The Teachings of Dragon’s Tears

Lo Ban Pai

At some point in my life I started to realize something basic was wrong with the way I had experienced my reality. I was sad, worried, angry or feeling anxiety most of the time even on occasions where I was supposed to feel happiness.

This realization had made me start looking for some answers; something that would help me feel happy. I remember telling my husband that I feel my vision of life is wrong and that I need to find a good eye doctor to fix it.

I realized that the way I perceive things cannot be true as it created mainly suffering. I just knew there had to be something I am not seeing. I have started to learn and do many things connected to spirituality, reading books, yoga, healing programs, meditations and then I read The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. I felt a deep need for more. I found out that Lujan was teaching and signed for Skype lessons and for the two-week Dragon’s Tears program.

After two weeks of being with Lujan I feel I have left as a different person. I have hope and love in my heart.

How can I explain how it feels to be faced with clear truth?

My mind was arguing and my body was aching. While Lujan was pointing out and showing me my lies and programs, with endless patience he kept showing me the truth over and over until I saw it and all that was needed for me was to be able to drop my resistance and seeing came out like magic.

My programs created controlling issues, righteousness, a need to be dominant and fear. When seen I was left with freedom, with emptiness and with a deep realizations that have changed me forever.

All that came out was accepted. No judgment just truth. In every session we had talked and learned the Dragon’s Tears movements. These movements made me feel connected to something so beautiful and precious.

When I practice I am in truth. I can’t explain it in words. All I know is that after these two weeks Lujan had given me an amazing gift.

These movements keeps the memory of being myself in truth alive, the seeing of my programs more clear and my need to be free of all of them more profound. My heart remembers and my body does too.

I am endlessly grateful.

All My Love,



Miya and her training partner Andrea were the most diligent practitioners I have ever come across. This gave me the opportunity to teach them some movements from “Walking the Tao” and the result of this was to open their central channels.

This is a very difficult thing to talk about upon remembrance but maybe Miya, this will be enough to jog your memory to write a comment down below, because these movements combined with the Dragon’s Tears create an extreme capacity to be in a state of communion, and then opening up the central channel to its feeling capacity of its full potential.

When this occurs, the practitioner uncontrollably pants rapidly   and more than often cries with relief to realize that they are free within their limitations.

Miya, do you remember the internal lotus flowers you saw, and also the external one? Everyone would love to hear about this.

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  1. Dear Lujan, Yes off course I remember and so the experience was really hard to describe while doing part of the movements of Dragon Tears I had seen two lotus flours appear inside me.

    At first I had seen a white Lotus flower that had showed up in my 3rd eye it was small with light blue cloudy edges and it had bright white light coming out of it was very beautiful and not so big and it was buzzing, after a while a red Lotus flowered appeared it was larger and wider and was located in my lower dantien area it almost felt it had a warm energy to it

    After seeing these flowers for the first time they had appeared over and over again every time I had practice

    During our last session together while practicing the room energy felt very different to me it was wavy and thick, I was following the routine when suddenly it felt as if I had gone somewhere I had no idea where I went and was quite confused by it when I was back

    I had tried to concentrate in the movements and quiet my confusion when suddenly I saw an image of another Lotus flower, this one was not located in my body like the other two it was floating outside of me around my hart region and it was tilted toward me it was a very beautiful shiny green flower and it had golden glow.

    It had been a few days since the program ended but I can still see it around me and when I am quiet and listening to Lujan’s playlist I go back to the feeling of being gone

    It is interesting I have a distinct feeling I go somewhere with Lujan I just have no idea where

    All my Love,


  2. Wow that’s inspiring, I just finished training and read. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your account is very beautiful. And this, along with Andrea’s testimonial make a twin pair of beauties!

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