My First Meeting With Lujan Matus


Testimonial – Transformational Healing and Meditation Program

Dear Lujan

Thank you very much for the intense time together (in the Transformational Healing and Meditation Program). I was trying to tell my wife the essence of our call, … and interestingly, those few notes that I took really didn’t help me at all. We had good laughter together.

In fact everything was so intense and rapid that I was afraid to miss important pieces, trying to secure every precious moment. So this was my first learning about true communion.

And so many other things. I felt in the end that I was completely knocked down by a superb martial artist (or martial shaman). But it was not me that was knocked down, it was my ego.


I went later on to bed to “digest” and during that time my wife witnessed my double… while I was dreaming of practicing with you. This is now the third time she witnessed my double but I never managed to be conscious about it.

This time I wasn’t either, but when she woke me up to tell me what she saw I knew what she was going to tell me, I was empty enough for this to reveal.

I am really looking forward to our next Skype meeting.


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  1. One of the biggest contradictions with the double is that you can never really be aware of it when it is near you.

    In almost all cases it is indicated by other people around you.

  2. Being new to these teachings of this profound teacher feel this is important to communicate and is shared in love/light.

    In my belief system, Grande Masters have incarnated in human form to guide and teach, each with their own special gifts to share at different levels of our growth here on earth. Based on meditations and through dreams, have come to believe that Lujan Matus is one of these rare masters.

    Feel very blessed to come across these teachings which are gifts from all that is to all those who search.

  3. I’m blessed too.

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