I’ve taken the floor long enough with my opinions of the video and the contents.. thanks for hearing this in your mind.


  3. Rick there seems to be something more wrong with you than the opinion you are giving. The experiences that he outlined absolutely concur with my own personal experience with UFO’s. There must be a symbiotic relationship with the craft. You can’t fly it just by grabbing a wheel.

    I felt them as they were speaking, as I feel you now in your post. Half of what you say is about the video and half is about don Juan so it makes it a little bit messy for people to really understand where you are coming from.

    I don’t really want to get stuck in a dialogue about assumptions. He will soon be doing another interview with Bridgette and then you will see what manifests from there. What ifs and maybes and opinions won’t really assist you in coming to any real conclusions about our existence other than we are heading down a self-destructive path.

    When we did the interview in your book I didn’t talk to your assumptions. I spoke about my true reality as a human being. As for your experiences with UFO’s if you had no close encounter then you will have difficulty understanding how the craft functions, otherwise it is a subjective perspective that is opinion revolving around assumption only. And as you remember what I stated in The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception the feeling that came from the crafts were ecstatic and exquisite and my timelines were disrupted exactly the same way their timelines had been disrupted when they made their experiments. Memory was lost and then regained years later.

    That’s all I’ve really got to say. Keep an open mind and an open heart. There will be another interview with him later this week with Bridgette, the same interviewer that did the Consciousness of Economics interview with me.

    I can tell you irrefutably Rick when I explain my experiences people have enormous disruptions within their consciousness trying to assimilate what can be known instead of thought about. So in the same breath I don’t understand why you are putting part of your introduction from the book where you interviewed me as a comment towards this subject matter. Once again I will ask you what is going on with you emotionally? It seems to be a little bit redundant to do this unless you’ve got an ulterior motive for doing it because here you are trying to sell it on a negative and from the perspective of phenomenology this is only an assumption as well. No ill will intended from me toward you.

    If they end up being who they are I will be happy. If they don’t I won’t change my opinion because my life is filled with these mysteries that they are actually talking about.

    Lots of love

  4. Henk, what you have written about respect to self is so pertinent. True sovereignty is self-respect. This humble yet intensely powerful gesture communicates to all the subatomic particles around us that same vibrationary field: I respect myself thus I am respectful of you- and through this mutual enhancement we are one: friend.

    The perception of physicality we are surrounded by is governed by the oppositional polarity of electrons and their interdimmensional communication that prevents them from occupying the same space in a point in time (though this we know can be shifted), or what we perceive as touch- which is in fact our interpretation of that event. The electrons on our bodies ‘hover’ over the electrons on a chair and so the idea of form is born within our perception.

    I have enjoyed listening to the disarming of the thought construct in terms of what can be experienced as physical reality.

    There are many who are in communication with those who can travel interdimmensionally upon the shifting sands of time and space through pure intention, including our brothers who have come from the future.

    I find this never ending ‘proof’ argument an emotional loop. I don’t need proof for anything save my own experience of that moment.

    Rick, the old ‘truth burger’ format is very obvious: positive burger buns top and bottom and what you really wanted to say in the middle.

    • I’ll be super happy if what they say comes to be, too! I’ve always wanted to travel in my home. Bumble Bee Winnebagos : )) .

  5. i have had experiences with crafts that fly in a state of telepathic symbiosis with me, knowing it was from other continuums of me, without any pre-loaded ideas, all i know is that i know this.

    I am also having more experiences with my many continuums and it’s a beautiful truth paradox that i hope everyone experiences. You only know it when you know it. It has brought me true love, which was transmitted to us here, from us there, and ricocheted into many other continuums. It is like the arrow wisdom lujan spoke in the audio interview – when the arrow leaves the bow is has already struck your own heart. In all our continuums our actions are striking us and building into paradox moments where we meet ourselves in that exquisite communion too. i am another you and i am another me too hahahahahaaa. communion is very thorough.

