Interview with Lujan Matus from the Cosmic Giggle

Excerpts from the movie “The Cosmic Giggle” featuring Lujan Matus – the founder of Lo Ban Pai.

In this documentary Lujan speaks about communion and the subtleties that surround heart consciousness versus the social program.


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  1. Watched this video a couple of days and was attracted to what Lujan had to say in The Cosmic Giggle. Searched and signed up for the emails.

    Tried to watch the video on youtube channel regarding the dog. Could not listen to it as it caused discomfort within the 3rd and 4th chakra. Realize that there is light behind the darkness but find that causing myself pain to find that light may not be a good idea at this time on my path. This reflects my love and respect for all life. Is it a good idea to understand why others do harm to other aware life?

    Do you have a write up regarding this lesson that you are trying to teach, am interested, or if you would not mind relying to this inquiry, pointing to the light in this darkness without having to experience the darkness of it?

    Thank you sending love.

    • Relating the truthful story of the deer and the dog was an expression of light. We always learn through the experience of what occurs through other beings.

      It cannot be seen as good or bad. It can be seen for what it really is. This gives a human being a unique perspective in terms of knowing how they can proceed upon their path as a light being.

      Nothing can accompany you as long as you know that it doesn’t belong. And when you become aware of something it is a gift to allow you to see that which is hidden behind a veil.

      Gently walking around that which cannot be seen is better than walking through and into what you are unaware of.

      Life gave me these experiences and in turn I give you that event. It is not what you do with it that is important. It is what you don’t do with it.

      Tried to watch the video on youtube channel regarding the dog

      Lujan Matus Audiobook Excerpt from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

      • Thank you for the gift of your reply. It is very much appreciated.


        • You’re welcome.

          • Hi Lujan, had to listen to the video twice and think I got it – smile. For self, know that this life is to balance love (with all its flowers, like compassion) with wisdom.

            You are a very wise and kind being filled with love/light. Thank you again.


  2. You touched me by saying that you dont interfere with people`s Life`s and this is quite rare.
    I must admit that I had doubts about you before and about giving you my precious Life and heart in order to work with you in the Future via Skype or whatever, because I do want to learn from you, but this doesnt mean that you are allowed to interfere in my being, to steal my personal Power and you made clear that you absolutely understand this and let me show you my very rare and precious respect from now on.

    Respect isnt something I give to everybody and thats a present from me to you as much as giving you a present of me being myself without bowing down to the Guru. If you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the beautiful Video and your voice actually reminds me of my best (female) friend I had once. She loved me like no man has loved me and she had a similar tone of voice to yours, that`s interesting.

    I was always longing for this kind of Love in words, but in a man, because I am a woman.

    So I guess you`ve found the mother in you and that is very beautiful to see in a man. Very desirable, gentle and beautiful and this is what I would call real Power. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

    • Meike: These words are shared in love for all that you are. Power is not something that is stolen from you, it is something you agree to give away to another.


  3. I just like to say deeply thank you to you Lujan,I heard you first time in the cosmic giggle film,i was so touched
    it was like the first time i could hear words for what happened inside me.
    Thanks for putting these video on your blog, so i do not have to searched in youtube when i feel about it.

    It must be wonder full to take part in your seminars,It makes me happy to know that young people get the opportunity to get learn with you, i love reading in you blog,and enjoy and blesse my tears, my body is 58 but honestly i have no idea how old or jung i am…

    I like the gazing exercise, and be part of the energy field through your blog,the beautiful picture and words.
    Im grateful for these gift the seen and the unseen one.

  4. So beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. This is exquisitely timed for me, proof of our interconnectivity
    Thanx Lujan

  6. I too, at times, feel like the small dog; in that since I have not found or realized what I am ….. my innocence can and is being manipulated. From above “power is not something that is stolen from you, it is something you agree to give away to another” Yikes!

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