The Connection Between the Lower Dantien and Third Eye Awakening


Hello, Nagual Lujan Matus, Sir,

I trust that you are as I always recall you….as free, clear, and happy. A thought came to me today as I was listening to Awakening the Third Eye.

About the double.:
I thought that perhaps the double, is my other being, that already knows. And that bringing the double to here is the goal, so the higher senses, third eye are alive in the very moment.

I felt this when considering also the process of recapitulation. And how you have taught about transmission of events that were well in your past, provided you with further insights.

The double, already knowing, delivers the truth to the organic living circumstances, your body, your mind.

And that bringing the double here is closing the gap, the latency between the occurrence and the understanding, information, the truth, which it stores, which it IS.

Please feel my love and gratitude.

The double is a rudimentary phenomenon that appears on the warrior’s path during their development. It can happen early in one’s life, or late. There is no governing rule behind it.

The reason I say it is rudimentary is that the only thing that really matters is the awe and wonder that occurs when you realize that when the double speaks it has a rhythmic tone that reveals its fractality in terms of the cosmic connections that are trans-dimensionally inter-dispersed within the realities that appear from the realization of hearing it speak.

Upon this point the warrior realizes that they cannot control, nor conceive of, the power which has graciously shown itself paradoxically out of the range of the willpower of the observer.

All that one can really obtain in life is to know that their insignificance, in terms of their impermanence, reveals enigmatically their formless connectivity to that which never existed, yet in actuality is there.

Know that the third eye is connected to the lower dantien and when realizing this the crown chakra opens to view the world unabashedly in terms of you being viewed simultaneously.

I am now engaged in teaching a new program called “Walking the Tao” that opens this state of awareness in terms of communion. I will soon elaborate on this.

I will teach you some of these techniques when you come to learn the Golden Lotus in Thailand. I will integrate these principles, which are the most difficult thing to understand in Lo Ban Pai.

I feel you too. I have always enjoyed my contact with you over Skype. Remember that intelligence is divisive and crafts the contours of what it examines into an understanding of the grid that is containing it. Insight is to be the grid itself that only conforms to the will power of the observer, paradoxically not complying to the focus by not revealing its true position that is beyond the observer’s grasp by virtue of the fact that the observance itself creates the context as a holographic unit of information that the observer actually beckons back to themselves via the fact that they are searching.

Confirmation is a very elusive affair. That’s why it is very important to humbly observe and not wish to be congratulated for the observance itself. For that in turn devours the warrior within their sense of self-grandeur instead of gracious holding of that which is a humbling affair that in the end, via its nature, cannot be held onto.

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  1. Ahh. The double. Thank you Mark for bringing up the topic. Lujan, your response was almost word for word as my former mentor, Mystic Bob, who early on recommended this website to me. Only one of two.
    He refers us to Spirit Warriors.

    I was first told about the double by my Russian Grandmother, who was my first teacher in these subjects.

    The magic, how it happens, when it happen, I was told, it cannot be explained or rationalized. No telling when or how, our integrity is what is important. At first it was like “time stopping”. Known to others as “time traveling”. Now I call it inter-dimensional travel. I rarely speak of these subjects. This the reason for this blog. A community to explore, to shift to what matters. A life to live, a life to love, a life to matter. PatH

  2. Time in relation to the double is a most confounding phenomena. It is the most notable aspect of the doubles presence in my experience.

    When the double manifests, the time and space continuum is breeched.

    The feeling is quite remarkable. It feels as if there is something behind the anti- particle matter form that is absorbing the moment entirely, before it even happens. As if one is resting delicately upon the lip of a black hole. I do not know if this occurrence is atypical. But it is absolutely mind numbing to experience a reality construct where time literally does not factor.

    There is no ability to think or process whatsoever without the composite of time. Just sheer beingness.

    Yet these idiosyncratic moments along ones path are no more relevant then being where one is.

  3. I love you, Lujan.

  4. I love both of you! Thank you for your uplifting being and sharing.

  5. By God, Lujan,your expression has become even more clear and eloquent! I miss you. But not now…

  6. Such a beautiful thread. Thanks everyone!

  7. HI Lujan, little off topic, but will you still be doing interview with Naomi anytime soon? Thanks

  8. Soon

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