  6. My thanks for your interests all. Likewise I cannot begin to relate my research over the last 8 years and 1,280 posts into the UFO phenomena… but those with even a tiny bit of knowledge about where I stand on the issue would KNOW that I coincide with the view that the UFO phenomena is consciousness related. And yes, I did have my own `UFO’ experience and have written about that… beyond that I’ve had many esoteric and anomalous experiences in the last 63 years. None of which I need to go into and about my consciousnesses connection to.

    Lujan I made the post in the space of honesty about the charlatans in UFOlogy and beyond. The fact that some mix of physics and consciousness talk makes sense is not a reason to believe in THESE two folks. Stay true indeed to the human that you are IMO – btw… Lujan.. did you look at the nightvision Orb/UFO phenomena video shot in July in Las Vegas that I directed you to yesterday? Just asking. Just like I was wondering why it was difficult to get to the original YouTube video from your embedded video? Was it to mask the legitimate questions within the comments?

    Finally I have NO DOUBT that folks in your presence experience things beyond their understanding and perceptions and that at least they can fall back on your explanations for it. All super cool and I doubt not what you express as being part of your exceptional beingness. Well able to influence what I call the `not able to not be’.

    Best to you of course.


  7. To answer your question Rick, I don’t redirect to Youtube because I want the conversations to stay here instead of somewhere else. No other reason.

    Youtube comments are well-known for breeding negativity just because the people can and once again these are assumptions. Instead of defaming other people try to find the legitimacy of their experiences within yours.

    I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise and I can never subject another person to that second-hand information unless I am right there experiencing it. And if I was to see something untoward it would say more about me if I don’t talk and leave them to their destiny.

    I would love to hear about your experiences. Please don’t make an external link to something you’ve already written. Write it from your heart as a clear expression of your beingness right now in terms of this timeline that you’ve drawn the gravity of other people’s eyes toward.

    • My words were only a warning.. as always it is up to the individual to determine what is the truth to them.Recently I listed via another website like mine dedicated to outing the BS – about 50 DISinformation sites about the UFO and alien phenomena… folks can keep eyes closed or see why I and others are outing them.

      Linking to the video would have exposed viewers to the public dialog … something I felt would be very useful to critical thinking about these people and their goals.

      Concerning my anomalous experiences… they hardly are part of this conversation… but let it be said that I’ve had the missing time experience phenomena with more than one person as one example.

      best as always

  8. The beauty of my encounters with star brothers cannot be shaken nor dissected nor needs explanation. Many of us have had experiences like these.

    I am glad they are being spoken about here because there is an incessant position within the human entrapment that needs to validate experience from a external visual perspective: proof. This intense reliance on the immediate visual cortex and mental interpretation of an event bypasses the ability to perceive resonance that can be gained through the skin and absorbed in toroidal field of the heart.

    I have a group that always come to me during intense health crisis, such as surgery. They become available to my perception then within real time. They are somewhat different to the ones that Lujan and Phi have mentioned. I’ve only recovered memories of that group because they travel outside linear time, and boy, they also try to bypass our visual cortex enthrallment when communicating which is no mean feat.

    Experiencing these encounters is only meaningful because they have touched my awareness and awakened within me understanding that was needed at that time on a deeply personal level. Some of this understanding continues to unfold in time capsules. That is the gift.

    Rick, I hope you find the understanding from what Lujan has said so as to enable you to fully grasp what is presenting here for you. Just so you read it slowly (you read so fast!): what-is-presenting-here-for-you. : ))) . I’m laughing because I feel the heat this brings- it is very healing! You have called our attention to you by posting in the hope to find a resolution for an emotional loop which is evident by the passive aggression embedded in your words. The layers of factual information you have piled on top are completely useless to anyone here.

    Lots of love to everyone, here, there and everywhere.


