Interview with Lujan Matus: The Moral Imperative – Part 2

Be careful to read what is being spoken in the beginning quote because unfortunately it has errors that distort the meaning.

From “Whisperings of the Dragon”

Emotion is a frequency that can be looped within itself as a perpetual eddy that is ultimately defined by knowing and doing, and which relies upon an internal script.

In contrast, feeling recognizes itself momentarily as it’s being seen. It has contours that illuminate its presence holographically. The feeling becomes a moment in time that recapitulates itself via your perception.

Whisperings of the Dragon – by Lujan Matus

The Art of War in Shamanism/Lo Ban Pai


Here is the link to the blog post referenced in the video so that everyone can get a clear understanding of what was being discussed.

The Art of War in Shamanism/Lo Ban Pai


I would like everybody to ask questions for future interviews in the comments section below. All of them will be taken into consideration so I can further elaborate on the subject matter being broached here in comparison to your life experiences so as to give more clarity.
Please identify the time in the video that the question relates to.

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  1. Blessings, blessings,

    With my head bowed, and heart high, I step gently into this time space
    with all those who gather here.
    New to this community, but held in the ancient prayers for possibilities oftrue sovereignty made more and more available.

    My deep gratitude, to Lujan Matus, and all the students, and benefactors.
    In my own journey, i have found my way here, and am greatful for your help in my dreams, and strict guidance. Thank you for the confirmation and acknowledgement through all i have been working to track, and comprehend…

    Thank you for a glimpse an rememberance of our true Heritage.
    Thank you for keeping these ancient teachings safe
    I step here in here today, like a ancient whisper,
    ready to learn and share.

    I am here, honoured, welcomed, and in service of this community.

  2. Love and kisses everyday :)

  3. I’ve been patiently awaiting for this interview ever since I saw the first one. Im Grateful, Thank-you! :)

  4. Lujan,

    THANK YOU for sharing your live interviews. The resonance of your voice listens well, and I enjoy your accent! lol!

    It is Christmas in the U.S. I feel I was gifted with your interviews.

  5. Thank you

  6. Can you please continue and share in full what you’ve seen Luma

  7. Seeing right now what has come from that truth is the fact that this is all about pre-cogition and this is something that Lujan is applying to Bridgett throughout this audio. Her truth is spoken by Lujan before she even gets there. I’ve listen to the audio over a few times and it’s absolutely incredible what’s going on in it. It’s a great lesson for everyone on how far forward we can go as individuals and as a species on our path of evolution.

    It really is mind blowing!

  8. The medium that Bridgette and Lujan offer us is beautiful. It’s so lovely, it makes me smile. I have found it deepening my previous understanding. Moments of realization have come to me through the interviews. I hope they continue.

    So much love has been generated. Thank you, Bridgette. Thank you, Lujan.

  9. How interesting.

    Since an interaction with lujan last week, I’ve been face to face with an awareness of my self importance. It’s intensely uncomfortable, and I’m sure I’m only aware of a small part of it at that.

    These interviews are perfect, for me. So much richness, so much loving care, such presence! Thanks lujan, and thanks bridget

  10. Questions

    I would like everybody to ask questions for future interviews in the comments section below. All of them will be taken into consideration so I can further elaborate on the subject matter being broached here in comparison to your life experiences so as to give more clarity.

    Please identify the time in the video that the question relates to.

    • Dear Lujan,
      In the Art of War 47:40 part of the recording you begin to share about giving to the other person what they need, or find out what they want to take from you, and ‘you have to replace it within yourself.’

      Could you elaborate on that some more? Is it akin to if someone’s actions destabilize me because of their imprints, and so I move away from my silence then I need to replace that within myself?

      It reminded me of parrying when doing kung fu, where the benefit is for the strengthening of oneself and not to defeat anybody in particular but to also help the other person benefit from the practice as well.

      With love,

  11. Lujan, I gained a deeper understanding of recapitulation through listening to your audio interview. I am beginning to understand that when you interact with someone, or find yourself experiencing something for a second time, things of this nature, when you recognize something familiar, instead of adding your story about that something familiar and/or inserting your opinion that may speak to feelings that were hurt or damage that was sustained, we should speak to the current situation with a feeling of forgiving that past hurt or damage. In that way, you begin to release your own programming and script about the experience, as well as assist the other person’s release from a loop of internal dialogue. Is my understanding akin to what you were explaining?

