Rediscovering My Original Self


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by David Jeske. If you would like to offer your support for David please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Lujan Matus has foresight. The only way I can explain this is by chess. If you were too play and were too meet another player who was a master at this game then you will agree that he is a master because of how well he shows that he knows your moves before you make them. Anyone who read any of his books did so with the same gesture-teach me. Now being who Lujan Matus is of course he is ready for us.

Our journey is over every second we stop. Now I was practicing the mirror technique and I was in the backyard on a evening where people were out and conversations were in progress. Sitting there feeling I felt the oncoming effects of my own validation or dogma. I felt it and thought I need to love this person. I continued too feel and respond the same way Oh this is this and I need to feeling this way. I knew then that I shouldn’t love or honor because I am suppose too and I shouldn’t do so because I know I would be able too continue feeling a certain way. I didn’t want to be like that and I saw how too avoid it.

So what did I did? I became my realizations and endured. What I felt was a union so powerful that I was the only one responsible for everything. A quote from Lujan Matus, we must remember that the only true wealth we have is the freedom of another human, not their entrapment.

So this one time I was with a friend and I can’t remember what she said but my response was how if I respond socially then it will end to this regard. Whatever I had said it was with my heart and it was with my truth. I can assure of one thing and that was that it was lighthearted. She commented what turned off the lights as where we were was at a park and all the lights where on and when I said what had to be said all the lights turned off. The conversation continued and I was then impacted and spoke and this time it was without foresight only wanting too give voice too a new perspective on something which gave me renewed hope. Her response I remember her smiling. In all of our time together I will remember this moment.

The benefits of Lo Ban Pai and why I wish too learn. So far the effects of the mirror technique and 8 gates of dreaming awake have revealed themselves too me as a practice that would regain my original self and create an adult. The effects of Lo Ban Pai I have never experience but I do not doubt Lujan Matus’s when he says that Lo Ban Pai reconstitutes our body, our energy, and our expression through Lo Ban Pai movements. Lo Ban Pai reminds me of kintsugi which is the act of repairing something with gold. Even though I have lived my life I may always add gold too myself rather than too give up.

David Jeske





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  1. “The only true wealth we have is the freedom of another human” that is so powerful and I can see where I e been on both sides of the drama unfolding when that freedom has been challenged. I will also remember your words when I’m feeling less than I am, “add gold to myself.” I feel golden light comes from Source. I used to have dreams of beings teaching me how to control sparkling streams of golden light entering the top of my head and flowing from my hands. I think it is healing -repairing with gold 🌹

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