  9. Dear Lujan,

    I am in the middle of watching this video and had to interrupt to say THANK YOU to you for posting this
    I feel these lovely people and so far what has been shared has explained not only an experience I had over 30 years ago with something I saw in the night sky which had a profound effect on my consciousness but also I know this to be truth in my heart. Everything is truly alive and conscious, even the cars we are driving in ;)
    So far watching this has brought me close to tears of joy and also relief, because I have doubted my own true experiences over the years of feeling shunned at times for what I know and have experienced, including the fluidity of time. This video and subsequent exchange here is deeply moving my heart. It comes at a time when I felt a little out of touch with you and this has brought me right back to the connection and the love and gratitude I have felt before.
    Apologies if this outburst feels childish but I feel so happy that you exist!

    I hope you and Mizpah are doing well

  10. Hi all. I had an interesting experience today while watching a part of the video.

    At one point, while Ralph spoke about falling over a cliff edge, I had a momentary vertigo-type displacement -which I rationalized as just recalling or identifying with a past experience.

    Then a few minutes later, while Ralph spoke, he interrupted himself and stated: “I’m going to skip forward in time now to make up time”, or something similar – I experienced another ‘displacement’. The world around me tilted -or that’s what it felt like, causing me to brace myself.
    I was not sitting, or in a quiet place. I was outside on lunch-break at work in noisy down-town.

    Such displacement first started randomly occurring after starting Ling Kong Jing practice a few weeks ago. But this was the first time I intuited a connection between what I was engaged with at the time and a displacement occurring.

    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a connection with ‘space brothers’, but I felt a connection with an ‘Earth-brother’ -which is just fine by me! (lol).
    So, Yes Luma, I agree with: “Experiencing (these encounters) is only meaningful because they have touched my awareness and awakened within me understanding that was needed at that time on a deeply personal level.” All these gifts!

    Thanks for posting the clip Lujan!

  11. I have now watched the whole video. These two people speak the truth and I love their humanity. When I had the encounter with time (which is a construct) which was perhaps less than a second measured in our time my whole life changed instantly. For about a year after my body or rather my energy created extraordinary effects, including melting metals (a key in the door) bending spoons (this still happens from time to time) disrupting electric or electromagnetic appliances and other phenomena. I am sharing this here because it feels good to and also because there was a direct relationship between my consciousness being changed dramatically from one moment to the next and my energy including my physical body changing. I couldn’t really digest any food for a very long time and know now that I probably didn’t need it but had no idea at the time.
    For the following years I had many many experiences including seeing a beautiful white orb that hummed in the sky which then vanished instantly very similar to how Ralph described one of the crafts behaving. This orb seemed alive and communicating.
    The happiness I feel now having seen and listened to these two amazing people reminds me of how I felt during and after each of the many experiences I have had. At the time I wanted very much to tell others about them but over the years stopped and, although I never truly doubted them, put them away somehow inside in order to prevent myself from exposure to hurtful exchanges with others.
    So thank you again, Lujan, for this posting. I had actually thought about writing to you and relating my experiences to you, so this is so welcome and has had a truly empowering impact on me in ways that I can’t fully express. I feel as if a cloak has come off me. Thank you also to everyone who has communicated here. The truth transforms.
    There really is only love, and only love is real.


  12. Hi Rick,

    Please do not put any external links whatsoever on my blog. I don’t like the gossipy negativity of other sites and also I want my students to stay focused on their direct experiences and not the negativity of assumptions somewhere else.

    One of the main chapters in my first book outlines the phenomena of gossip and character assassination and how not to indulge in it.

    This type of behavior is very detrimental towards consciousness.

    I would ask you to stop leading my readers away from the positivity of my site and only relay your direct experiences that have happened directly on your life path in direct contact with the people you are talking about. Not discussions about other people without these elements in place. And this is the second time I have asked you not to put external links in and you have ignored it.

    I am finding it a little bit difficult communicating with you and I don’t understand why you don’t get where I am coming from. Rick you cannot find happiness by researching unhappiness. Wisdom and knowledge are two different things. Knowledge is second-hand. Wisdom is direct. Each proceeds differently. And on your journey to the end of your life I am sure you are going to discover this.

    Lots of love

    Concerning my anomalous experiences… they hardly are part of this conversation…

    Not true, I would prefer to have you here and your experiences, not gossip and assumption about other people. When this occurs you will truly be present and we will be able to see you and that’s all that matters.

