One’s Core Integrity

The integrity of this man is something to behold.

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  1. wow

  2. And he’s looking to help orange trees!

  3. His sweet innocence is what has me in tears.

  4. Does Lujan like tv? ;) I notice his body seems so well woven together. You can tell he was raised in a home that didn’t break his integrity.

  5. Thank you Lujan and Mizpah for sharing this.

    Living in constant contact with the earth keeps the body/mind/soul intact, and connects the heart to other hearts. Beautiful. They call the farmland of America, the heart of America.

    Revealing too, how some investors heartlessly exist just to make a buck.

  6. Does Lujan like tv? ;)

    I like to watch things with heart and meaning that allow me to laugh and cry. I’ve never watched Shark Tank. This is something that came to my attention through one of my students.

    This farmer actually made me cry gentle tears of hope and joy. It was so easy to feel him.

    • Thank you for answering my question Lujan. I figured that the clip had been recommended or passed on to you. Can’t imagine you having much time for passive entertainment since I have learned how devoted you are to the practice of Lo Ban Pai (thanks to interviews with Bridget on her Consciousness of Economics channel) and to teaching it

    • “I like to watch things with heart and meaning that allow me to laugh and cry”

      Hi Lujan, I have been thinking lately on the movie “Dances with wolves”, wich I watched long time ago, but from what I remember is a beautiful and inspiring movie, and I was wondering if you know of any other movie that you consider worth watching.

  7. I felt in the interaction between him and the one who turned him down my own inner struggle between my heart’s soft and gentle voice and the other louder, aggressive voice in my head. My heart has simple plans of beauty and the other voice asks how much it can make, what it can get out of it, and basically complicates things to the point of paralysis.

    The one who accepted and became his business partner makes for a great representation of the lion who gets devoured by man (Gospel of Thomas reference). It is a collaboration between the infinite heart and the small thinking aspect of the mind, instead of the collaring of the heart by the small thinking aspect.

    I love that man in the orange shirt so much! I also feel tremendous love for the one who turned him down for all that he must be missing in his own life. It was obvious that this man in the orange shirt had a deep impact on all of them, and he remains deeply impactful for me as well. His innocence gave him such strength and power.

  8. Ahhhh! This touched me deeply. I grew up on a farm in Canada. Although it was very hard work and often heart breaking I really love what being part of the land and animals gave me. Thank you for sharing this video.

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