The Power of Shamanism – Part 4

Audio excerpt from Shadows in the Twilight by Lujan Matus.

Narrated by Russell Stamets.

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  1. I listen to this post in the early morning darkness. I am reminded of my last visit to Lujan. He is sitting to my right in a large chair while the other participant and I are sitting to his left. I am on the far end of the couch from Lujan. We are talking when I start to feel a little dizzy and immediately Lujan asks me, “What’s wrong?” “The room”, I say, somewhat alarmed,”it’s tilting.” And indeed, the floor and the heavy piece of furniture across from me, appear to be tilted at an alarming angle, downward to my right. “It’s my energy vortex,” Lujan says. Sometimes it pulls space toward me.” I’m not thinking, just watching, and the dizzy feeling arises again. “Change places,” he instructs the other participant and me. Now I’m sitting closer to Lujan and the room straightens a bit, still tilted but the angle not quite as severe. “Do you see it?” he asks the other participant.” “Yes!” she replies. We begin to laugh with abandon.

  2. “…although his presence is a catalyst, it is our neurotransmitters…naturally produced DMT…which produces this state of awareness…”
    In the last months I met apart from you, Lujan, at the Dragons Tears workshop in Teneriffe , another person with a “catalyzing presence” who was also inducing heightened awareness, deep insights and buzzing body by mere presence/listening. I was wondering since – what makes a presence catalyzing? What is this connection with DMT? What does “welcoming…DMT” mean?
    Thank you for putting those excerpts on the blog and offering a space for comments and experiences with what`s written in the book!

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