Lo Ban Pai and Walking the Tao



I recently spent an intense two weeks learning Awakening the Energy Body and Walking the Tao with Nagual Lujan Matus.

Awakening the Energy Body is not to be undertaken lightly. The physical demands were grueling. But the benefits to the body and spirit were felt immediately. With a few days of practice, the body adapts and the movements become easier. Lujan’s teaching was tough, but moderated with a delightful sense of humor. In addition to the fire turtles and whipping dragon movements, I was introduced to my walrus, distressed penguin and overweight puppy dog :). Be ready for a good workout, if you dare.

From Walking the Tao, I learned the importance of movement and the mysterious circulations of our energetic and physical bodies. Lujan explained beautifully how a tree gains strength from the wind moving it externally in circular movements. However, humans must gain strength from moving internally. Walking the Tao series makes us aware of our inner circulations and is an excellent system of movements geared to strengthen our body and spirit.

I can say without a doubt Lujan is a truly gifted spiritual guide versed in the mysteries of ancient eastern traditions of shamanism as well as the more recent Christian traditions. An unexpected gift was the introduction to the Gospel of Thomas and guidance in the Gnostic mysteries. Most insightfully, he was able to apply one of the parables to my life circumstances. My spiritual sense of Christianity was revived by his inspired teaching and application.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to learn. My deepest thanks to Lujan.


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  1. “Lujan explained beautifully how a tree gains strength from the wind moving it externally in circular movements. However, humans must gain strength from moving internally.” These words about the circular movements arrived with such strength. Lujan’s words echo like energy spirals unfurling more and more as time goes by.

    Thanks for your testimonial, Michael.

  2. Thank you Michael for sharing your experience, that was very interesting and inner eye opening. Within these testimonies, one can see that Master Teacher Lujan sees within each one of his students and chooses the most appropriate path to achieve the desired growth through the student’s heart.

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