  12. I don’t have a specific time reference for when the interview brought about this deeper level of understanding.

    Maybe it occurred when ya’ll were speaking of a moment of awakening and how it doesn’t exist! LOL!

  13. I have 2 questions for Lujan
    1.On the section when you talked about Dark Matter ( 4:01-6:26), I came to understand from Your explanation that 3D Gravity is not the same as the heavy gravity from Dark Matter. This Dark Matter Gravity is in another dimension and has consciousness. It can be accessed by a practitioner of Ling Kong Jing as a feeling of heavy chi especially in the hands. Did I understand you right? Can this heavy chi be felt also by any practitioner of Lo ban Pai who have not learned Ling Kong Jing?

    2. Back in November 17,2015, I wrote to you about my encounter with the Aurora Borealis. i was able to watch it from the perspective of my inner silence compared to my companions who watched it with their social eyes. I felt the aurora was in communion with my body and I was experiencing its magical dance in the night sky as something more than a visual phenomenon. I take Your explanation on section 5:42-8:34 as an answer to my question then: how does the northern lights connect to the human body when seen from inner silence?

  14. Great Questions

    • Hello Lujan
      My question is not directly related to the interview,

      I am seeing now and confirming through the reviewing of the material presented in your books, at current(most related to the shadow agenda and old sorcerers)

      Reading about the whirlwind gray entity that struck in (Hunting the Haunted) in Art of Stalking

      That indeed, there is a great battle (time space event) for warriors dancing (skillfully reclaiming) for Freedom.

      My night time dreams are slowly reclaiming their sovereignty through help from the dream teachers, recapitulation, and clearing out the old embedded imprints woven in tunnels of secret places in long forgotten dreams.

      The star gazing practice has been absolutely essential.

      I am being long winded.

      I am asking now is there a practice,
      we can use to skillfully honour this lineage of teachings, these jewels, this prayer of freedom…

      To activate and strengthen and share reclaimed personal power back to the lineage, to the helpers of the keepers, impersonal origin of this Wisdom…

      Strengthen, and give back to the guardians and benefactors the lineage to assit in maintaining our own personal cleanliness of power.

      for example in tibetan buddhism

      A long life mantra for the lineage, keepers
      Or opening of the lineage chant… (first abbot. who began sharing)

      It is in my heart to honour the service of these beings who have come to the timely assistance of this prayer for true sovereignty…

      Thank you

  15. ok

  16. Love and Kisses Everyday!!! :)

    I have a question about giving of yourself unless it compromises you… I feel i am forever learning about this one sentence.
    In context of what you are discussing near the end of the interview, when you have given to people who then become dangerous in your space, how to proceed without loss of innocence or giving.. or if giving them what they want is a direct compromise – if what they want is to compromise you, then you can’t give it and what can you do?… Often i find it very difficult to just be kind in the face of this because i feel confused by it, or that whatever i do is not going to be experienced as kindness by the other anyway because of their agenda. Often i feel like i have nothing to say or do, in a frozen kind of way. At other times i feel like some stern force is necessary here to *bust* the situation & let them know i can see what’s going on. Even though I am recapitulating each experience which helps me absorb the wisdom, but retain innocence and mindfulness that i don’t project that same possibility onto the next circumstance and trust that my body consciousness will recognise a danger of the same frequency… I feel that the vigilance that is cultivated over years of this socialised reality is necessary, yet can really drain the adrenals and the innocence at the same time…

    How to become observation without watching?!

    Over time i have experienced a wonderful gift in this area and that is that i can really trust my body to recognise energy signatures, but i still often don’t know what to say or do with my body and words because i just feel stumped or overwhelmed. If i said what i was realising it’s probably ‘Oh Crap.’ When i dig deeper the kindness is there, but it’s not the first gesture and the imminent overwhelm seems to confuse me.

    lots of love

  17. Great Question

    • Hello Lujan,
      I have also a question for you, although it is more of a petition or a suggestion.
      This night I have dreamt that I was one of your students, we were all in a big apartment where we practiced Spiral Energetics.
      This has made me realize how much I desire to start learning from your Teaching, but for the moment attending one of your workshops or personal tuition is beyond my possibilities.
      Knowing that several years may pass before my circumstances change and I can learn from you in person, I have come to the idea that perhaps you could prepare some videos to learn at distance the simplest exercises -like the “Embracing the tree” that you show in your YouTube channel-, and sell them through Internet.
      In this way, people like me with little economic resources could afford this more economic option, and we could start learning and practicing your system and benefiting from it.
      Otherwise I get the feeling that we might be loosing precious time.

