Dear Future Generations: Sorry

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  1. I had a dream. To live long. Very Long. I studied and gained knowledge to fullfill this dream, but 2 weeks ago I realized as Lujan said, that I am in the wrong place. I realized that I have no place to put my dream in practice. We do not have more than 50 years as a civilisation. So my dream is gone. We are in this journey together and will die together, unless we all stop and change this paradigm. Here we are…

  2. Hi Lujan
    Thank you for the video highlighting the problem of the Earths destruction and a positive solution with the focus on trees.
    I am in complete agreement for the need to save our forests and natural habitats. There is a new movement among naturalists and conservationists to set aside half of the Earth for nature. The movement is led by biologist E. O. Wilson with his proposal in a new book “Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life” do out in March 2016. The idea is to re-wild half of the planet to promote biodiversity.
    In North America four regions would be returned to the wilderness; a western corridor from Nrn Mexico through the Rocky Mtns of the US and into Canada, a boreal forest across Canada, an Appalachian Mtn corridor, and a long leaf pine forest along the SE costal area of the US. More can be read about this rewilding movement in past articles on Planting trees is a positive action that people can take on their own initiative at an individual scale. For my part, I have planted two dozen trees on my half acre of land. I’m incorporating bushes and flowers to create a lasting hummingbird habitat.
    There is hope if enough people speak up and act now.
    Peace and Love,

  3. A major shift in human consciousness/awareness is required. A major shift in how the planets resources are shared.
    Will this shift arrive in time?
    Such an enormous amount of destruction in such a short time….100 years?
    I was a hippy….yep way back in the late 60’s and early and 70’s….long hair..jeans..peace and love. The youth movement then was wonderful. We really had a big impact…we felt we were united right across the globe. We really were convinced that a major change/shift in consciousness was occuring right then.
    Now some of my old ( and I mean old)friends are totally disillusioned and do not see any hope.
    Lujan is a messenger from the future, the worlds coolest hippy and I vote we make him president of our universe immediately.

  4. The worlds coolest hippy


  5. It should be noted that the vast majority of those trees are going down in order to raise cattle for the meat-eaters. Another huge proportion of those forests go down in order to grow food for those cattle. A massive amount of pollution of our water is done by factory farms of chicken and pigs.

    If we stopped saying “done for money” and said “done for food,” we could begin to change the food paradigm.

    My heart is saddened every day by this doing.

  6. Done for meat and processed food stuffs. It’s hard to imagine such a trade off but things can change. Keep making positive connections, growing awareness, rising to the occasion in our own lives every moment.

    I enjoyed the video. Do what you can do toward health, happiness, and harmony and keep doing it.

  7. Beautiful and inspiring videos, thanks for sharing them Lujan.
    Nature and us are on the same spiritual journey, and as the african saying points out, the one that travels alone goes faster, but the one that travels with company gets farther.

  8. There is a peaceful, quiet, powerful and intense revolution of consciousness happening right now, join in by taking responsibility for your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your world. — Norman Vincent Peale

    We can all co-create the changes we want to see, but firstly, these changes must be created within ourselves, only then will we see the reflection of our co-creation.

  9. Here is another by the same guy,(I am not black, I am not white)over 6 and a half million views in just over 2 months.
    Big Hug Leo

    • Thank you for sharing that, that touches the heart.

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