Absorption and the Power of Real Communion/Lo Ban Pai Music Playlist

Lo Ban Pai Music Playlist

Hello Lujan,

I have a question regarding relaxing music like that listed in your blog.

I listen to such kind of music and sounds for about 30 minutes every day before going to sleep, lying on the bed with the headphones on. Sometimes, towards the end of the 30 minutes, I feel as if someone were moving my bed, or as if my subtle body were slightly moving with respect to my physical body.

I have read that some music/sounds can propitiate having an out of body experience.

Do you know if my interpretation of the mentioned sensation is correct, and if it is something advisable or not?

Best regards,

Daniel we are composed of seventy percent water. If you read “The Hidden Fabric”  from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception you will realize that water is very powerful. This inherent quality is governed by conscious reception.

What this means is that when we swim within sound – and we are surrounded by inaudible and obvious sound – we even hear what we can’t hear. As we digest the frequencies from the music from my playlist the water contained within our bodies becomes pregnant with the crystalline signature of those sounds.


As you can see here water that is influenced by positive intention takes a shape. The water crystal above was formed when water was subject to the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Here is another that was blessed by a Buddhist monk during meditation:


The water then emits its own inherent frequency outwardly toward the universe. Upon the complex communication of its entanglement on a quantum level, one immediately arrives and receives simultaneously the universal reality of that knowledge, which is in essence, wisdom.

This feeling travels faster than the speed of light.  It is the realization composed of its reality and by virtue of this it immediately awakens – even ten thousand light years away – through this complex, yet simple, quantum entanglement. It awakens its origin to glance toward each devotee.

This is our destiny in terms of soliciting the real communion, for prayer can never be prayed through words and thoughts in terms of their speed do not have the same velocity as intention. Intent as a thought form is much slower and by virtue of this too narcissistic within its self-reflection to have any evolutionary momentum to solicit change that is relevant in terms of us as a humanity to go beyond the dilemma we are in.

To realize that the heart is always four steps ahead of what is to arise in relation to that thought process – which is your vacillation towards knowing what must be done – you must let go of this hesitation in terms of not being sure about how to proceed. For in this moment of doubt your consciousness is like a speeding car going past a beautiful flower.

If you stop without knowing how you have arrived, you can sit and speak the words of that flower through its realization of you.

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  1. Thank You For Bringing Awareness To This And The Playlist. 70 Percent Liquid Crystal :).


  2. What a great way to start the morning. Thank you Daniel for the topic. Thank you Lujan for the video. The water studies puts a visual to our thoughts. Something tangible that we can actually see. This understanding is amazing. Thank you again for sharing this information. Pat h

  3. Hi Lujan.

    Does the type of music we like say something about our consciousness, or is it merely a matter of taste? People have said about me that I’m a very calm and focused person on the outside, but when I tell them I like heavy metal(“noise” or “devil’s music” – I find that to be misinformed), they think something is fishy about me. Ironically, I enjoy classical music(quite the opposite of “noise”) just as much.

    This might be a pointless inquiry or I’m actually onto something, but either way, it has bugged me for as long as I can remember.

    • Here is a picture of water subject to heavy metal music. As you can see it is not good. It doesn’t even create a coherent shape. Even some classical music causes disharmony.


      In the 1970’s they did studies on heavy metal music and violence towards plants. One experiment they played heavy metal music to a plant and in another room on an adjacent wall they placed a plant exactly opposite in a sound proof room. The plant that was subjected to the heavy metal music wilted and leaned away from the music. They measured the frequency of the plants and could see they were both in distress because it is not time or space within its distance that is of relevance. It is the communication between the two plants that they witnessed that was taking place.

      The second experiment they had a human being violently wielding a knife toward a plant and then cutting its leaves. The plant in the adjacent room went through exactly the same experience. They measured the sound waves in terms of frequencies coming from both and they made sounds like they were screaming in distress.

      This is not unusual for all beings in the whole of the universe. We receive information as intentions whether it be loving or antagonistic and respond accordingly.

      And for those of you who are vegetarian the plants respond to you eating them. They are distressed. For those of you who are fruitarian I guess the example is an apple tree worked out that it is best to give fruit to save itself the harm of being cut down. And I guess it is obvious for carnivores that they eat the feelings of the animals.

  4. Thanks for the insight. Concerning the analysis of stabbing and subjecting plants to music, I have would have loved if they showed more besides “correlation equals causation”.

    When it comes to the water crystals study, I’m not sure to what extent I believe that kind of pseudoscience and also it’s in contradiction with a mythbusters experiment showing plants grew faster with heavy metal music(my guess is the variety of sounds, frequencies, intentions and moods within a same genre so it’s nearly impossible to put a label on anything)

    I’ve been thinking about the vegetables and fruits dilemma myself so I appreciate the synchronistic response. When people eat animals, they absorb the emotional trauma of the animals and it disrupts the heart energy, but the same can be said for plants by virtue of them having their own inorganic components attached to them?

    • All life gains energy from other living things, organic and inorganic. We forget that we also ‘digest’ air to power our bodies, and the sun to make vitamin D. Then this energy is passed on. How we pass that on is the interesting question to explore.

      Over time I have periods where I become just too sensitive to bear the suffering inflicted by the mass food production industry, both animal and plant. There is a huge difference in the milk produced by a lactating cow who is able to nurse her young as well as give a share to a farmer for their care and support, and the milk mass produced by cows who’s babies are taken away after birth and destroyed, and who live in complete slavery that denies them all their natural instincts.

      Ecologically, every living thing has a role and a connection where energy, in some form or another, is passed on. Birds eats berries and spread the seeds all over the forest helping germinate more seedlings. Carnivores keep populations of small mammals in check. Yet humans have forgotten where and how we fit in that system, so the energy has become turbulent, dysfunctional and atrophied.

      From what I receive and ingest, what do I pass on?

      • Love…
        I guess thats why i have always prefered to grow everything i use, in terms of food and medicine. The food I see at stores most of the time dont interest me, so I start thoes plants and wait, creating a friend-ship that grows out of love and respect. so by the time its fruits are formed and ready, we talk and give of ourselves. The fruit tend to have more healing energy when this harmonious line is tended with care and not crossed.The plant gives in respect for what I have done for it and in exchange I eat the fruit and save the seeds to be planted with a loving hand. I reduce the stress the living plant has to go threw with my thanks and loving care.
        Quick and pain-less.

  5. I’ve not felt such happy energy coming from food until I switched to a fruit-dominant diet. The flavors calm me, ensuring that I enjoy and savor the offering. To be happy from the water-filled fruit is something worth sharing. Easy, simple, powerful. I don’t know how I missed it before.

  6. To think is as to do. There is no difference to the inner thought or the spoken word. Both are of power. My journey to silence the random ramblings of the mind thought, first by slowing down with discipline, using mantras of purity, connecting to patterns which sustain, lifting energy, directing the currents to flow in beauty and calmness, a peaceful way.

  7. Many thanks for the answer Lujan, it explains very well how certain vibrations can reconnect us to our source.
    The discussion on how to eat well has also been very interesting, so thanks also to all who contributed, particularly to Luma whose words always reveal true knowledge.

  8. Thanks for the conversation. Much food for realisation! We downloaded the playlist the other day, and the music really changes the experience of Lo Ban Pai. The other morning it was soft and raining – My wife and I were practicing together, looking out onto our little deck, facing the mountain. A little bird came and sat on the beam, danced and flew around, and then sat and watched us with it’s bright little eye. It moved me to tears, so beautiful…

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