    • We have a different feeling about the actions regarding what I did above – by expressing my knowledgeable viewpoint – about the marketing employed by certain groups.

      Researching unhappiness?

      best to everyone,


      • Rick, we could sit for hours and discuss all the things that are ‘wrong’ in this world. Take a topic and we can pick it apart and assign blame, cause, reason, in a perpetual endless loop that causes havoc to our endocrine system.

        What kind of food is that for the heart?

        Our hearts are composed of delicate magnetic cells that respond to vibrations (cats purring, bees singing). What are we singing to our hearts when we pursue the wrongs of this world? Yes, I can hear your mind yelling “But we have to wake people up!” No, we don’t. We have to wake ourselves up from what we are doing to our hearts through each word, each actions.

        Lujan has extended to you a very meaningful gesture, not to Rick the UFO researcher with whatever many years of experience and website books what not, but to Rick the human with a heart that is as unresolved as most on this loving rock we call home.

        Understand that here is where personal history dissolves, and what then remains is the power embedded in the experiences that we share from a place of deep love and respect for that which we are and are remembering to become again. Each gesture is here to help us reclaim that.

        One of the most touching effects of meeting star brothers and sisters is that they will leave a marker, an image, a soft hum in our hearts, that will bloom and remind us where we need to focus on to continue our journey, and that will allow them full access to our frequency range again.

        We are building a cosmic bridge to the stars, one humming heart at a time.

        Much love,


        • Much thanks for taking the time to relate your words and feelings. I well recognize he `four centers’ (and Ouspenski/Gurdjieff) of instinctive, movement, intellectual and emotional and the `speed’ they move our intentions and reactions and consciousness. Our do spot if you will.

          Lujan’s ideas, IMO, at this point of time, are well into the advanced Emotional centers – a very very rare space to occupy and to teach from. You are all special to have found such a teacher in a living presence.

          best from Atlanta,

  13. What I was shown was beyond time in a moment I still have not reached but am ultimately defined by in feeling so integrated with and have always looked ahead to and back from to anchor in motion. When I was taken there it was to alter my path and the course has always worked with that alteration. When I was very young the feeling of my life lost meandering was terrifying to come so off track. Then repeating thru the years it became pined for absorbing attention fixed to go beyond here but equally or more limiting. They operated thru dimensions to gently and precisely reflecting capacity and elevated to a shared being linking all moments and initiating a momentum unbinding awareness, acting upon themselves in others. I felt that power listening to this, sharing sweet soft free quency.

  14. Heloooooo guys! It was about consciousnesses, not about UFO. And Now I will tell you a personal story.

    I was a little boy, 5 or 6 years old. I had a dream, and later I understood that was not a dream but my mind did not have how to cope with that experience and label it as a dream.
    I was taken for a ride with some very nice guys who lives inside the Earth. It was a ride with a flying craft like a disk. Inside all had a like a crystal with hexagonal structure. It was conducted with the mind and had an crystal interface you ware able to connect with. I still feel my hand touching that and be one with the ship. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I saw the video. How a little boy to know all that details. Beats me.
    I know I will fly something like that again one day, because I did it once.

  15. WOW! These guys are speaking to what Lujan has been saying all along. How beautiful that this is all coming together now. A world where we all enjoy our labors instead of working because you have no choice sounds like the makings of Eden.

    I have also had experiences with unexplained beings, but it has been through Lujan’s practices that have brought more experiences lately, as well as an understanding of the simplicity of how it all works. During a star-gazing episode, I watched a craft come into view. My first-attention thought process jumped in to cause me to “think” about it, and the craft disappeared. I was able to quiet thought down again, and the craft returned to my view.

    It wasn’t the experience that was important. It was the shift in me that brought understanding of how and why, and a happy feeling of That is who you’re supposed to be. That shift drifts with me into every action throughout my day.

