Desiring to Enter the Gate


Image by Donna Holloman

This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Donna Holloman. If you would like to offer your support for Donna please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

One of my artworks: “Worlds Eye See”

Dear Master Lujan Matus,

I once was an eagle soaring so high
Then came a hunter’s shot, but I did not die.
I fell to the Earth, on Four Corners, I did land.
As fierce as a tigress ready to bite off a hand.

The forest was alight, there were flames everywhere
Home for precious life went without a care.
Indignation arose, “How could you dare?! ”

Death, again escaped me right then and right there
Once, a Redwood seed lay upon a woodsy floor
On Boots of a spelunker to a cave I was bore
Dreaming of fishes and seas and distant shores

I could mete out revenge for them all, you see
No knife is needed for that to be. Instead, I CHOOSE by
Justice and Hope and Beauty and Life – to live and to lead
In serenity and peace, without malice or strife

I’ve walked through the fire and stumbled through the rain
It’s time to emerge from this cave’s slumber and all of its pain
The Shimmering Path, together, is what we shall pave.
Here within myself, there’ll be true change- a spiral so wide will be within range.

Choosing not the paths of violence or hate,
I stand before you, humbly
Desiring to enter the Gate.

In discovering the teachings of Lujan Matus through interviews with Consciousness of Economics‘ Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff , every atom of my being began to vibrate with renewed hope for the realization of my own potential, in service. Through this practice I aim to heal my body and mind from the traumas of my life (including my son’s murder) and to be a conduit for energies to heal humanity and Mother Earth.

I’m particularly concerned for the children who have lived through the horrors of war abroad and are now existing in refugee camps as well as those exiting the foster care system here in the states. Our destinies are woven together so that there will not be peace on Earth without healing and forgiveness. What we see the Israelis doing to Palestinians after suffering their own atrocities is a prime example of how this dynamic will play out in the future, lest we help those who we are 100% responsible for destroying. It is akin to one of my favorite teachings by Lujan, “Before the arrow has left the bow, it has pierced the hunter’s own heart.”

In many ways, finding Lujan is a circle back into my childhood self. I first became enamored with martial arts and Eastern philosophies watching David Carradine and convinced Mom to enroll our family in Shou Shu karate. I was a promising student, but the fearful insidiousness of gossip (addressed in Lujan’s teachings) caused her to stop the lessons. In high school, my interest was renewed, crushing on Bruce Lee and pouring over his philosophies and techniques. However, poor choices and their consequences led me astray and into the responsibilities of adulthood, a failed marriage and being a mother.

Connecting with Lujan’s teachings has engendered amazing experiences,indicative of the preciousness of what lies ahead. Once, closing my eyes after breath work; I saw a giant, ancient, blue eye watching me! My spirit leapt up in greeting, but it left without engaging in any dialogue. Not long after that, someone was in the shadows of my closet and when I told them to come out, laughter and lights danced across my bed before disappearing. Finally, one night I was in a rarely achievable, deep slumber. I was awoke with a rich, booming voice calling my name loudly, “Donna!” I shot straight up in the bed to find myself utterly alone and in absolute silence.

Still studying Whisperings of the Dragon and The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, I have so much to learn! Having the opportunity to undertake tuition in Spiral Energetics with the Master Lujan Matus will heal and unblock the energy systems within me, grounding me firmly in a practice that can sustain my body, mind and spirit through my personal growth and explorations of consciousness, while leading me into my destiny.

Thank you for your support of my journey home to myself,

With my love and respect,

Donna Lou Holloman

(My name means: Lady Battle Maiden for the Whole-I-man – maybe that is a clue to my reason for being here?)


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  1. Donna, what a bold and passionate entry. I’ve read it several times…feeling your struggle and your strength in these words. I hope you get to go to the retreat and learn Lo Ban Pai, May your son Rest in Power.

  2. I know a warrior when I see one. Let Time be your friend. Now’s the time!

  3. Adult Child and Maya S. Thank you for your compassionate words of support🌹 May you walk in beauty and love.

  4. Dearest Donna, Of all the entries I read, your gave me the goosebumps. It resonated w/my soul, as you speak of the children as I always do and long to alleviate their suffering as I do and have tried to the best I can. Hugs to you for your son, I want u to get this chance to learn frm Lujan,I hope it is so..Much Love to You, and to be a Hollo-man, is a great way of being, there is a Native American saying/way of life, that I took to heart decades ago, it is; to have Hollow Bones, so that the Highest Will shall be manifest thru you,for me it is the only way to be..Cheers xoxo

  5. Thank you, Jane for your support and kindness. I like the story you shared and I will search for it. My granddaughters are from the Mono tribe, but I haven’t heard that particular story. It also reminds me of dreams I had when I was at university. There were beings around me, but I couldn’t see faces, just long, hooded robes. There was a stream of sparkling golden light entering my head and flowing from my hands. I think they were teaching me how to control and direct it for healing. That also relates to a prayer I had from childhood to be a conduit for God’s love. I’ll be 50 in December, and the eldest living member of my family. At this time, I feel the balance of my life belongs to the service of future generations. I have a few creative ideas. One involves developing a community for kids exiting the foster care system and highly functioning autistic adults that could also be a model for those recovering from opiate addictions that are plaguing every community across America. Another is to make my way through to the refugee children and their families to use alternative healing methods as I know the religion and culture, so I can present them in such a way that they will be welcomed and not seen superstitiously. My great-grandparents started a church and rescue mission for the homeless, so I have a wonderful example that taught me to take action when you see others in need. I hope to become a woman worthy of that legacy.

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