      Kind regards

  18. There was a similar question that emerged when I listened. If someone takes or it appears as if they do weaken and give intending to compromise, and we have to communicate to protect ourselves. The art of stalking and whisperings linked for me here and the interview, regarding water contamination I recall. To what extent should we acquiesce our will to the greater will? Isn’t it the design we should accept that we are all inevitably acting as extensions of? I feel relaxed realizing this traveling. I see my resign to trusting the design and affecting minimally thru observation is functional enough unless I feel highly pressured to speak or protect like being suggested to question here but I often over do it if i speak or i become a miser of words shutting down unless staying silent. Is this advisable? Or is it too passive, how do you gauge when and how to communicate? Or should it just be as another part of the same being, staying heart centered in that knowing? Its as if there is only a fleeting view of a personal outlook or intention. I felt a fight to surrender and a surrender to fight.

  19. When you conect the dark matter is it like to be born again?

    is the dark matter everywhere present recapitulating itself?

  20. It feels like love is the root and fruit of self, that when we are reduced and innocence is seen in everything communing, are we simply responsible for being integral openings and allowing loving expression to emerge from the infinite intention?

  21. Hi and thabk you for this space. Could music play a role in starting the process of recapitulation? All the best.

  22. Thank you.

  23. The following is a pretty abstract question but comes out of some things I’ve been reading on the web: Can the gravity of dark matter heal the void, or what some call the “gap” in the human form?

  24. As I listened to this video over again, I began to be so drawn in to much of what Lujan was expressing that I decided to transcribe parts of the video. I share those here with others who might benefit from these words. I also had a question that I will get to at the end of this entry.

    This exchange starts at about minute 32 into the video. Bridgette was talking about using or “building” on what a person has learned to aid others. Lujan responded:

    “Here’s the kicker with that: You can’t really expect to build anything. The moment you expect something in return then it really won’t build for you in the way that it’s meant to be built. So you have to build without expecting to build anything. You’ve got to do the work and when the work’s done, then you reap the rewards you’ve been working for. You don’t know what those rewards are going to be. You can’t expect specifics. If you expect specifics, then that becomes isolated. That becomes personalized because you expected it.

    “ …I could look at my whole life and say, ‘How did I get here?’ And I really don’t know how I got here. And I don’t really expect to be the person I am, but I arrive upon the unexpected part of myself because I really don’t have an idea of who I’m going to be. I don’t really know what that’s going to be until the next moment. So there’s no expectation, there’s only hard work.

    “I don’t have an expectation of result. All I’m doing is looking for that gravity while I’m doing my work in terms of my physical work, which takes about six hours a day. Doing that work without an expectation and only looking for the gravity is all there is.

    “If you feel energy and love and compassion for your circumstances and don’t feel self-important enough to be upset, then you know that you’ve progressed to be certain that you don’t know who you’re going to be in the next moment.

    “Things are just the way they are, and it is just the way it is. And there’s no way to re-correct anything that’s already been done. You can only monitor who you are. And even that is only done at the moment you are communicating. So if you’re not communicating with someone else there’s nothing that you can do wrong because you can’t offend yourself or do anything that can be really wrong there. Your self-reflection is completely gone. Your self-reflection has got to do with your moral imperative in terms of being with other people. That can only be measured when you have the feeling, ‘Oh, I did the wrong thing or I feel empty enough to be happy,’ to see into that individual’s dilemma to help them without them even knowing. This is the only measuring tool we’ve got. “

    Lujan, my question has to do with your comment on self-reflection. “Your self-reflection has got to do with your moral imperative in terms of being with other people.” What then is our imperative when we are alone? In other words, when we are in solitary mode, how can we set the proper intent for day-to-day living, including our daily tasks and responsibilities, in order to align ourselves in the best possible way?

    And lastly, I came across this verse from the Tao Te Ching that struck me as fitting perfectly with this post.

    The sage is kind to those who are kind
    He is also kind to those who are not kind.
    It is the kindness of Action itself.
    He is trustworthy to those who are trustworthy.
    He is also trustworthy to those who are not trustworthy.
    It is the trustworthiness of Action itself.
    In the world, the sage inhales.
    For the world, the sage keeps the mind simple.
    All people are fixated on the ears and eyes
    while the sage always smiles like a child.

