In Awe At The Radiance Coming From Source


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Zuzana. If you would like to offer your support for Zuzana please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I have been following Parallel Perception only for few months. I wish I could share a personal experience in working with Lujan or some psychic insights; however I can only describe the initial perceptions on discovering this path.

I tried to listen to Lujan’s interview but hand on heart I mostly got lost. Encouraged by the scholarship program I got the Whisperings of the dragon on audio‎. I am so glad I did! It was a revelation, an eye opener for the areas I have been struggling with, offering approach I have not heard of before. There are so many teachers recycling common knowledge. Yet here I was in awe at the radiance coming from source; even with my limited capacity I recognised the genuine alignment and deep insights. But hey who am I to give feedback on the master!

Soon I came to trust that this path addresses the ESSENCE of the problems we face on spiritual path. How many times have I heard of the troublesome inner dialogue – yet with little helpful advice on what to do about it. Lujan’s way to direct the sight inwards and hearing outwards struck the nail on the head for me.

The concept of the first sin presented here, being so different from its usual meaning, is far reaching in explaining the wrongs of our lives and our ‘modern’ society. Here, ‎I so much appreciate ecological considerations included without softening the alarming prospects we are facing. There is hardly a day I wouldn’t feel the pain and anxiety thinking about the environmental impacts and suffering we inflict on other beings and this planet. I realised the interconnection of our corrupted nature and the depressing outlook of mass devastations. This interconnection makes it responsibility of each of us to act and start to rediscover our innate capacity.

The path Lujan lays in front of us is not easy though. I appreciate that the difficulties facing on this path are shown realistically. I recognized several distractions and pitfalls we are facing (like talking about our inner experiences – at least I don’t have to feel bad for giving here just my observations! J). This shows how strongly our social-self clings on the lie we live in. There are so many insights, unfolding for me through this work.

Yet I am aware that this path is not about mental comprehension. It is practice of devotion; a difficult one because it requires a radical turn from the crutches I walk on to cope with the demands of life. Yet I believe this practice, hard as it is, can be greatly enhanced by the accompanying physical work described by the other students. For someone like me, the energy shift from bodywork may be a game changer. I have been already strongly attracted to the Taoist practice; yet as we learn, the concepts here may be completely different. This makes my desire to learn even stronger.

I know that following this path requires a teacher. This is a privilege of few, but then only few may be able to truly devote, have the strength of character and anew their social interactions. I humbly wish at some point I will be able to embark this journey of inner warrior and magically change my current outlook on life.

I have chosen the attached picture as a reflection of the wake-up call I received. We spent our lives conquering a mountain putting in huge effort and energy. ‎In self-limiting mindset we miss to realise this mountain is a lifeless place swept by the destructive forces of our society and our toxic selves. Our impoverished reality perpetuates and is perpetuated by the global destruction.







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  1. Thank you Zuzana for your openess and simplicity. It was a heart warming feeling to read your post. :)

  2. Welcome, Zuzana.

  3. This post makes me want to learn more about this subject. I hadn’t heard of Lujan prior to this, but I will certainly have a read and delve further into this subject.

  4. Hi Zuzana, what a blessing!! Cogratutions!!! My heart sings and celebrates with you.

  5. Dear Zuzana,
    Firstly I want to congratulate you on winning the scholarship. I don’t know how I missed reading your application, but having read it for the first time today I was struck by your power and the truth conveyed in your words, and believe you truly deserve this opportunity to work with Mr Lujan Matus.
    I too was encouraged and affected by the other applicant’s and the supportive responses.
    My sincere gratitude to everyone xx Mary xx

  6. Hi Zuzana,

    It’s easy to feel from your writing why you won this scholarship.
    Thank you for your directness.

  7. Thank You Zuzana, and congratulations on this new and exciting journey! And my sincere gratitude to Lujan and all who were involved in this scholarship opportunity. What a beautiful gift you all are to the world.

  8. Dears – just to say that I was thrilled and amazed about this opportunity. In fact I checked the website by chance because I wanted to leave a comment for Mary, whose account touched me deeply… Already then I was in a turmoil of emotions; then came the desire; and practical considerations. You see, we all come from different backgrounds; my family was not sharing my delight. My family do not know the word shaman.
    The workshop collides with my birthday; when intensive things happened in my life; here in Europe it is time of letting go and death – to give way to new life. Sorry guys; I really wish to take this leap forward; me, unknowing, where I jump.

  9. What a wonderful gift you have received, Zuzana. Best wishes and congratulations. Enjoy!

  10. Hi, Zuzana. Innocent. Beautiful. Loved your entry. Simple and resonant. The color of today.

  11. Don’t worry about your family, Zuzana. Most of us have similar situations with family members. I’ve found the less said the better. Those of us on this forum share your delight. Bask in that.
    I sincerely hope you can make the workshop. You will have an amazing time.

  12. Thank you all for the kind words. I hope to see many of you there. Closer to time would be great to connect to synchronize the journey on the island. A colleague told me to get a moped!

  13. Dear Zuzana, your words are lovely – direct and powerful, and gentle. I wish you a wonderful retreat. Thank you for sharing your journey, it’s deeply inspiring.

  14. Happy for you and inspired.

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