    I had an experience like you mention, Henk, where the shift was so strong that I perceived dizziness and I then feared for my physical body falling or going somewhere where it my get hurt. Didn’t know what to do with that one! Lots of Lujan’s practices put me in a dizzy place where I feel like if I was brave enough to go through it, I would end up standing next to myself.

    You guys continue to make my heart sing. Thank you.

    • It wasn’t the experience that was important. It was the shift in me that brought understanding of how and why, and a happy feeling of That is who you’re supposed to be. That shift drifts with me into every action throughout my day.

  16. PS Through the explanation of the bees and their resonance chamber, I now understand the reason behind Tibetan throat singing. This also explains why bees are drawn to frequencies emitted by flowers, rather than the smell or color being the attraction. I’ve heard it said that alien beings are attracted to the throat singing. When I hear the throat singing of the monks, I’ll no longer see the picture of bullfrogs singing from the rocks that surround the pond.

  17. Thank you, Lujan, for sharing this video! The power of words lies in the way they reach the heart. If there is nothing felt inside, time is needed for the understanding to unfold. If there are feelings that destabilize and draw one into a downward direction, there is high time to withdraw and review. If there is love, there is truth. And this is all there is.

    Much love to you all,

  18. A craft capable of multi-dimensional travel based on anti-gravity that is controllable by a proper alignment and engagement your frequency of being brings to mind Castaneda’s account where Don Juan teaches him to travel great distances via the water in the irrigation ditch outside Don Juan’s house. Why do you need the craft? The alignment of your being that would control such a craft is the necessary component. The metal saucer is a 1940s science fixation on the problem. It doesn’t make it wrong, just particular to that scientist in his moment. Like many of us, I’ve had numerous experiences with life forces beyond our normal construct. To me the most significant ones are a series of reoccurring waking dreams that have involved three witches like the women presented in Parallel Perception. Maybe it is them. I have no idea. They’ve gathered me into a small rustic room with a wooden table, layed me down and worked on me for what I experienced as hours, rearranging my being and awareness. It’s happened three times. They have been my space ship, because now if I want to travel back in time I just go there in the manner of what appears to me as a reverse reincarnation. In other words, a reincarnation that goes from the present to the past, rather than the other way around. None of this is at all as glamorous as it might appear I’ve tried to make it. It’s simply a capacity to serve specific purposes of various aspects of specific jobs I’m working on.

    So to me the great technological revelation of this video post is not so much the video content but the introduction of the video itself to this blog. This move on Lujan’s part is profound. It has and will continue to change this blog. I see two especially important consequences. One, it resolves an ultimately untenable issue of maintaining this site from the perspective of maximizing information shared in relation to the time required to produce it. And two, it amplifies Lujan’s presence to all of us in a shared moment. No longer is the focus strictly on testimonials honoring private encounters with Lujan beyond the means of many, but suddenly we’re all sharing his gift in an animated immediacy that accelerates all of our growth.

    Concerning Rick I want to say I appreciate his willingness to bring challenge to the discussion. I myself have done this. Speaking for myself, I’ve never meant disrespect but rather intuitively if not subconsciously realized I was a bit lost, and I feel lucky to have felt safe to try to get back on track by revealing my position. Obviously there is a question of maintaining focus in a discussion, but it is a discussion and as was the case in this case, beautiful and enlightening comments resulted from the exchange.

    Looking very forward to the next video. Thanks for your attention. Jerry

    • Jerry Lee…A Few Comments. agreed it does IMO invoke CC and DJ moments. (IE… the lack of need of a `space’ ship for `space’ travel). And your reference to 1940’s space saucers is well taken… in my blogging I’ve many times blogged about the changing forms of the UFO phenomena. I have my theories of course.

      Also agree with your perceptions as to the addition of the video to the blog’s mix. (The law of unintended consequences perhaps – as I’m pretty sure that Lujan would indeed like to continue to maintain the maximum focus on the previous and still on going purposes of the blog itself. So, I’m not sure that Lujan shares your thinking that this will produce on-going change.)

