Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness

Dr. Granville Dharmawardena of the University of Colombo writes that psychologists often speak of the mind and the body as two separate entities for convenience, but most acknowledge that they are intimately entwined. Yet none knows exactly how or how intimately. So the mind body problem keeps stubbornly resisting a definite solution. Philosopher John Searle (Mills Professor of Philosophy, University of California, and Berkley) says that today’s philosophers are reluctant to tackle such big problems as how people have been trying to understand their relationship to the universe.

All these refer to the elusive relationship between the body and the mind referred to more generally as the brain-mind problem. The brain-mind relationship has baffled mankind for a very long time. One main reason for this is that it was not considered as a candidate for scientific study until recently.

Psychology and related sciences were able to continue for many years by either ignoring the brain entirely or at best treating it as a black box whose rules of operation could be understood without reference to its internal contents or composition.

The human brain without doubt is the most complex organ in the known universe. It is physical and biological. Therefore, it has to be amenable to scientific probing without the intervention of such considerations as the Gödel’s theorem, which states that there are statements in mathematical systems which are true but cannot be proven within those systems.

Consciousness on the other hand is neither physical nor biological. Therefore, it is a more elusive subject to deal with and Gödel’s considerations may have a role to play there. Attempts to understand brain and consciousness have been mostly based on restrictive Newtonian classical science and exclusively the material realm composed of matter.

Although the powers of understanding of human senses and the scope of Newtonian science are limited to three spatial dimensions, the scope of our universe is not limited to three dimensions. In fact, news theories hypothesize there are eleven dimensions. Many of the natural phenomena happening within our universe transcend the three dimension scene. Therefore, it is not possible to assume that the mechanisms of operation of the brain and consciousness remain imprisoned within the confines of Isaac Newton’s three dimensional material universe. Just as the Earth was proved not to be the center of the universe, our current theories that govern our physical universe such as Einstein’s gravity theory and others may become obsolete in our understanding of reality.

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  1. I Will enjoy the reviewing of this video.
    Thank you for this great gift of knowledge.

  2. This is a fine video. Excellent. I look forward to taking my time with it. Thank you, Lujan, for posting.

  3. Holy Smokes! These seem like great keys to liberation. Great gratitude dear Lujan.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. I’ve got a few email comments on this video. Please leave your comments here for me. I don’t answer questions in emails.

    There are many parts of this video that I agree with but there are always elements that need to be expanded upon and other concepts that you can use the principles from my books to discover the contradictions and the truths that have been discovered.

    For example, seeking social validation and the principles outlined in this part of the video can be seen as internal confirmation of seeing. Remember that these are just words – validation and confirmation. They only outline a formula. You have to look at it and see it from this perspective and devise your conclusions through your own internal knowing, which will correspond to the state of awareness that you are operating from.

  5. Wowsers :) <3 <3 <3 Thanks for sharing this video! I love the science in this video & also some of the conclusions. The imagery is also very helpful, as some of this content I have mostly learnt in an oratory form or with pictures/diagrams. The animation enlivens the information for the imagination, helping it sink. Great videos and very informative. Just what I need to watch right now! Many Thanks Lujan.

  6. Thank you for this very interesting video. I’m listening to it for the second time. I missed the jump from the operation of the brain and socialization to universal energetics.

    Lujan, what do you mean by “internal confirmation of seeing?”

    • When you read “Whisperings of the Dragon” the section on validation and confirmation has the answer to your question. These words were used as a formula to bridge intellectual understanding and bring the body into experiential substance.

  7. As I thought about my question throughout the day, I realized I probably do know the answer to it. From reading Whisperings of the Dragon, I have come to understand much more of myself and those around me. Sometimes I can barely sit through it all and remain silent, it’s causing me to see so much. Thank you.

  8. cold, stark splendor, without embroidery or emotional manipulation.

    I enjoy also the great contrast transitioning between the content and the commercials.

    because the content summons our highest common denominator.
    while the commercials, are designed to summon our lowest.

    gratitude, peace and love to all

  9. Hello, I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on c=hf…..C being consciousness, h being the plank constant, f being frequency—- frequency of what?—- mave xxx

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