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With great pleasure I present the paperback version of the 10th anniversary edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.

In a few days I will release an audio of The Parable of the Deer and the Dog, which I have used as a teaching tool with my students for many years. These chapters are in the new version of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and will give greater depth and insight into the hieroglyph of completion. If you have read the eBook of this edition I would really appreciate a review on Amazon.

This book is my gesture to all of my students that have painstakingly taken the information within all my writings to heart. I have added more information, thus giving light to the deeper abstract meanings that are embedded within this edition.

Within the world at the moment we are subject to a grave deployment of our attention towards the insignificant. I wish everyone’s eyes to be open to the covert activity that is taking place and for all to see the implications of this by merely changing one’s individual consciousness by being awakened to the elements that are personally available to each person within their variance, thus giving rise to the collective perception that we have been forestalled as a world community upon the most important journey, which are our lifetimes presently available to us on many different levels of consciousness as inter-dimensional abilities that we all possess in truth.

Know that we are on the threshold – a most tenuous precipice that we are to ever face. The world community will soon discover and be integrated into a galactic community that will advance our technological stagnancy to a leap of four hundred years of progress once the veil has been lifted, in terms of the fact that we are not alone and that we have been accompanied for thousands of years. Be comforted that change is coming and the knowledge disseminated within my books are merely a preparation for this awesome occurrence that we will be faced with by energetically becoming available to much more subtle levels of communication.

The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception: 10th Anniversary Revised Edition

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception is a new kind of autobiography – an inter-dimensional odyssey that weaves its magical threads through one’s own existence in a way that has to be experienced to be believed.

In this revised edition, Lujan clarifies and expands upon key elements of his teachings. Readers familiar with the original will be surprised at the awakenings that unfold via powerful additions woven throughout the text. Some chapters have been removed, others expanded upon, and exciting new material has come to light.

Traversing these pages, we accompany Lujan Matus during pivotal journeys on his path to becoming a shaman. With compelling visual imagery and in-depth explanations, he and his benefactors impart an empowering sequence of transmissions that offer unprecedented insight into the intricacies of human existence. In sharing his experiences, Lujan opens the door to a universe of mythical proportions and bestows vital keys to access these dimensional possibilities in one’s own life.

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception magnifies the essence of the ancient wisdom traditions in a functional, non-dogmatic format that speaks directly to the heart. One may recognize strands of Tibetan Dzogchen and Taoism, and aficionados of Toltec wisdom will discern the unmistakably potent voice of Don Juan Matus and discover the mysterious guiding influence of the ancient seer, Xoxonapo.

With direct language, Lujan conveys an otherworldly grasp of human nature, not to mention coherent accounts of inter-dimensional travel, a precise description of the enigmatic manifestation of the energy double, insights into the non-linear nature of time and the elucidation of hieroglyphs that are maps to completely open one’s perception, this is a bridge to new thresholds unlike any other.

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  1. I bought it now!!
    Everything thank you so much Lujan.

  2. The 10th Anniversary Edition is winging it’s way to me now! So very excited to enjoy the new bits!
    Thankyou so much for sharing Lujan!
    I purr in your general direction!

  3. What you wrote here has been echoing in my awareness since I read it yesterday morning.

    “Within the world at the moment we are subject to a grave deployment of our attention towards the insignificant.”

    SO true. Thank you. I needed to hear it said like that.

    Great news that the paperback is available!

    Here’s to reclaiming our attention towards what matters and has meaning.



  4. By Desmond on October 30, 2015

    The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception was the first public book release from Lujan which documents his otherworldly accounts with his mystical pan-dimensional benefactor and cohorts.

    It is filled with inspiring information that transcends time and space in terms of not adhering to any social proxy or paradigm. Within these soulfully engaging stories one is altered in a way that brings about dissolution of points of identification that keep one waylaid in the nagging cascades of mind and emotion.

    The updated second addition holds new material that strengthens the original content and its impact, and again, brings one to the heart of the moment.

    The simplicity and directness with which Lujan imparts life altering wisdom is a gift. One who has come into contact with his books in a state of receptivity is truly blessed.

    For reading Lujans books will generate the confidence to forgo the convolution brought on by social engineering and become one with the source of their power.

    These books set one free, they do not create dependency. Additionally and as if by magic, the content within seemingly grows and develops with the practitioner as their personal gradation of dimensional acceleration expands their self-imposed perceptual boundaries, sequentially awakening the practitioner to the truth that has been an esoteric secret for eons – the secret of secrets. That we are not separate.

    Once within these pages, One cannot under value the significance and gravity of the tuition that Lujan has brought to the world.

    He is truly one of the great awakened masters of human history and will take his place amongst the pantheon of ascended figures as a further testament that our entrapment is not absolute.

    Our freedom is well within our hands once we come to terms with the source of our power. And his work will initiate the concrescence that will ultimately unify one on the level of their soul.

    We exist beyond our cognitive faculties and have within us the full potential to integrate our true boundless nature when we release the synthetic control programs that have been instilled in the human race by rapacious individuals lost to themselves.

    Our efforts to become self-realized extend to every living being and the fruition thereof alters the very foundation of the multi-verse.

    The responsibility is upon us, and with the auspicious tools that Lujan shares in his books, ones efforts will be further expedited in a way that shaves off years of enquiry, obfuscation, and potential unnecessary hardship that life can offer before one finds the resolve of being within their only true holy sacrament; the living heart. ‘

    Best of luck to everyone on their journey.

  5. What a great review!

  6. Beautiful words, lovely review.

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