      Finally and perhaps lastly for me in relation to this thread – while I’m not aware of your upsetting of the blogs apple cart in the past, like my posting did, – I too meant NO harm to the blogs flow or beliefs in the personal experiences others have had with Lujan. (If Lujan would like me to share someday what happened in the most extreme anomalous way immediately after uploading my interviews with him to my Amazon EBook account I will – lest it say that it blew my mind.) That said, I was not trying to re-align myself in any manner – and indeed was quite surprised to be told I was seeking something unpleasant in any manner – as I believe that my `happiness’, at least to myself my entire life, – has not been an issue (great friends, family, had great work life, etc). Perhaps being NON religious and raised NON religious by my parents has helped in that manner. But that said, that Non-religious positioning provided orientation by my parents perhaps influenced me to find the anomalous in our reality structure best explained, for me, by looking into Phenomenology (well worth a Wikipedia search if you are not familiar with the term or ideas of) for which I feel blessed to have this orientation.

      best to all,
      H.R. (Rick) Phillips

      • Hi, Rick,

        We’ve actually talked about Phenomenology in the past, On a post during the last contest. Like you, I appreciate it’s profound perspective. But I don’t want to talk about that now and divert the normal blog focus at the moment. Peace out as the kids say. :) Jerry

  19. Jerry Lee, have you read the revised edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception?

  20. Not yet. I was waiting for the paper copy. I’m a bit overwhelmed training for the NYC marathon after work right now, otherwise I would have gone straight to the ebook.

    • Have we ever met?

      • Not yet. We’ve shared a number of email exchanges over the last 10 years, some of them published on this blog, some not.

  21. Rick I didn’t say you were an unhappy person, it is just that you are pursuing things that could potentially create unhappiness.

    • Fair enough and probably true too.

  22. It has created unhappiness in me.

    Jerry Lee, what do you have against praise for Lujan? I’ve seen many come to his teachings who are unable to express what the teachings do for them, but they know that shifts are occurring. They simply don’t yet have the words to express it.

    You were on to a good point about traveling with natural essences, then went into a hidden agenda. Dumping this is all part of the evolution of Lujan’s students.

    Now I have to work on dumping it, too. Negativity sure is a sticky substance, as tricky as quicksand.

    • Hi, Gwendolyn,

      I have nothing against praising, Lujan. It’s a regular part of my correspondence on and off this blog. He has changed my life profoundly. Every bit of praise I ever gave him was sincere, and the praise from others for him that I’ve read also appears to be sincere and based on genuine experience. I’m just excited about the possibility for a new kind of collective interchange resultant from the addition of video into the blog. I apologize if this wasn’t clear from my account. Thanks for bringing up the issue so I can clarify my view. Jerry

    • The Arrow… I love you Gwen : )) .

      I’ve always felt more at home in nature or with animals because they don’t have a hidden agenda. That heavy cloak that’s so exhausting. What I’ve learned from Lujan is that I need not carry that cloak; a lifetime’s work in this matrix.

      Lujan’s agenda has always been transparent, much like my meetings with star brothers. All is clear, and the sense of lightness and joy permeates even into the darkest spots.

      Traveling as light as a feather, as sovereign as a rock and as impeccable as a tree. An arrow indeed.

  23. Beyond the words, I see the beauty of these blog posts as stirred by the video.
    Inspiring me to write this poem

    If this truth resonates within ones heart, then it seeds wisdom
    Illuminating the divine spark,
    Awakening the primal self and transfiguring ones being
    If this same truth has doubt injected in ones heart, it begets half truths
    Burying that divine spark
    Draining the self of its precious moments towards its glorious awakening

    Love and truth to all

  24. Nice, Kuwanyauma.

  25. Kuwanyauma

    Beyond the words, I see the beauty of these blog posts as stirred by the video.

    Inspiring me to write this poem.

    If this truth resonates within ones heart, then it seeds wisdom.

    Illuminating the divine.

    Awakening the primal self and transfiguring ones being.

    If this same truth has doubt injected in ones heart, it begets half truths.

    Burying that divine spark.

    Draining the self of its precious moments towards its glorious awakening.

