Beckoning Eternity Without Resistance– Lo Ban Pai


Dear Lujan,

Over two months ago I had a vision of you, standing in space and radiating the “silence”.

From this time always when I wish to stop the internal dialogue I remember you and immediately stop it.

It is amazing and I wish to thank you for this gift. Hope to see you soon.

Do you have classes in Europe and do you intend to visit Croatia?

Best regards

In 2017 there will be workshops in Europe. Check the events page or sign up to the mailing list to be kept up-to-date and be notified when the dates and locations are announced.

I am glad that you can see me. When a shaman graduates to a certain frequency, the delicate fragments of information called déjà vu then turn into units of information that are employed to project their physical image across the waters.

The reason for this is that when one learns to fully represent the heart, they voice their true feelings from the center of their own thousand-petaled lotus. Here they listen to the omnipresent factor speak on their behalf.

Then the inter-dimensional aspects of their nature appear in holographic form to be witnessed by those who marvel upon its mystery. Here the universe sings – step forward and take your place.

All things are possible.

Remember that your eyes belong to everybody in terms of their progression to grow beyond their own points of resistance, only to discover there is nothing to push against.

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  1. Thank you, Darko, for sharing, and, thank you, Lujan for your reply. Wow! Your words create powerful feelings within me, which create a bridge, imparting a sweet, deep remembering, Yes, all things are possible! I often feel ‘stuck’ in the physicalness of me and the chaotic world out there. Can you wave your magic-heart-wand over me to remove my amnesia?

    I long to remember only what is real.

  2. Dear Lujan, you are so subtle yet so deep, there is a tremor in my heart when I am reading your words. I would like to be in that state every hour of the day…to “step forward and take [my] place”

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