Finding My Path of Heart


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Meike Rieger. If you would like to offer your support for Meike please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I came across the work of Lujan Matus a few years ago when I bought myself a caravan on a camping site in northern Germany, wanting to step out of society for a while, reconnecting with nature.

I was surrounded by an amazing forest, 5 minutes away from the northern German seaside and my senses were heightened. I stayed there for one year to experience all seasons, even the scariest storms, snow, thunder and learned from the trees, birds, animals, from the scents of nature. But not only that. I also learned about humans and living there alone as a woman wasn’t easy.

I believe that I dreamed myself into the world of Lujan when I was looking for ways of developing within myself and reconnecting with the heart and so I attracted some strong dreamers in the Internet who told me about his work. I read his books and let it settle for a while.

I always loved dreaming and creating art while listening to music, but the surrounding I was living in wasn’t too supportive of fully getting into the arts and so I felt blocked in my life and stopped creating, because my surrounding reacted emotional every time I made a step.

Nature itself is very silent and every sound can be heard, connecting to people from far away is easy in dreaming and feeling and so I must have felt the energy that can help me to find something in me that has been denied by parents and society for a long time: finding my path of heart and therefore personal power.

After I read the books, I got inspired to detox my Body, so I decided to move away from Germany and to start a small business selling fresh fruit and vegetable juices in Holland, so that I can combine earning money with something good, yet also using it for myself as a space for cleansing my Body. Lujan’s words have been so powerful for me that I was able to make this step.

I am 40 years old and would like to participate at the workshop, because so far my life has been chaotic due to a childhood that was very draining for the energy body, for my soul and heart. It was very emotional instead of feeling and I believe that Lujan’s work can transform and bring me forward easily, healing the false conditions I grew up with, developing strength and heart.

Kind regards

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  1. Best wishes Meike on your path of heart.

  2. Hope you keep following your path and meet Lujan on it.

  3. You sound incredibly resourceful Meike. I had a similar childhood, based on how you described yours– and I have also done various somewhat extreme things to try and shake up my mind and reset the patterns… but I wasn’t as bold as you. I am sure you will get to study with Lujan soon and I bet you will be an excellent student, since it seems like you are willing to go to great lengths to heal.

  4. I adore your story and how you took action to bring your life into alignment with your inner truth. So many of us haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’ve left so many careers because I could not participate in the deceptions inherent in the work that were unfathomable in my idealistic bubble. I admire your ability to create what you needed and I hope that confidence and ability is contagious 😄😍 🌹

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