    Thank you so much, Lujan!

    Love and Hugs,


  25. I have been having dreams and I am sharing cause I don’t know what to do. This week has been a new beginning and I am afraid too continue without becoming a lucid dreamer. I am feeling to cry because I do not agree thinking it is a path with heart yet my paranoia is having me very obsessive. I am not sure of the implications and don’t know how things that happening in dreams affect me.
    idk how too share, I can’t separate what I’ve read and what happened to me and what might be what actual was instead of what might be me saying so cuz of parania.

    • I am not wanting too sleep but I am also not wanting to follow whisperings and reverse my eyes and ears because I want an easier way so I won’t have too be connected too what I know anymore.

  26. Hi Lujan

    I have a question related to recapitulation when alone. Sometimes, when driving, I reach a point of stillness, and seemingly random glimpses of memory arise. They are not anything I am looking for. I am at a loss of how to be in this moment with the memory gestalt, as I feel if I connect with them I may then be sucked into the social eddies I was impacted by, or be trapped in stalking, and be waylaid by myself. Any guidance would be appreciated!

    • A memory that you began too have an internal dialogue with?
      I have had times where I was speaking and I was actually in another time, and I couldn’t voice my truth because then I didn’t so I used a lot of opinions.

  27. Hi everyone!

    The next interview is coming up this weekend and I’d like to invite you to be as direct as possible with your questions.

    Consider that they will be spoken live, so let the phrasing support the clarity of what you would really like to ask about. Reading it aloud to yourself to check whether it is what you meant to say could be useful.

    If a question is long or winding it becomes less obvious what you are really getting at. When the original wording conveys the query consisely, in a way that other listeners will be able to relate to as well, that makes it easy for us to include it in the interview.

    In the same breath, it’s not about trying to make your question sound ‘perfect’. The important thing is to get to the point and speak from the heart. This is a unique opportunity to access some truly interesting information and I’m really looking forward to the portals opening!

    Thank you so much for participating is this incredible dialogue.



  28. From The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception:

    “These imprints are so insidiously stationed that, once triggered, they become self-sustaining through habitual identification. Yet that usable network only connects in our realm if we are stabilized and fixed within familiar routines. If these routines are dismantled within the living construct, the shadow will then have less opportunity to implant itself”

    Lujan, will you give us some examples of our self-chosen preoccupations that cause us to sustain the imprints, which in turn cause us loss of memory and awareness?

  29. Since practicing the internal silence techniques in Whisperings of the Dragon, I have been experiencing increasingly long and effortless periods of inner silence during my daily life.

    This is a beautiful thing to witness but what does it take to disengage the internal dialogue more permanently? Although it is now much easier to enter into periods of silence, I feel no closer to permanently residing there.

  30. Has the interview taken place? If not, is there still time to ask another question?

    I’m so excited about hearing this interview, I’m having a problem being patient…

  31. I’m also excited to hear the interview… Hopefully soon!

  32. is it still possible to send you questions?

  33. regarding the fact that we are connected to cycles such as the moon cycle, does it affect men and women in a different way energetically?
    in indigenous traditions you often find men avoiding women while menstruating and excluding them from their sacred ceremonies.
    please be so kind to give us further insights how to live in harmony with the moon cycle and with eachother as cyclic beings.

    to synchronize our practice with the moon cycle you told us that it is safe to practice outside below the full moon. do you regard only one day as full moon and choosing the right day, would it be the night closest to full moon or the night before it gets full?

    in the interview shown above you explain the way the movements connect us to the spiral dynamics of the universe by being aware of the gravity in our hands and connecting them to our lower dantien.
    by bringing the energy towards the lower dantien , at a certain point
    the whole body starts to shake from the lower belly.
    i remember you bringing this effect in relation to the body producing
    dmt. it feels like awakening the bodys own intelligence which starts to follow its own guidance. this had different effects on me like shadows leaving my body , spontaneous flow of movements ,….
    would you please go a little more into detail on this toppic?
    are those effects connected to what you call opening the ancient primordial portal to antimatter?

    from heart to heart
    a big thank you
    the window you opened brings peace and confidence
    that there is something wonderful worth waiting for

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