Parables from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception/ Lo Ban Pai


I’ve had many requests from my students to make a blog post about the parables. Instead of this I have put it in The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and in audio format. Hope you guys enjoy.

The parables are one of two chapters that combine to explain the Hieroglyph of Completion. It is paired with the Architectural Orbs in the 10th Anniversary edition.

Audio excerpt from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception: 10th Anniversary Revised Edition by Lujan Matus.

Narrated by Russell Stamets.

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  1. As I read the comments from this community of “warriors” my former mentor always made references to us as “spirit warriors”. So much has transpired since he first recommended this web site to me 5 years ago. Now I am reading the 10th anniversary revised edition of THE ART OF STALKING PARALLEL PERCEPTION and reading all the posts i can find. This site, helps me to continue the path of “learning how to leave the world behind” and forgetting so that I will remember. Landing here is not any steadier but living more with laughter and love.

  2. This post gave me an inner chill, a jolt. These stories in the Nagual’s words and read so eloquently by Russell, moved me deeply. As I write this, I sit at the bedside of a friend who has suffered an aneurysm of the brain. I watch my friend suffer.

    I am in a somber mood.

    Listening to Lujan’s parables and watching my friend, tethered and tied to a confusing maze of lines and tubes, reminds me that the powers that be are not always friendly or amenable to our puny human desires.

    I, too, sometimes feel the collar tighten, sense the hunter, tireless and resolute, tracking my footsteps. I wonder at times how to balance a light heart with the suffering. How does one does one ride the waves of grief and loss, how does one handle the harsh realities of this world without succumbing to self-pity and sentimentality?

    So. I sit in silence. I spiral through the movements. I empty myself, watch the sky, look into the eyes of another, listen to the rain, touch the hand of my friend. I follow my heart and gather my power, which is never mine to begin with. I listen to the words of the Nagual and to the community’s voices. I find my way.

    And I am deeply appreciative of these gifts.


  3. These parables are real. I’ve been thinking about them and it’s like I think about myself.
    uh, i don’t know if it’s ok too explain since if someone else can discover this too then it would have more I guess impact.

  4. By IMRI
    Extraordinary Book for anyone reading in esoteric studies for self-transformation.

    The Revised 2nd edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, the first book by Lujan Matus, brings to bear ten years of questions and feedback from students and readers and incorporates some new information and very useful clarifications.

    From the first page the author takes the reader into the alternate realms and so starts the biographical tales of his (and the reader’s) learning. Part one covers mostly key interactions with his teachers who are quoted in their own words as well as some new parables with clarifying explanations. Part two mainly imparts and unpacks theory, and has question and answers sections.

    In terms of theme the book “magnifies the essence of the ancient wisdom traditions in a functional, non-dogmatic format that speaks directly to the heart”. Lujan provides various key details, but goes further to highlight the role of the heart as an organ of perception at the root of seeing.

    Working with this book continues to be an immensely valuable experience. While I feel everyone should read it, those pursuing self-actualisation on any path will find a gateway to deep, pervasive and relevant insights rarely articulated in words, or able to so elegantly introduce one to oneself and the realities we forge our path in. This reality-check alone is worth the study –but that is just one aspect.

    Many reviewers (of the first edition) have indicated how the text becomes alive and actively relevant in their lives. It is written in unusual language and metaphor in places which forced me out of my standard reading trance into paying a new type of attention.

    One-pass readers would not do the text or themselves justice. This is not about reading more things into the text, but rather an assimilation of principles over time that become functional in perception to enable deeper insights as one engages the material again.

    The author is and writes as a seer, not as someone who just knows about or studied with them, so there is no dabbling in the nice, only addressing the necessary. His focus is not on a map or a specific route, but rather on the compass and the skill of navigation.

    I don’t know how the author managed to pack so many layers into the text. I guess the ‘parallel perception’ in the title is the clue here. The book’s ability to entice hidden and unknown layers within myself still astounds me. The text speaks directly to aspects beneath my social persona which enables them not just to be recognized and become self-aware, but also to have a space and means to pierce the guarded veil of the jealously guarded personality.

    What the book is not : There is no push for followers or workshops, no new beliefs, dogma and no merchandising. There was no publishing house pushing for a mass-market, best-seller format with ten easy steps or quotable platitudes to generate warm and fuzzy feelings or reinforce the very idea of yourself that must fall away to allow real change. Direct, honest and hard-hitting the text offers what you would encounter with a true teacher in person.

    Recommended for: You. Anyone seeking a realistic approach in their active spirituality –the information is path-independent.

    Conclusion: I thank the author from the bottom of my heart for what he brought to my attention and what continues to unfold as a result. I cannot imagine similar value bypassing any reader willing to pay attention.

  5. I came upon this after being asked for help. Someone was saying they where meditating when a being positioned itself an inch from her face and screamed, “open your eyes.” She says she has been scared to meditate since the incident. I looked within and saw a family member of the person. I asked her if she has ever given away her power. Her reply was in the affirmative that a family member did force her to give away her power. I told her to ground herself and know that nobody has any right to take her power from her. I would appreciate any insight you can share fro what you can see of the incident. Many Thanks

  6. Tonight I received the understanding of the parable about the deer, and what “stalking” means, and the skill for interacting with life. My first opportunity to work with the parable’s wisdom came the next morning after listening to the audio excerpt, when a Palmetto roach was stuck in a place too small for his body. I won’t go on to describe the rest, so that it may be discovered on its own, but I wanted to share these beginnings and thank Lujan with deep gratitude for making these parables available to us.

    • Gratitude

      • Lujan, may we ask questions here? I have a follow-up to this topic, something happened when I applied my insight that was unexpected. I feel young at this, and what happened has halted my stalking for the moment, although I don’t know that it was a bad omen – I just don’t understand. I am concerned if I am applying it inappropriately. When I stalked an event that I would like, an entity made itself present, appearing like the “cigarette burns” in a film real in my dreaming line of vision, as if standing in my room next to the door, wagging “no” with his finger. As soon as he relayed the message he was gone, and in the moment of his disappearance, like a fall, and a throwing down, my stalking energy dropped and simultaneously a sticky note that I had placed on the door jam directly where he happened to be standing also fell – both of these fell like a vacuum had been created that dropped them to the floor with an exaggerated force. Realizing that the sticky note also fell when my stalking dropped, I remembered that the words I had written on the sticky note were a prayer and a blessing for an event like the one I was stalking. I don’t believe that this entity was necessarily giving me a “no”, and I don’t take responses like this at “face value”, so to speak. But I do recognize that I am wet behind the ears with stalking per se, and I also know that there is the possibility of error on my part, and if I am in error or unknowingly out of integrity, then I would of course like to correct that. I also recognize that we are constantly being tested, and this has some of the feelings of that. It would satisfy me very much to hear if you have any insights on this, if this is something recognizable to you. If it means that I no longer need to pray, then I find that very interesting. If it showed me how easily my stalking could be thrown, then I need more practice. When I look directly at the “no” wagging finger, I take it directly as a challenge, and I won’t take no for the answer. I am seeing this is multi-layered and that pleases me. I will continue. I may have answered my own questions, at least for the time being. I would still of course welcome your knowledge and insight! Thank you.

  7. Only a realized being could weave the un-weavable into words. As I reconnected with The Art of Stalking, audio version, Feelings of awe, then fear, then awe, and then love and adoration bubble up and hit me in the chest. Often I don’t even understand the words, but they are reaching another level that is drawing these feelings up. All I can say is thank you. I have so much love for you Lujan.

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