The Love-Based Teachings of Shamanism and Lujan Matus


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Nicole Page. If you would like to offer your support for Nicole please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Firstly, would like to share that am very new to the teachings of Shamanism and Lujan Matus but can easily recognize love based teachings. I am a well-seasoned, retired female and have been blessed in this life to find another Master Teacher, Lujan Matus, feel so humbled, loved and guided.

My first experience with the teachings of Lujan Matus was in the video The Cosmic Giggle, after watching became curious and wanted to hear more. While searching for more of Lujan’s teachings, came to the Parallel Perception website expressing and sharing open loving communication with Lujan and other members/students. When searching for truth, messages come into consciousness through meditation or dreams and inner guidance was pointing to continue searching within Lujan’s teachings, so it began.

Since then, have read many of Lujan teachings/responses on the website and have purchased the new edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. Reading this book lead to the important conclusion that Lujan has obtained his unique wisdom from experiences, not through books or knowledge of another and his teachings where not of this world, the prerequisites of a Master Teacher. Some of the teachings/knowledge given within this book and website resonated deeply. The chapter Fear Not, Be Free giving a tool so important when dealing with past issues that imprint us so deeply as children or even as adults.

When Lujan spoke of the loneliness of the heart with Andrea, felt and knew this state and respect Lujan for such profound guidance. Have asked questions of Lujan, and his answers are always given in love and wisdom and the response given to his definition of “humbled” was very unique and rare. When reading Lujan’s responses/teachings and/or reading a testimony of another member/student on the website, an energetic whirlwind of love energy fills and surrounds my being and this state of joy/bliss are the blessings of connecting with the hearts of others.

Reading “The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception” and the website where my first glimpses into the teachings of a Master Shaman. In symbol, it is like having only one potato chip knowing there is a whole bag to enjoy, leaving one craving for more. To learn and experience shamanic movement and undertake tuition in Lo Pan Pai with Lujan Matus would be spirit coming into another fruition. Through searching the teachings of Lujan, know and accept there is so much more to experience to increase spiritual development through these teachings.

One very important aspect of learning from another is trust, this has been fulfilled and opens the gateway to wonderful new experiences through these teachings offered by Lujan. To experience new energy cultivation, more inner silence, health, feeling more connected, new meditative experiences and opening the Dragon Gates, further opening of the heart, opening portals, development of personal power gifted through Lujan’s teachings would uplift vibrational existence to new levels.

The scholarship would be a dream come true. To meet, communicate with and be witness to the loving vibrational energy of the nagual Lujan and Mizpah Matus, to experience these teachings as well as learning the Shamanic Practices of Lo Pan Pai with a bonus of Ling Kong aspects of the Golden Lotus. All this in a beautiful natural environment including the added benefit of sharing these experiences from the heart with other like-minded students. One whole week filled with new experiences, would be awe-inspiring and spiritually/vibrational up lifting beyond words. No matter the outcome, thank you both Lujan and Mizpah, for this exciting presented opportunity of a lifetime.

Sincerely in love,
Nicole Page





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  1. Nicole im really smiling feeling you. You feel like a joyous yes :)

  2. Dear Nicole, you speak right out of my heart,thanks,Love Erika

  3. Dear Nicole,

    I wish you the whole bag of tasty chips and more.

    Love Marianne

  4. Phi, Erika and Marianne have received your warmheartedness within, returning it to you in a state of gratitude acknowledging your gifts.

  5. hi nicole and thanks – that’s funny your writing feels like lujan’s words here in this comment to me.. did that happen?

    • Hi Phi,
      Have been applying the teaching of love by Lujan, his meaning and feeling of “Graciously Humble” in my life with wonderful outcomes through self awareness. That is wonderful that you felt that, can point to that teaching for you if you wish to further examine.

      • thankyou nicole, woops! i misinterpreted you via the grammar in your first reply before. i thought you were telling me that erika & marianne have received my feeling, but now i see that you are writing that *you received the feelings from all 3 of us. :) i couldn’t place the words with your voice. This does highlight the importance of listening with the heart, not our external eyes… ♥ thankyou for graciously humble. :)

  6. To serve Phi and others in love, Lujan’s teaching of “Graciously Humble” can be found on blog dated March 8, 2016 titled SEARCHING FOR POWER IN DREAMING, asked the question and was answered by Lujan Matus by two consecutive posts dated March 10, 2016. :)

  7. Hi, Nichole, reading your words throughout these posts is like watching some kind of miracle unfold. Remarkable.

    • Hi Jerry Lee, your words touched my heart deeply. These are the words exactly expressing what I saw in your posts.

      Your words have given great joy and bliss knowing that somehow have uplifted and served another in love, as you have.

  8. Dearest Lujan: Everyone from all around the world are so grateful to have a place to share overseen by the Master Shaman and Teacher, Lujan Matus. When reading all of the applications for scholarship, noticed that many are reaching out at this time to share and communicate their experiences with others in the same heart space, no matter their level of seeking. It would be another blessing from Lujan Matus giving a place for new members to introduce themselves and communicate with each other, the joining of hearts, done by the means you see fit intertwining with all that you are. One of your first posts to myself, you indicated we learn from the experiences of others (Dog Parable) was another wake-up call. Watched myself through the experiences of others and wanted to embrace them all, leading to more growth and potential within all of us.

    In respect and love

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