Lo Ban Pai and Personal Evolution



Lujan, As a sincere gesture of thanks, I’d like to tell you of the progress that your teachings have made for me. I experienced an extraordinary day recently where things came together as a powerful confirmation. I have not been diligent as regards the practices in Lo Ban Pai, but have been regularly doing the Eight Gates meditation. I have also found that simply listening to your books and recalling our conversations and the insights you offered has created a shift that continues to grow and deepen.

For a few years now, I’ve been detoxifying and regenerating my body with fruits and botanicals, as well as clearing my home environment of man-made chemicals. I can’t thank you enough for suggesting this. It has removed distractions that I did not have a clue were working on me, on my physical health as well as working on the internal dialogue. Your conversations with me and others has elevated the awareness to be more of a witness, even to my own actions, words, and still-occurring thoughts.

I have felt a bit frightened as my personality has been disintegrating, curious as to how I would proceed without it. Seems I have no choice, though, because it is happening on its own now. You once gave me advice about following one’s intuition. Even though I did not like what the scene may present, you told me to follow it anyway, even if one is incorrect about the hunch.

Going with this advice has shown me that this is an exciting way to move forward, allowing me to be not only in the right place at the right time, but also be out of the way at just the right time, with no regrets of not having done what needed to be done. As these things grow, I find more and more in life that interest me, almost as if I am expanding.

It has shown me the reality of how pleasant and joyous internal silence can be. I almost get tears as I say thank you for showing me how to reach this elusive but powerful place.

So much love to you. Thank you.

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  1. An encouraging read Gwendolyn, thank you for sharing it here.

  2. That’s wonderful Gwendolyn, something similar is unfolding in my life, I’ve been doing the gates daily too. Everything has such depth and richness moving forward. Somehow I just started running in the morning before my workout and the sun :) life is beautiful embracing challenge.

  3. My internal dialogue is affected by food, yet food is such an influence on more than that. Its like I never thought about it but when you eat healthy you are energize and when you dont you are not.
    I wonder of the effects of chemicals now of how it will benefit myself in remaining accurate in my decisions.
    Thank you for this write up.

  4. a very exciting way to move forwards!

  5. I learned, food is the most powerful drug we take daily on so many levels. Path

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