    Love and truth to all

    Kuwanyauma was with me in Thailand. We entered a different time-space continuum while we were practicing Dragon’s Tears, yet we were simultaneously still within physical form and seemingly unaltered. We were transported to that space and time via the frequency that made itself available through the empty intention that Dragon’s Tears brought about. We traveled to a location and were then delivered back to the room we were practicing in simultaneously. This has been documented in Whisperings of the Dragon. There are two people that can verify this event in terms of accessing the fourth and fifth dimension.

    This video discsses the technology that is alien in origin. It is a timeless application that employed vortexes the same way Lo Ban Pai applies vortexes. If someone looks back in fifty years time on Lo Ban Pai and says the same thing they have revealed their limited opinion on something that is limitless, only to verify their own certainty.

    As has been documented with Kuwanyauma this has occurred many times with my students, allowing them to travel on the frequency that is applied to their attention to shift them into a state of consciousness that has to do with aligning with frequencies that are not available to the rational mind.

    A rational being must be very careful not to apply dogmatic rationale that causes uncertainty. The uncertainty of true quantum flux applies itself and this is what happens with my students.

    When one looks back on the writings of Carlos Castaneda, to validate their present position, that is all that is happening. This forestalls others from accessing their own realizations by being caught in the spell cast through the premise outlined, by virtue of the fact that one may wish others to bathe in their self-grandeur that helps nobody move forward but only reveals self-importance that surrounds the social dogma in terms of its own gratification. In essence this is not a true seer’s consciousness.

    Agreements through alignment are nothing more than a program reflecting upon itself. No matter how grandiose the statements are one will always come upon the limitations that surround that fixation and this always causes a rotational eddy of doubt towards the ultimate progression, which is the ability for human awareness to comprehend that it is trapped within intelligence that is only wishing to reflect upon itself instead of seeing what really needs to be applied, and this requires letting go of who you think you are. Only then will you discover who you are meant to be.

    • Thanks for the excellent perspective. I’ll take it to heart. I really appreciate it. I’m learning bit by bit. Jerry

    • “Kuwanyauma was with me in Thailand. We entered a different time-space continuum while we were practicing Dragon’s Tears, yet we were simultaneously still within physical form and seemingly unaltered. We were transported to that space and time via the frequency that made itself available through the empty intention that Dragon’s Tears brought about. We traveled to a location and were then delivered back to the room we were practicing in simultaneously.”

      It is awesome and inspiring to read a first-hand account of a physical teleportation, thanks for sharing it with us Lujan.

      I have recently read an article on Internet by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf (translation and edition by Baerbel) wich reports that russian scientists have discovered that human DNA can produce space-time alterations. The article’s title is “Russian DNA Discoveries Regarding Time”, here there are some excerps from it:

      “The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.”

      “The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of DNA. In brief the bottom line was: ‘Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.'”

      “The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in a vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars).
      These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hyper-communication (telepathy, channeling) is most effective in a state of relaxation.”

      “The Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen, a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many controlled experiments showed that the pattern continued to come from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called phantom DNA effect. It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effects encountered most often in hyper-communication in humans are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned.”

      Best wishes

    • The last 3 paragraphs are really what I am seeing start in my practice.
      I’ve been doing eight gates and I’ve been trying to silent my breath yet it wasn’t silent. So I focused and focused and was tense all over and then now I am just doing it and I find that the breath becomes silent of its own.

  26. Beautiful!

    Thank you.

  27. Reading the 2nd time about you seeing yourself (or aspects of your self) 500 Years in the Future hopefully don’t mean we have another 500 Years of Darkness to endure…cause what I see at these times is that we’re reaching a climax where either total control or total freedom (that just a minority will understand first)will be achieved…unfortunately both ways might lead to chaos and destruction at first.
    In other words : I’m worried….
    But also hopefully we might meet in 2017 to talk about that in person :)


  28. Like a little (magical) answer to my own post I just saw a wonderful movie together with my wife. It’s called “The Guardians of Light” and it’s about how to chase the boogeyman away (from your heart) ;)

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